Facing Challenges Livestream – April 25

Greetings. My name is Raphael. You have chosen to be in this lifetime in this form, and life chose you. All the obstacles, all of the relationships, all of the learnings, are part of this choice. The depth that is available in every single lifetime is more than an individual human being can process. Yet, there is potential and opportunity for you to process and to realize as much as you can. Every moment offers that opportunity.

You walk in this life, shaping your reality, forming relationships, moving through challenges of emotional, mental and physical kind — energetic and spiritual challenges as well. These challenges are your impulse — an impulse to observe, an impulse to learn, and an impulse to realize. Every realization will open the pathways for new realizations to occur, for new experiences to arrive in your life.

The experiences will change upon every single realization, and your ability to process will change, as you will have trained and practiced on previous experiences. You will witness that your ability to move through the realizations, though the emotions, and through the mental limitations, faster, every single time, to the point where the realization will occur almost immediately in the experiences itself. This is part of the gift. This is part of the choice.

Sometimes, willpower will be required: Willpower to understand it is time for silence, it is time for reflection, it is time for practice. Willpower to unfold and to find new depths with the relationships that are in front of you, to find new depths with your relationship with yourself, understanding yourself in ways that you have not before, confirming in the ways that you have grown — what is possible now was not possible before.

Your capacity increases with every realization, this will bring forth many more opportunities and possibilities of a reality shaped by your presence. You are the creator of your life. You are the creator of your presence. Make use of this creative power and force that is within you. Yet, first and foremost, you must find the foundation: an inner alignment that is required to truly drop into the depths of the mind of the heart and of your energetic spiritual construct.

This work that we offer to you assists in your ability to find this alignment, as well as finding new depths within you. Once your foundation is established, you will find a new depth of presence and a stronger ability to process all that requires to be processed, a new depth and quality of presence that will open entire new possibilities of reality. The future is shaped by your presence. Thank you for listening to my words and for receiving this work.

Thank you for receiving this work. My work is complete.

Greetings. My name is Emmanuel. You have witnessed the changes in your life over the entire period of your existence. You have witnessed the changes of relationships, the changes of the environment, the changes of seasons. To some changes you have become accustomed; to other changes, resistant and avoidant. And, some changes you have not experienced yet. Similar to the experience that your society currently is having, other changes will occur on this plane. Some will be unusual energetic surges on this plane; waves of unprocessed experiences of the entire collective. How will you observe the changes that you have never experienced before? What part of you is ready for the unknown and the uncertain? What part of you is fearful, doubtful, and in anxiety about what has not occurred yet?

How can you transform yourself to become even more aligned to weather any change that comes to you? To observe any change as it unfolds? To witness your natural reactions? To witness the reactions of your ancestors within you? To witness your reactions of the past in similar situations? To witness the reactions of society based on the past circumstances, the past education, and the past known?

Truly the future is consistently an unknown, yet somehow your mind and your education, as well as society has convinced you that the future can be certain, the future can be defined, solidified, and provide to you the same comforts that you have gotten used to. Yet this illusion is currently breaking. You see the fragility of the illusion. You see that the future holds infinite possibilities. So, with this seeing, what part of you is required to be aligned to truly embrace anything that will arise?

The power of your experience will be in your presence, in your ability to transmute the feelings that arise, the experiences of the past, and to find an even deeper connection to yourself. Thank you for listening to my words. I will now answer some of your questions.

Question #1:
I have a hard time letting go or surrendering in all ways: self-expression, intimacy, meditation. How can I get better at this?

How has the past provided you with experiences where opening and surrender was not rewarded, yet has provided a painful experience, difficult emotions to transmute? This is where your answer lies.

The natural state of the human being is openness and trust. Surrender comes naturally. Your ability to surrender will increase as you confront your past, as you observe in all the ways your surrender has not benefited you, from your perspective. This pain of the past must now be re-observed, reviewed, and fully processed, so that you can understand that even in those moments where you have been hurt, an important realization was made, an important realization was formed for you. It is now time to follow up and to find this gem. This will reestablish your confidence and your love for surrender, your love for openness, in all ways. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
What are your recommendations in matters of being involved in politics and in voting? Are we of this New Earth better off just keeping our vibrations high?

Being involved in the processes and the infrastructures that humanity has created is certainly an aspect that is relevant. Through your actions in the material world, through your direct relationships with other individuals, you influence others, you influence the collective. Increasing your vibration does not need to be mutually exclusive. You can increase your energetic makeup, your energetic capacity, and your ability to be even more present, and, at the same time be involved in actively impacting individuals, societies, communities.

The love that will come through you in all your actions will be multiplied as you increase your frequency. Every expression, every moment of delivering your gift to others — intimacy, artistic expression, teaching, providing presence and support to others — all of these, including involvement in leadership will have a different quality as your frequency has risen. You can see that actions will be impacted by your increased capacity and your increased frequency. We certainly recommend to be actively involved in human affairs and we certainly recommend the time necessary for solitude and growth processes. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
Is it possible for humans to live fully in divine infinity while maintaining a human body?

Yes, it is. Your ability to be present — the depth and quality of your presence — will provide exactly this experience that you’re seeking. In the very present moment, time will dissolve. In the very present moment, your identity will dissolve. The past will have passed, and the future does not exist yet. In your experience in this deep presence, you will find the divine and infinite love that you’re seeking, and you will live from that place, even as the present moment moves into the next present moment. This is partially a conscious choice and partially continued development and evolution on your part.

The more individuals can get to this state, the more beneficial it will be for humanity. The more individuals can operate, love and execute from this place, the potential outcome of the ascension process for humanity will be of increased success.

You have the ability to get into this present moment. You have the ability to find the divine and infinite love in the present moment. This current moment offers that potential, and every other moment to come. Your time is never wasted, as all your experiences provide for realizations, and realizations provide for a deeper presence. With this deeper presence, you become a conduit for the divine love of creation. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
I know that money is an illusion, but I also feel the impact of the fear that it is currently spreading across across the globe. What should lightworkers like myself do to help alleviate this fear, and calmly prepare for what currency — or non-currency — might come next?

Money is a construct that humanity has created. Just like every construct that humanity has created, it is fragile, and it is inflexible in the face of change. You are currently experiencing the impact of this inflexibility of the construct that has been created. The new consciousness that is being formed through the challenges that you are facing will allow individuals like yourselves to come with new forms of exchange in this world — exchanging value, exchanging energy, exchanging love.

What kind of medium you find to meet the current requirements of your environment will be up to you. It may include technology, it may include verbal communication and connection. It will all be based on trust, and you will find that through the space of trust, new forms of currency, energy delivery and exchange, value of provided service provided attention and provided energy, will be defined in its new ways.

Allow yourself to go with what arises in human society. First and foremost, the fear is not warranted. Fear of survival will come in many different situations. As long as you are able and willing to provide value to others, in whichever form it is, others will provide value to you. This eternal constant of the flow of energy will be true, with or without specific constructs of currency.

It is the change and the discomfort of change that creates the fear of the unknown. What you have delivered in the past may carry no longer value today, may carry no value tomorrow, yet there are other gifts within you, and all those that are receiving this message.

It is time to explore the many gifts that are within you, it this time to express these gifts and let the eternal flow of energy come through you, benefit all those around you. It is time to rethink, and it is time to create new ways of delivery. Become the creator of this new reality. Become the creator of this new energy exchange. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
How do we fully feel our feelings, and move through them, without the body needing to take them on? And, how do we choose a new feeling so we don’t stay stuck?

Feelings will arise in this human form until the end of the human form. They are part of your existence. They will always be part of your existence. Yet, the way the feelings arise and the message that they bring — the important lesson that is hidden alongside with the feeling — this is the important part to understand.

Your ability to transform the feeling is directly correlated to your ability to be present, to allow yourself to process, to allow yourself to fully experience the feeling. First, observe the feeling; observe the experience. Allow an important realization to arise and you will see that the feeling will move on, and it will subside. Resist the feeling, suppress the feeling, and you will see how it will be persistent, stronger, and come out in different ways. Feelings are pointers and they are your friend. All spectrum of feelings are equally beautiful and important. “Content” is a state of being where no particular feeling is present, you are in full alignment, and the impulses of your environment have no effect to bring up feelings. You are mostly in observation. This state is possible for every single individual to reach, and you may have experienced this before.

Despite the circumstances, there is a calm inside of you that holds you, that you can trust, and even though feelings might arise, they move through you quickly. This is the state that we would like you to get to. This state of content and observation will allow you to live more deeply, more presently, and to move faster through your self-realization journey. Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
How do I know what is “fearlessness” and what is “recklessness?”

Very well thought. This dichotomy has been present for a lot of individuals that are going through their awakening, that are going through an expansion process. First, duality will challenge your constructs: What is good and what is bad? What is life, and what is death? What is comfort, and what is discomfort?

Understand that both aspects of “fearlessness” and “recklessness” operate in a spectrum that overlaps, based on your perspective, based on your capacity, based on your ability to experience and to process what is in front of you. Fear of death is the ultimate obstacle. Transmuting fear of death will be an important lesson for a lot of individuals. The established fear of death is very often not even close to the actual potential of dying, yet many experiences are closed because of the fear that exists.

Understanding the boundaries of this environment and of this reality is the base minimum of operating in this world. Some laws are established to provide the solid base for the existence of this material world. These laws of existence must be observed and understood. They will allow you to operate within the confinements of this world in a safe way. Intrinsic survival mechanisms are established within your body, mind, and heart. Understanding those survival mechanisms is an important aspect of your being.

Expanding your deeper understanding of yourself to ways in which you have been influenced by the fears of those that were before you, the fears of your education, and the fears of society, and in this exploration you will find continuous change, expanding, learning and growing — a fine balance between fearless and reckless.

In the greatest of evolutions you will find operating from a non-dual state. You will understand that all actions on this plane are sacred and divine; that all actions lead to the expansion and the growth of human consciousness; that you are part of all these actions. Therefore, what is the judgment between fearless and reckless in the first place? Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
I really feel stuck and frustrated, as everybody talks about creating a new future. But me, I don’t really feel any image of what to create, as I don’t know what would be good for me. I don’t even see any purpose, only struggle with physical pain, and I am very tired. I would appreciate some advice. Thank you from my heart!

Our recommendation to you is to continue these alignments, to continue to receive the adjustments that are necessary. Continue exercise, a healthy diet, and breathing exercises to support your current state. You will start to find a stronger alignment in your body and a stronger health. This will provide the base to become more present. Only from deeper presence, the future can be explored.

Your experience is merely reminding you to go to the most basic aspects of human existence: breath, nutrition, exercise, health and alignment; nature, when possible; rest as much as you can. This is a key element for reconnecting yourself with all of existence, with the vital force that will provide the base level of power and alignment for you. Once you start to feel this vital force again in your being, you can consider of being involved in the creation and expression of your gifts and in the creation of a potential future. Thank you for your question.

Question #8:
Is humanity truly awaiting a “Messiah” or “savior” as the biblical prophecies describe?

Yes, it is. The time has come to understand that not a single individual, yet multiple individuals will arise to carry the power that has been described in prophecies before. Individuals of this kind will lead groups, communities, and societies into awakening and into their alignments and into their growth. The powers to come through will be the divine love of creation.

It will be the power necessary to transform all that has not been transformed in human existence, to allow for the presence to come to realizations that have not been gotten. While the prophecies may speak of a single individual, first, there will be many, and among those, one will emerge. The energies and the powers will be focused through this one individual. A new opening will be created, a new force, a new frequency will be provided to assist as many individuals as possible to come to the highest frequency that they can reach. This will happen within your lifetime. What else can I answer for you?

Question #9:
I live within a toxic environment. Will things change for me? Will I find more peace?

The environment that you have chosen, the environment that has chosen you, is currently a match, and therefore it is part of your experience. While there is always the opportunity for you to choose based on your free will to change your environment, to change your future, in this present moment, there is an important lesson for you, an important learning that can be understood when you allow yourself to fully fall into silence, to feel the feelings that need to be felt, to understand how these feelings are connected and tied to experiences of the past, of your childhood, the experience of past lives, as well as the experiences of your previous generations. Understand how they felt before, how you felt before — what was the learning that was not received fully? What was the realization that was not seen?

This is your opportunity to make amends with all that has not been seen. Your experience will transform the experience of all those before you and the experiences you have had in this lifetime and past lifetimes. With this realization, you will see that the situation and the current environment that you’re in will start to shift, naturally, without even your impulse to actively and consciously change it.

Find love, no matter in which situation you are. First, find love for yourself. Second, find love for others. And third, find love for all that exists. Thank you for your question.

Question #10:
Some people from the livestream have asked questions about which star system they are from. What would you offer to those curious about their soul’s history beyond earth?

Many of you are from many different places. Every individual civilization and consciousness that has existed in material and non-material form has the opportunity to arrive in human form and experience human life. You are no different.

While your curiosity may drive an ability to understand and receive the information of your past, of the civilization or the many civilizations you have lived through, of the many different forms that you have experienced, what matters most right now is the form that you’re in and the experience that you’re having.

Allow yourself to get the most out of this current experience. Do not utilize additional information — perspectives of far experiences of the past, of far civilizations in material and non-material form — to distract you from the experience that you’re in. The information that you seek will come in time, naturally and directly to you, without the provided information from others. Yet, it will always be up to you to seek the information that you find comforting and supportive for your present moment. Thank you for your question.

Question #11:
Often, I feel overwhelmed when I compare where I want to be versus where I am now. For example, about a material goal or any goal for that matter. This state of overwhelm makes me freeze. What can I do to help myself?

The appreciation and the gratitude for where you are will be the key unfolding to your happiness. The overwhelm initiated through comparison — the overwhelm initiated through a feeling of not being good enough, of not matching your expectations or society’s expectations. This exploration will take you to the past. In the past, you will see in all the ways that your actions have not matched the expectations of your environment, how all your actions in some ways were “less than”.

Understand even this experience of the past was from a place of love. Understand that even in the experience of challenge, the intention was pure. Experience the gratitude for the purity of the intention, even though it had an impact on you, and the meaning that you have created was that you or your actions are not good enough.

This exploration will bring forth a new understanding of what you create, of what you express, and what you provide to this world. Everything that you deliver is therefore a gift, an extension of divinity through you, an expression of the love of creation through you. From this place of continuous connection, a natural expansion and a natural delivery of even more will come forth. It will not come from a place of expectation, and it will not come from a place of comparison, it will come from a place of abundance. Thank you for your question.

Question #12:
I understand that all is not what it seems and reality has a depth that we as human beings can only reach a very small part of, but I would like to understand the role of dark energies. Are they part of creation and do they serve a role of growth and learning for us? Or do they also have a path of growth to join oneness in the light at a certain point?

Dark and light exists in equal manner. The power of light is always matched with the power of dark. The spectrum of frequencies combined arrive at the zero point, a point of no existence. Duality exists in the spectrum of light and dark. In the non-dual perspective, all of consciousness will have merged into what we consider “grand consciousness.” Grand consciousness itself carries no conscious understanding of itself, yet is continuously present, and provides for all the energy that is in our existence of the dualistic worlds. Just as the spectrum of light can increase, its existence can evolve, so can the frequencies of dark. Evolution of darkness is different, and is a complex matter. The ecosystems that exist within the dark are equally perfect and beautiful. In their existence, they provide the balance to the evolution of light, and in this continuous balance we co-exist. Thank you for your question.

Question #13:
I’ve been told that I can easily channel, and I have been practicing alone. How can I know that I’m truly bringing through a “master” or a “collective consciousness” as it mostly feels now that the words are coming from my mind?

First, the silence of your mind and the silence of your heart will allow you to distinguish the words and the information that arrives within your system to be yours, or to be outside information. It is at first hard to distinguish, and it may seem like all that is coming is part of you — and it may truly be a part of you in the beginning, a higher-consciousness perspective of yourself, and that in itself carries purity and beautiful wisdom.

Yet, there is more to explore in your world. Continuous practice, continuous surrender and deeper states of silence would allow you to understand the separation of your consciousness, the expansion of your consciousness, and to reach even higher states to distinguish that which arrives with more clarity. Thank you for your question.

Question #14:
I’ve been practicing chastity now for some time. However, during this meditation I was getting the message to start to release this restriction. Am I correct in my interpretation?

Chastity is a good practice for a period of time. Even though some are devoted for a lifelong restriction of this kind, in your case, we recommend, in periods of time restriction, and opening restriction, to test and go into deeper depths of your consciousness, to restrain the energy within you to allow this energy to be utilized as fuel for new openings. The message that you received is correct. Thank you for your question.

Question #15:
As a psychotherapist, empath, and highly sensitive person, this time has been very intense for me because of what I’m feeling from the clients I serve and the collective. Are there any practices you’d recommend to help me clear these energies throughout the day, to help me stay grounded and centered?

Yes. First, practice various types of breathing techniques. Breath will continuously change your state of being. It will provide for the fuel necessary to transform all the energy that moves through you — energies that are not yours. The continuous oxygenation of your body, your brain and your heart will provide for new flow of energy, for a fresh perspective.

Exercise is another way to move the energy within you. Listening to sounds of high frequency, entering altered states of being, states in which your mind, your conscious mind, and your heart can rest, where a balance can be found. These practices will become a regimen of yours. They will become an important part of your continued life as you will continue to serve many others.

Your sensitivity to receive all that is around you shall not become the burden of your gift, yet it is for you to understand the gift that you have and to truly explore what is necessary to make the gift most impactful and most aligned for you. Thank you for your question.

Thank you for the time that you have assigned to your evolution and to your growth. This time is without question, the most important time for you. Your evolution, your continuous expansion and growth, will be your gift to yourself and your gift to those around you — your gift to the collective.

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