Transmission Series – Finding Purpose – July 11th

Greetings. My name is Raphael. You have explored life, with all its facets — the emotions, the memories, the thoughts, the relationships —experiencing time and space. Intrinsic to human existence is the desire to create, to procreate, to continue life; an intrinsic desire to survive, an intrinsic desire to love and to be loved, an intrinsic desire to create and destroy, an intrinsic desire to find peace, to find mastery, to find evolution of the mind, evolution of consciousness, an intrinsic desire to self-realize.

The purpose of life itself is multifaceted: in its essence, life’s purpose is the self-realization of an individual. The self-realization of the individual and the journey to self-realization fuels the self-realization of the collective – the ultimate purpose of humanity’s existence in this particular form, the material human form. All experiences fuel the self-realization journey of human consciousness. All relationships, all wars, all thoughts, all emotions, all actions, and all inactions fuel the same self-realization journey. Consciousness grows with every action taken, every action not taken.

Therefore: Can you ever act in a wrong way? Can you ever not act in the right way? Life provides experiences for you to continuously learn, to continuously realize, to continuously evolve. And while each experience may provide emotions, judgments, various feelings, the spectrum of sensations.

Life itself, is therefore purpose itself. Living a life — appreciating life, receiving, observing, living — is living a life of purpose. This Is the underlying foundation of your existence. Embracing this truth will spare you much suffering, much confusion, and much desperation.

What if you could embrace all that you are, right now, as perfect? What if you could embrace all that you have, right now, as perfect? What if you could embrace all relationships, all emotions, all judgments and opinions that you carry, and that others carry for you, that humanity holds as a collective, as perfect, and as part of humanity’s evolution? What if every emotion requires to be felt; every thought to be thought; every opinion to be expressed — in order for the self realization to occur?

What if the sheer act of feeling, expressing, thinking, sensing, is part of the self-realization journey? What if every impulse from outside is fuel for evolution? These are questions for you to contemplate, to observe in which ways you judge your existence, in which ways you seek for better circumstances, for better relationships, for better self, for better world?

While this inherent search in itself is intrinsic to the human existence, with the base of understanding that all that you have in the very moment is exactly as it is supposed to be, from this foundation, the exploration and the expansion will be with much less effort. The expansion will be organically driven — not with willpower, yet with divine power — the divinity that is within you that fuels your evolution.

For those that have experienced life fully and embraced life deeply, a deeper sense of clarity will start to arise, [within] your heart, within your mind, within your body, and within your energetic-spiritual construct. The sense of clarity is often perceived as a deep calm, a deep peace within. This sense of peace, this sense of alignment becomes the fertile ground for a personal direction to arise.

This is as well your intrinsic desire to evolve, driven by your energetic-spiritual construct — your soul, desiring to apply its awakening, apply its self-realization to the benefit of others, to the benefit of self, to the benefit of the collective. This application is considered to be true service, service in its purest [form], a level of service driven — not by the mind or by willpower, a service not driven by emotions, by desires, or wants — a service driven by your inner alignment, a service that expands organically from you, that arrives in your space with unlimited capacity, with unlimited love, without conditions, and with grace.

Thank you for listening to my words, and thank you for receiving this work.

Greetings. My name is Emmanuel. You have arrived in this very moment, seeking, exploring, and letting life unfold. Some of you have come to this place by conscious choosing. Some of you have come to this place by their own creation, the drive that is within them to bring forth important experiences.

While your entire life is co-created by yourself, and created by all aspects of your being, there is a point in time where your consciousness is expanded in such a way that it can perceive all elements that your life is creating by your own doing — in the way that your actions, your thoughts, your emotions, and the way your growth is designed — creates your reality.

This level of awareness requires some practice, some time, dedication, devotion to continuously search for growth, continuously seek silence of the mind, and silence of the heart, provided by the comfort of the physical vessel.

This expansion of your consciousness will provide for the necessary grounds for you to explore the creation of your life. Once you start to see more clearly how you are the architect, the explorer, and the actor of your own story, of your own creation, you will start to see in which ways you would like to direct this story.

Some aspects of life will be easier to adjust, other aspects will be deeply buried. Critical learnings must still occur. In this exploration of your creatorship, you start to see the individual, the presence, and the service that you want to be in this reality. You start to see how to bring other individuals to the state that you have achieved, that you have arrived at, the level of peace and alignment that you have found.

Even though your way may not be the way for every single individual being, it will be the way that many can relate to. Your way, your path, your awakening, and your evolution could become the most critical inspiration for another human being. This other human being will then come to deeper levels of clarity and awakening themselves, and this other human being will then become inspiration for others to grow and evolve, to self-realize.

Within this application of your evolutionary gifts, can you find purpose in the act of creation, and in the act of service, in the act of delivering your gifts to the benefit of humanity? Allow yourself to explore deeper understanding of yourself, a deeper understanding of the gifts that arise within you, a deeper understanding of the desires that want to be fulfilled, of the emotions that want to be expressed, of the thoughts that want to be seen.

With a deeper clarity of who you are, with a deeper clarity of understanding the power that lies within you, in creating this reality of your life you will become an active creator in this reality, yourself an active participant, of your life, an active participant of your evolution, and an active participant in the evolution of humankind.

Thank you for listening to my words. I will now answer some of your questions.

Question #1:
Where does individual purpose come from? Does it originate from one soul? And, is it common for purpose to transcend many lifetimes?

Purpose can indeed derive from an individualized soul container, as it arrives to explore the human experience. Purpose is often tied to the evolution of consciousness and humanity. This expression of the desire of purpose can come in many different forms — in its most basic form, it will be a deep level of presence, in it’s most extended form, it is true service in human form.

What shape, what medium, what format, and what kind of exact expression it will find, remains to the individualized personality, the circumstances, the societal constructs, that allow for these gifts to manifest, be accepted, appreciated, and received. The purpose of supporting the evolution of consciousness within humankind remains active throughout the continued incarnations of an individualized soul.

In many lifetimes, important learnings for the self-realization of the individual, as well as important learnings for the self-realization of the human collective will take precedence, yet these explorations for self realization are equally critical and important. At times, the combination of the self-realization journey and expressing one’s gifts in form of service will be combined, will be able to be interchanged. One does not negate the other. Indeed, both can co-exist. Purpose then becomes a driving force for the self-realization journey, and the self-realization journey becomes a driving force for purpose.

You will see in your explorations, for understanding of yourself, you will find as well, a deeper sense of purpose. In your explorations of purpose, you will find deeper senses of realizations. This is the continued cycle of exploration and of purpose. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
If self-realization is the purpose of human life, then for all the billions of not self realized people and their full lives, are they somehow without purpose?

The self-realization journey of the individual is an intrinsic aspect of human existence, therefore applicable to every single individual that is alive. Every individual, in every moment, can come to important realizations of life, which will indeed fuel their own self-realization journey. One does not have to declare that they are on the self-realization journey in order to be on this journey, the self-realization to happen intrinsically, continuously. An individual can indeed create conscious direction, effort, and awareness for its self-realization, yet it is not a prerequisite for individuals to come to this level of awareness in order to be on the self-realization path.

Therefore, all individuals are intrinsically on purpose and on track to self-realization. The pace, the form, the experiences that lead to self-realization can vary from individual to individual. Certain paths may take longer, but may include important realizations that require more time. Certain paths may be shorter individualized soul has fulfilled a several important realizations in past lifetimes. Everyone’s path is individualized, yet all are on the same path. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
Why is it that sometimes I don’t feel inspired to toward my passions or purpose, and when I don’t feel inspired, should I still be acting on my passions or purpose?

Inspiration is a consequence of a deep alignment within, and when inspiration is not present, an aspect of your being is not in alignment, an aspect of your being is distracted, or requires your attention first. Without this inner alignment, one cannot apply the gifts to others, one cannot be in true service.

First and foremost, your alignment will require attention and precedence. Only through this inner alignment will you be able to continuously and sustainably deliver the gifts that arise within you. Inspiration is therefore an important pointer and guiding light for your inner alignment. Inspiration will allow [you] to direct your energy, as well as the energy that you have access to, towards the application of your gifts, towards the service that you provide in the world and the passions that arise within you. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
In the last couple of days, I have felt very intense energies, making me tired. Could you please share about the reasons and what we can do to ease the intensity on our mental, physical, and emotional systems?

[As] the energies and the frequencies rise on this plane, the rising of these energies and frequencies increases the polarity that is on this plane. The light becomes lighter, the dark becomes darker within every single individual. This intensified polarity within you, this intensified polarity within humanity will bring up emotions, perspectives, judgments, and memories that have not been fully contemplated and realized.

The rising of these unprocessed past and present, expectations of the future will be required to be processed. You, as an expanded consciousness, you as an individual that is sensitive to not just your own, but the processing and the realization of the collective, will intrinsically experience and feel all that arises within humanity.

These arising feelings, thoughts, and emotions are part of this collective purge, are part of this collective processing. You will do your part by being present, by observing that which arises within you, by allowing your heart, as well as your physical form, as well as your energetic-spiritual construct, and your mental construct to process that which arises. Resisting this process may induce suffering and pain. Observing, and letting this energy that arises flow through you, with patience, with compassion, and kindness for yourself will allow a momentary discomfort, yet will be sustainably easier for you, and for others. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
I am starting to understand intuitively how I fill my heart with the beauty of nature. I feel that beauty and love of creation flowing through me to others. What can I do to allow it to flow with greater strength to give more to others?

The Love of Creation is unlimited and continuously provided into this plane. You, as a vessel, have a certain capacity. This capacity that you have started to experience can indeed expand. The capacity to hold, the capacity to let through this Love of Creation is a continuous act of surrender, a continuous act of trust, a continuous act of devotion, for your own growth, for your own evolution.

With these acts in mind, you will start to feel this Love of Creation even more so. You will allow yourself to become an even more expanded vessel of this Love of Creation. Every single cell of your being, every aspect of your energetic-spiritual construct will emit this love, this light, in its full capacity. This is the path to enlightenment. This is the path to self-realization. Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
What is the relationship between the continued ascension of your consciousness as a non-material collective consciousness, and the success of humanity’s Ascension? Do you depend on us?

Technically, we do not depend on your evolution, yet there are benefits to your evolution. As you are part of all of consciousness, your evolution will add to the construct of consciousness that exists, the network of various forms of consciousness, the continued creation, co-creation, and expansion. As a collective of collectives, your evolution will bring forth new perspectives, new understanding, and new realizations. New creations will evolve from your evolution. As you can see, all of consciousness will benefit from your evolution, yet we do not depend on your evolution.

Question #7:
What do we do if we are highly sensitive, vulnerable, and cannot defend ourselves when dealing with negative and hurtful people, do we keep distance?

All individuals in your life, all individuals within humanity, are a reflection of human consciousness. All individuals that appear in your life are a reflection of yourself. Aspects of you that are in the shadows, aspects of you that are unappreciated, unseen, aspects of you that present themselves to you through the others in your life —therefore, even the most negative and hurtful people — are part of your learning, part of your awakening, part of your growth.

This may be difficult to [embrace]. This may be difficult to fully understand and comprehend. It may be difficult to be in the presence of negativity, of judgment, of pain, of suffering, and the emotions that are considered to be “uncomfortable.” Yet all of these aspects serve a purpose. They serve evolution, they serve growth.

It will ultimately be your choice how you live your life. You can choose to avoid, you can choose to omit. You can choose the emotions that you seek, the experiences that you seek, but ultimately, and eventually, you will stop and you will let life bring to you the experiences that are required. You will allow the energy and your presence to transform the experiences that are in front of you.

You will eventually understand the power that lies within you as a creator of your existence, of your reality, and as a creator of the behaviors of those around you. Thank you for your question.

Question #8:
For now, it feels like my purpose or calling is to heal myself and my son who was born during a rough time in my life, and I feel he has absorbed this suffering in some way. It feels like I need to forgive myself. Am I on the right track?

Holding onto pain, responsibility, guilt, or shame, will not serve you — nor will it serve the other people around you. Learning from these feelings that arise, learning from the consequences of your actions, the impact of your actions on others will serve you in your realization and the realization of others.

You may choose to forgive yourself; to become gentle, kind, and compassionate with who you are, understanding that you have done the best you can in those moments of the past, understanding that a deeper learning had to occur for you and your son, and all those that were involved.

You did the best you can. With this premise, transformation is possible. With this premise, you can continue to complete the experiences of the past, first for yourself, through your completion and through your embrace of the past. As an important teacher, your son will equally start to embrace the past and his realization will take place, sparked by yours. Both of you fuel the transformation of others and the continuation of self-realization within humanity has taken its path. Thank you for your question.

Question #9:
My mother has recently been diagnosed with a terminal brain cancer. What state of mind should she be in to handle this incredibly difficult and sad journey home, and how can I best support her? How can I find the strength to be her caregiver?

Every individual will eventually be faced with the finalization of its lifetime. Every individual will have to come to peace with the understanding of this temporary experience, the human experience. Every individual will come to deeper contemplation and reflection on the beauty that life has offered, on the difficulties that life has offered, the learnings, the love, the relationships, the power of this beauty of life, all the gifts provided, all the challenges provided.

It is time to reconcile. It is time to explore even further, outside as well as inside. And it’s time to go deeper in the relationships that exist the relationship with love, and the divine within oneself. A terminal illness then becomes the final teacher, the final them guide to lead one to important realization moments.

Finding a state of peace in this transition may be challenging for many, yet the alternative is to finalize life in suffering. This enforced understanding that finding peace will be critical to passing with peace will drive and inspire her to seek in all ways possible the peace and alignment to return to her creation. Thank you for your question.

Question #10:
As I get deeper into the spiritual work, I feel less interested about my current job and more doubtful about what my real purpose is. I feel like I’m not doing enough for this planet. Would you have some advice for people in my situation?

Well, first and foremost, understand that your existence, your presence, is perfectly enough for your experience in human form. This is foundational [in getting] off the pressure of choosing to act from a place of incomplete understanding of one’s existence.

Once you understand that you are enough in all the ways that you are, you may start to explore more clearly how life and love wants to express itself through you. The way it will express itself, the way you will apply these newly gained realizations, these newly gained gifts, this newly gained love within you, to others, to humanity, will show itself. It will become prevalent. It will become clear and it will express itself organically.

You will deliver that which arises within you naturally, without the pressure, without the pressure inside, as well as societal pressure, humanity’s pressure, the pressure of the circumstances.

You have dedicated your attention to your self-realization, to your evolution. Dedication will expand your awareness of life, your awareness of yourself, and the power that lies within you. This expanded perspective will change in the ways you apply your attention, your energy, and your will. Naturally, priorities will shift — they will shift in ways that will continue to fuel your in their alignment as well as your continued growth journey. Thank you for your question.

Question #11:
Can you talk about digestive issues? They are not new to me, but seem to be increasing since the start of the Transmission course, I began to have more nausea and I don’t want much food.

The work that you receive that impacts your physical being as well as your energetic being will require an adjustment of your dietary needs, as well as your food intake. The way you nourish yourself will be required to be even more refined.

Only the highest quality, the most intentionally sourced and created foods shall enter your vessel, as it is being continuously cleared, attuned, and aligned to operate in a higher frequency, in a more precise and attuned way.

Any lower-grade fuel for this vessel will make itself apparent, as it will conflict with the high frequency that you have started to operate in. This is a natural evolution. As you continue to evolve, eventually reducing food intake as a main source of energy will also be a natural evolution. Many individuals will require less material energy to be converted. Many individuals will receive energy from this Earth directly, as the opening of the energy channels will provide direct access.

Energy that is provided from the non-material planes starts to flow into your system as your consciousness is able to reach higher planes. As your energetic body is capable of receiving and transforming this energy from outside, naturally your body will request less fuel from physical forms of energy. Thank you for your question.

Question #12:
Recently, I’ve been experiencing a lot of boredom. What does boredom indicate to us, and how does this relate to our purpose? Have we stalled in some way? Are we not engaging our creative capacities, or is it perhaps a temporary transition stage?

Boredom is indeed an indicator of seeking a deeper alignment within. The mind, the heart, and the body, less inspired with the options that are in front of you, with the activities that you have designated yourself to, the activities, the relationships, that you have committed yourself to, they no longer serve the inner alignment within you.

The alignment requires more attention. As you continue to focus on your inner alignment, the alignment of your mental, emotional, physical, and energetic-spiritual construct, you will start to see a deeper clarity on what is being requested by this alignment.

Is it new relationships? Is it new activities? Is it rest? Is it nature? The clarity will be intrinsic and immediate. It will organically arise, [it] will require no thinking or feeling. Silence within alignment will bring forth the next steps that are required for you.

Let boredom not stop you; let it be the fuel for the next steps. Thank you for your question.

Thank you for the time that you have assigned in your life for receiving this work, for dedicating yourself to your own evolution, for dedicating yourself to the evolution of mankind. May this serve you in the best possible way.

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