Transmisson Series – Week #1: Infinite Possibilities – May 6th

Greetings. I’m Raphael.

You are receiving this work because you have indicated that you are ready, you have been brought to this experience, and you have chosen to participate and to receive, and it is with our honor and pleasure to support you in your evolutionary stage. Your individual growth, and individual evolution, is the key element to the evolution of mankind. Humanity, as a collective consciousness, is evolving through the experiences of the individuals like yourself. Evolution and growth happens, organically — and consciously. You, as an individualized consciousness, can truly choose the path of your evolution, can truly direct the attention and the energy of your life towards your evolution.

This evolution will bring forth internal challenges of the heart, habits and behaviors that have formed in the mind, patterns of your personality and identity, patterns of your physical body, and the way your energetic-spiritual construct is holding you in this reality. All aspects of your being have the potential to change. The hardest aspects to change are the ones in material manifestation: your physical body. Yet, even that part of you can adjust to all the changes and the alignments that happen internally – alignments of the mind, the heart, and your energetic-spiritual construct.

When you allow and embrace that you are an ever-changing being, that you are a lot more than you perceive about yourself, that you are truly divine, and connected to all consciousness, you will have set the right stage for your transformation, for your awakening, and ultimately for your self-realization.

Solidity is a noble value, yet understand that you can be solid as a being that continuously changes. You can be ever-evolving and still bring forth the love and integrity that is required for you to be a pillar of light. The potential within you is truly unlimited. The work that we provide is to bring you closer to this understanding of unlimited potential within you.

With this potential, your presence in the very moment, the power that lies within you, becomes available. With this presence, all expectations of the future fall away, the attention of the past falls away; what remains is the infinite potential and the infinite possibilities that unfold through your presence.

You have come this far, experimenting, trying, expanding — without certainty — yet with trust; with a trust that is within you, that you are always held, that you are always cared for, that you are always loved. This level of trust is intrinsic to all beings — a trust that you will be provided for. Open yourself up even more, so that the providers of your life are outside of you. Allow yourself to fully surrender, to fully fall into the arms of this trust. Be held by the mother of this consciousness of this planet. Be held by the father of this consciousness of the universe. Be the perfect and divine creation of the merger of these two energies.

Until the very end of your human experience, you will be held, and you will be challenged. All of the challenges will serve you. You will grow, and you will learn; you will expand. Your expansion will provide for others around you, so they too can learn and expand. Together as a collective, as the human consciousness, you are in the most significant transformation of your existence. Walk this path by example, and allow others to trust as much as you do. Thank you for receiving this work.

Greetings. My name is Emmanuel. You are the witness of your life. Through your perspective, the reality that unfolds in front of you is exactly the way you are required to experience the present moment. This reality is shaped by the lessons that are required to be learned — by you individually, by those around you, as well as by human consciousness, as a collective. The lessons are distributed equally. Some lessons are more challenging than others. Some individual souls will specifically choose difficult lessons as a service to all of consciousness.

While these lessons continue, persistently, to be learned and transformed through the individual as well as through the collective, humanity experiences its current reality — full of wonders, full of conflict, full of tension, full of beauty. In all of these, truly the underlying aspect that combines all of it is the fuel for transformation — the fuel as the Love of Creation.

Every aspect of your life is an aspect that is required in this very moment. Every relationship in your life is a relationship that is required in the moment. Even the current crisis that you face as a collective is a crisis that is required to learn as a collective. Every environmental challenge is exactly shaped to provide an important learning for the collective. This is the way this reality, this plane of yours has been created. Every element of your reality — full of potential to learn, full of potential to grow.

It may not be perceived that way in the very moment. The moments might be perceived as negative, as challenging, as uncomfortable. Yet once the moments are transformed, the lessons are learned and the new foundation is built you will look back and embrace the challenge that you have received – the challenge that has made you who you are. An experienced soul in human form, continuously realizing, continuously evolving, in this beauty that is considered life.

Embrace life. It is yours. It is a gift for you, it is a gift for the collective, and it is a gift for all of consciousness. The beauties of this life lie in every little detail that is provided to you — all the elements of nature, all the elements of the universe, all elements of your physical, emotional, and mental being, all the elements of non-material kind, the energies that make this plane that which it is — everything in divine synchrony, providing you a special experience.

Can you see the infinite beauty in every moment? Can you allow yourself to feel deep gratitude for every moment that you live? Can you truly receive the gifts that are provided to you at all times? The unconditional love of this Earth, the unconditional love of the Sun, the unconditional love of the universe, coursing through your being. Many more aspects can be perceived as gifts. This shift in perception will truly provide you a deeper level of presence. Your gratitude will open many doors for you, doors of realization, and doors of possibility.

Receive this life with open arms. When your perspective shifts, return to this embrace of life. Thank you for listening to my words. I will now answer some of your questions.

Question #1:
Thank you, Emmanuel. We named this week “Infinite Possibilities.” How do we consistently access and integrate infinite possibilities while in a 3d human state?

While this plane provides for truly unlimited forms of experiences, possibilities to be loved, possibilities to be cherished, possibilities to truly feel, to truly see, and to truly experience some individuals have chosen specific experiences to be part of their lives. These particular experiences will serve as milestones of realization for the deep learnings to be had in a human experience.

While this is true, all aspects of an individual’s life carry infinite ways to move from one milestone to the next. And many more learnings and experiences can be had between these milestones of major life learnings and realizations. You are the creator of the pathways between these milestones. You will see these milestones that are required to be seen and realized will make themselves visible, in relationship with a special individual, in relationship with a special circumstance.

Difficulties are part of the infinite possibilities of your life. They too serve an important purpose. They too are equally to be embraced as the beautiful moments of life that you seek. In preparation for the deepest possible presence of your existence, you will find that aspects of the past must be seen, observed, and transformed. With this level of presence, the possibilities open many-fold.

Infinite possibilities are truly given at any given time. It is for you to be deeply present, to release your expectations of the future, to allow yourself to “be” here and now, to let your your heart settle, to let your mind quiet, to relieve yourself of the expectations that you have set for yourself, the expectations that others have set for you, the expectations of society for you, the expectations of your education, and of your ancestors.

You are here and now. From this place, you will start to see that possibilities never considered will start to enter your life. They will start to shape the many options that you will have, and with an open heart, and [an] aligned being, you will choose the many options that are in front of you. With gratitude, you will walk, one step at a time, so that the many possibilities stay open. Always be present, always be in gratitude, and you shall see the benefits of infinite possibilities. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
What role, if any, does fate, and life’s predetermined purpose play within infinite possibilities?

You have been gifted this life. As you have chosen to enter this life, you have made predetermined choices on specific experiences to be had. These choices remain part of your soul-container. They are not visible and accessible to the conscious human mind, yet they are a driving force of your life. They will seek to be seen and understood. These are the milestones I mentioned before, important learnings that cannot be omitted. Agreements that you have made, in favor of your realization, in favor of the realization of the collective.

With continuous practice of presence, you will master these milestones, gracefully, with the support of others, and with surrender, and an open heart and open mind. You will receive the support that you require to master these milestones. You may consider this “fate.” We consider it “predetermined choice of experience”. You are the one that has chosen. You have chosen this as part of your learning, and, as part of your service to the human collective.

Infinite possibilities continue to exist — how you will find this realization, how you will experience the depths and the details of this realization, who will be involved to come to this realization — all of these aspects are often undefined and truly full of possibilities and constellations; a unique way for you to come to a specific learning along the path of these predetermined choices.

You will truly have the opportunity to experience life in its full detail. For that, you must open yourself up: first, to the past that holds you captive, second, to the present moment that requires attention and practice, and third, releasing the expectations of the future. These steps will allow infinite possibilities to rise on your continuous path of awakening, on your continuous path of this human life. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
What are the next best steps to heal myself and become a healer? Do I have any gifts to offer the world?

You have many gifts to offer the world. The gifts will show themselves to you as you evolve, as you continue to unfold the truths within you. The time that you assign to your awakening, to your healing and to your transformation will provide the foundation necessary for these gifts to arise. Often, the healing journey of an individual becomes the foundation for the gifts to unfold. Some of the most difficult healing journeys will bring forth some of the most powerful gifts. One does not come without the other. The stronger the transformation of the individual, the more powerful the gifts [that] will arise. This comes with devotion and determination of the individual to truly surrender, to truly allow transformation to happen.

You are on this path, and you have made strides, yet there is a deeper level that you can reach through practice and surrender, through allowing yourself to truly go into the depths of your own being. Let all the feelings that are required to be felt come to [the] surface, allow memories of the past to turn into realization. Transform the person that you are, become a child again, and you shall see that which you seek – the love of the universe, the Love of Creation – will once more become your strongest ally, and your service will unfold from that place. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
What is exactly the meaning of “I Am”? Is it a connection to the collective consciousness, and at the same time, to our singularity? Does it help us to unlock the power within us and tap into all that is?

Certain masters that have lived in human form, that have ascended, have provided an opening for humanity. This opening allowed for easier access for individuals in human form into non-material planes of higher frequency.

The proclamation of “I Am” has provided access to this opening, an opening that is supervised and maintained by these ascended beings as they continue to provide their service to humanity. This is one way of continuing to receive the gifts of those that have been before you, that have provided the openings necessary for the awakening of the individual, and the awakening of the collective.

You shall continue to receive from this opening until the very end of mankind. Individuals that seek to receive are merely required to proclaim “I Am.” This alone is the key. Silence and surrender, your willingness to receive, will do the rest. The opening will continue to provide for those that are willing and able to receive.

Parts of your self will start to develop faster. Your perspectives of your higher self, the perspectives of higher planes of consciousness; a self-realization journey is initiated. A powerful tool left for you, provided for you as humanity grows. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
If some patterns and fears are in our subconscious, how can we process those in order to open up to infinite possibilities?

These aspects of your being that require to be processed will make themselves visible — through your environment, through relationships, through emotions, through memories and specific experiences. As these moments arise in your reality, you will become aware that an important lesson is to be learned, and you will allow yourself to learn this lesson instead of suppressing or avoiding the lesson.

This is how the unconscious and the subconscious aspects of your being will come to [the] surface to be transformed, to be converted. Every transformation of these patterns, every transformation of these important lessons, will provide a new set of possibilities to open in your life. With every set of possibilities, many infinite possibilities within will be available. The spectrum of possibilities is therefore unlimited from the start, limitless even within a certain spectrum of possibilities. Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
How to get over abandonment pain from a neglectful mother? How does one process grief so painful that it manifests as a physical illness?

The work that you have received today will help you to observe the pain of the past with more distance, in a way that is emotionally safe for you to return to these memories. The memories of the past can truly carry forward into the present moment, often, in emotions, patterns, habits, and behaviors, as well as physical manifestation in the body.

Methods that have been established by humanity to observe pain and trauma of the past are equally valid to be assessed. Contemplate the various ways to access the past without being drawn into the same pain, accessing the past in a way that you can observe, feel, and express that which requires to be expressed in the safest possible way for you.

Observe with love that which has occurred. Allow yourself to receive the powerful lesson that is within each experience, even in a difficult experience that we consider a traumatic past. There is truly a gem in every single human experience. It is required to be found, and you have the ability to find these gems of realization. Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
Could you please speak about loneliness? What is the lesson for those who have no friends or family to fall back on and are lonely?

The potential of learning in solitude is greater than the potential of learning with others. There is no outside influence. There is no projection. There is no distraction. You are with yourself, your own set of spirit, of energy, of body, mind, and heart. You get to experience yourself in depths that others might never. Loneliness becomes a gift, and an opportunity to observe and understand yourself in ways that you have not yet.

Allow yourself to go deeper in this experience. Allow yourself to turn the loneliness that is perceived to be a negative and uncomfortable experience into a gift. Receive from this gift and evolve. You will see, as the transformation occurs, loneliness will no longer be a requirement of your present moment, and relationships will start to occur as part of a new possibility of your life. Thank you for your question.

Question #8:
What role will major religions play in the Ascension process?

The religions that have been established by humanity will go through their own transformations. New factions within these religions will be established. Those that embrace change, those that embrace transformation, others that hold to the experiences known, to the past, to power, and to structures that have been established in order to control.

Not every religion will be able to make the transformation that is required in order to serve the collective. While religions first were established with the original intent to allow humanity to experience the divine in its purest possible way. Some have lost their ways. Some have lost their connection, the purity, the Love of Creation that which was once fully present in all religions has diminished — the constructs that serve individuals, that serve organizations, that serve societal concepts. The purity of the original intent of religions must re-emerge in the times to come — the times of challenge, the times of transformation — then, these religions will continue with the original intent to support humanity through its Ascension process as promised. Thank you for your question.

Question #9:
How do I stop the mind from constantly suggesting more to do or schedule for the desire to become smarter, more skillful, et cetera? It’s constant and it’s tiring.

You have received an imprint from society to suggest that knowledge is power and freedom, that knowledge allows for possibilities that others don’t have, that knowledge allows for happiness, that knowledge allows for wealth and abundance. This imprint has come to a place where, beyond its benefit, it is drawing from your experience to be fully present.

Understand in which ways this imprint has served you; the imprint has served you to become who you are to become the person that you are in service to others. Understand in which this imprint has over-exceeded itself in your life and has drawn energy and attention from your presence, from your awareness of the moment.

Knowledge is a tool to observe this reality, to navigate this reality, to interact, to innovate, and to grow as society, as a civilization, yet it is not the prerequisite for self-realization. A fine balance must occur in the individual between knowledge and the freedom of not knowing. Thank you for your question.

Question #10:
There are projects which I know are my life’s work. I want to embrace them full-time, but I feel fear around not being able to support myself. How can I overcome my fears and step into trust?

The fears of your life serve a purpose. The purpose of the fear is for you to understand in which ways you limit yourself. Allow the fear to teach you an important lesson — it will teach you the way you perceive your reality. What are the fears that truly come forward? Fears of survival, fears of doubt, fears of being perceived a certain way, fears of failure, fears of abandonment, fears of loss; all of these, powerful teachers, powerful lessons.

Understand that fear truly carries infinite potential to grow, infinite potential to realize. The fear itself is a learning. The learning of fear must be overcome and you will see that the pathways for the wants and desires that are within you, the pathways of true service, will start to unfold naturally. Suppressing the fear will just bring forth a stronger version, will bring forth realities that the fear confirms. The fear must be faced directly. It must be embraced, gracefully, and you must have a conversation with the fear as if it is another relationship of yours, a relationship within your heart, within your mind, within your life. With gratitude, we bow to the fears that we have, as they have become important teachers of our life. Thank you for your question.

Question #11:
Due to the lack of support from my life partner, I am unable to focus and be present in my meditations. How can I have him be supported and more aligned to this journey of self discovery?

Love him even more. For all the difficulties and the challenges he brings into your life, express even more love — a deeper understanding and compassion for all the ways that he does not meet your requirements, in all the ways he has been hurt, in all the ways he has developed the personality that he is today. Continuous love will transform an individual being. In return, you will receive the benefits of his transformation. This is my recommendation to you.

Question #12:
I feel a tug backward to care for my parents, which feels excruciating, as being near them physically hurts. Any advice for navigating oppressive parental agreements that paralyze my ability to express myself?

You are not the child of your parents. They are not your parents. They’re not each other’s husbands and wives. You’re all individual souls having a human experience. Some of you have arrived in this plane earlier than others, yet you are all equal. The emotional bonds of the mind and of the heart, the bonds that are created through identity, over the lifetime of an individual being, are strong bonds, yet not stronger than the initial part of your being.

You are divine consciousness having a human experience. This is the reality that you must hold within you. This is the way you must face all conversations, seeing the divinity within them, seeing the divinity within you, always understanding that the parent-child relationship is only secondary.

This will require practice to hold this perspective continuously. In your meditations, reconnect to this truth. Allow yourself to feel the divinity within you, this divine Love of Creation. Allow yourself to see the divinity within them. You will see that your relationship with them will start to transform as you continuously approach them from that perspective, and you step out of the dynamic of the parent-child relationship. Thank you for your question.

Question #13:
For the last eight years I’ve been called to visit the Bosnian pyramids, many times I have felt a strong connection to that place. I know that I know more about them, I just cannot remember. I would appreciate your comments on this place.

Special places on earth, similar to the place that you have mentioned, the pyramids in Bosnia, are hubs, energetic openings, to provide a special form of energy. Access into higher forms of consciousness, through technologies that civilizations before you have understood how to utilize, often in relationship with non-material existence, established these openings.

This particular opening has served an important purpose in the past, and will continue to serve an important purpose in the coming years for humanity. It is an opening where divine energy from higher planes of consciousness can enter this plane. Through the energy lines of this earth, the provided energy will bring forth a force necessary for transformation, a pure light that will energize the connections that are established to this place of interest.

The energy provided will increase the frequency of all the places that are connected to it. The rising of the frequencies has started. It will increase over the next five to ten years, dramatically. Places of interest similar to the pyramids in Bosnia will play a significant role in the rising of these frequencies. The rising of the frequencies will provide for transformation of humanity. The consciousness of humanity will be expanded in ways that it has not experienced before. The work that you have received today is preparation for this increase in frequency. These sacred sites that you have mentioned are equally an important part in the transformation and the Ascension process of humanity. Thank you for your question.

Question #14:
Is there only one collective consciousness that one soul can participate in?

An individualized soul-container can truly have multiple experiences in different forms of consciousness. The human consciousness provides such experience for an individualized soul container. This is you having the human experience, yet you can indeed have other forms of experiences aside from the human one after this agreement of yours is complete.

For now, this experience will provide all that you need. Previous experiences are part of your soul-containers: experience and realizations, the wisdom that you carry within you, the wisdom that is accessible in profound moments of presence, the wisdom that others can see in you, the wisdom that comes when you don’t think or feel when you are fully present.

In certain cases an individualized soul can have a multitude of experiences simultaneously. These advanced souls come with a predetermined set of special circumstances that allow this kind of experience to be had. This split soul container can be in multiple human forms at the same time providing a unique connection between the individuals that it represents. Thank you for your question.

Question #15:
How can I best remember the learnings of past incarnations to serve our communal awakening?

The memories of past incarnations will unfold naturally and organically as you continue to realize and self-realize, to transform and to awaken. With each step that you take forward in your transformation journey, with each level of depth that you reach in your presence, new aspects of your past, and past incarnations may become present to you, especially information and wisdom that is relevant to the moments ahead will become accessible.

Seeking consciously, the information of the past is not required. It is a natural unfolding in front of you for the individual that realizes and self-realizes. The prerequisite for evolution is to find silence, is to find alignment, and this to create a deeper level of presence. Thank you for your question.

Question #16:
What is your perspective on manmade frequencies like 5G? What is the effect on living beings on this planet and are they having an effect on other planes?

The frequencies that are able to be generated by humanity are still limited, in understanding, and in creation. With these limitations, the consequences are not fully understood — the consequences on the energetic body, the consequences on consciousness. We’re not here to judge your creations. We are here to observe your experiments. You will learn from the experiments and the consequences of your actions. Often these learnings are necessary to be had by society itself. An outside perspective will not be easy to embrace until the experience is had.

You have created many technologies in the past detrimental to your health and to your environment, and all of these technologies have served a purpose, and, with the consequences [served] an important learning, an important evolution. The technology of the past has then become a stepping-stone for the next technologies. This is the way evolution happens.

Even in nature, experiments are continuously done. Some experiments fail, some species will go extinct. Other species will be created. Some species will be able to adjust to the circumstances and the changes. This is continuous evolution. You may perceive all technologies that arise within human consciousness as a stepping stone for evolution. Yet, with rising awareness, with rising transparency, and with rising ability to voice your perspective to drive the decisions of human consciousness, you become an intrinsic part of the actions, the consequences, and the adjustments necessary for humanity’s behaviors. Thank you for your question.

Question #17:
I’ve written a book about my mystical experiences, contact with extra-terrestrials, and angelic beings. I have fears around publishing it because of what others might think, but I feel I need to share this information. Do you advise that I publish this book?

Yes. Expressing your experiences, voicing your perspectives transparently, will allow others to voice theirs, will allow others to confirm similarities. It will create a stronger bond necessary for the unusual and the extraordinary experiences of special individuals to become the new norm. More of these extraordinary experiences will start to resurface. Humanity’s evolution is imminent. In this evolution, change, transformation, access to higher realms of consciousness, in material and in non-material form, will become natural. Express yourself. Embrace the consequences, no matter how it unfolds. You have walked your most authentic and your most divine path.

Thank you for receiving this work and for listening to my words. The transformation of your being, the transformation of your heart, the transformation of your mind, is the most important aspect of your evolution. Allow yourself to be transformed every day, every moment. Receive with an open heart, with an open mind. Thank you for your time and for your openness to this work.

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