Facing Challenges Livestream – March 21st (Bay Area)

I’m Raphael. In the times of challenge, you will see the way your mind, your heart, and your body react. You will observe in all the ways the immediate reaction is to what is coming from outside. This immediate reaction is partially natural, and partially it is imposed with the conditioning of your environment, your upbringing, your societal circumstances, your education, and the level of comfort that you have gotten used to.

All of these aspects of you that come to [the] surface can be observed, can be dissected and fully understood. The learned aspects that are beyond the natural survival instinct are the ones that [are] required to be observed, fully understood and processed. Where has fear and doubt and worry become part of your being? Where has sadness and anger still resided in your system without fully being expressed, and waiting for an opportunity to come to the forefront? This is for you to contemplate on and to allow yourself and to fully experience in the moments that it comes up. Give yourself the space and time to fully receive this gift, a gift of learning and growth — despite the origin of the trigger. Thank you for receiving.

Thank you for receiving this work. The full effect of this adjustment will take several days to complete. Rest adequately.

Greetings, my name is Emmanuel. Transformation of the outside starts with your transformation of the inside; the parts that you have control over the parts that you can observe, the parts that are “you”. The “outside” — this perception of separation is equally a part of you. Yet it adjusts to your internal alignment. You find peace and love, compassion, and trust inside, [and] all your relationships will start to adjust accordingly. Your reality, the one that you perceive, is always adjusted to your benefit for you to open up to new and deeper learnings, to complete incomplete lessons, to fully understand yourself and your existence.

The timing is always perfect. There is no better moment than now and to experience the full extent of your growth. There is no better moment than now and to be fully present to all that arises within you and to all that arises around you. Presence does not require immediate action. Presence is mostly observation, witnessing all aspects that are visible, audible, and sensable to you; most importantly, observing your judgments, observing your emotions, observing the thoughts that demand action, immediate response. This moment is yours to learn yourself better.

The time ahead of you will bring forth many more challenges like this, of different kind yet equal in intensity, equal in its power of destruction. How will you stand next time? How will you adjust yourself from the learnings of this experience, as an individual and as society? What will you have understood about existence through this experience and how will you adjust your actions according to your perspective?

Will you live life in a more loving way, truly appreciating all moments that are given to you, truly appreciating the abundance that you have in your life, all aspects, all details? Will you have understood that human consciousness is an entire collective of all your beings, that you are intrinsically connected, that the separation in human form is merely for you to be able to experience individuality and personality and for your own individualized growth.

Will you have understood the power that lies within you, the power to change and shift your perspective, no matter the circumstances, to transform your being? You have the power to become, and to be, the consistent pillar of light for all those around you. Yet it will take practice and continuous growth, continuous realignment — yet you are not alone, and we will support you along this path.

Thank for listening to my words. I will now answer some of your questions.

Question #1:
Do you have any suggestions for people to stay in the eye of the storm?

Wherever you stay in the storm is where you are. This is exactly the place where you’re supposed to be to receive everything that is available to you in that moment, life, death, and everything in between; all emotions. How you stand in that experience is the aspect that you truly have under your control.

Can you find yourself truly receiving and feeling all that is arising? Can you truly be present, beside your emotions and your thoughts? Can you truly be part of the experience that is unfolding in front of you. The storm is part of you. This is my recommendation to experience a storm. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
How do we seek without obsessing?

The moment you set your internal compass in the right direction, many aspects of your being will start to follow your thoughts, your emotions and your body will follow an intention set by your consciousness. Obsessiveness is the expectation to have the results and the goals in a specific timeframe or on the specific conditions, rules that your mind is created for the goal or the milestone to be achieved.

Remember, the direction is more important than focusing on the specific goal. The direction will become an effortless experience once it is established. Once it is regularly readjusted all aspects of your being will continue and to adjust your actions and your thoughts. Just remember the direction that you have set. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
Doreen asks, how do I become the ultimate supporter?

Most importantly, you need to understand all the needs that you have and physical, emotional, and your mental wellbeing. You become an individual that has fully understood the inner workings of your being:

What is necessary to be nourished, to be safe, and to be grounded in your experience, yet always open and loving. A full understanding of your being is the prerequisite to be support to anyone outside of you. Once you have established an understanding of yourself and you have dedicated your life, your time, and your energy to support others, you’ll learn even more how you become stronger in the moments of challenge. How all the ways that you have prepared yourself is for the difficult moments ahead. And some battles you will win and some battles you won’t. Yet you will learn from all battles, from all the ways that you have supported others in their experience and their life. You adjust and you grow and you recommit. This is my recommendation to you.

Question #4:
Sean asks, is there something specific I can do to awaken more to my essential nature and wake up from the spell of the ego and cut the cores of identification?

Your identity, your personality, your ego, are part of you, and they will be all the way until the end of this human experience. Yet understand all of these aspects of your being can be adjusted and can equally grow as you grow. My recommendation is to embrace these parts of you more closely. And you will see that it will become easier for moments like these and to release all understanding of ego, all understanding of identity, all understanding of body, space and time. A place where your consciousness can truly expand, recharge and reconnect. And as you come out of this experience, your entire being is fueled with this newly found energy.

Silence and nature, regular exercise, mindful eating. All of these will assist you in your ability to come closer to the experience I mentioned before.

Questioner #5:
Victoria asks, I have a desire for the wealthy and the powerful, the 1% and for those holding a separation mentality to see that we are all one, is it possible to speed up this process by sending them specifically more loving energy or is just staying in a high vibration myself and attempting not to judge them having the same effect?

They’re both equally valid and powerful. Individuals that have taken advantage of the systems that have been created, of the systems that are based on extraction, of optimization, the finances, some were part of the creation of these systems. They became also part of those that have kept the systems in place. Yet we perceive all of this as a natural aspect of your evolution, as part of your learning process understanding that these structures will eventually complete their cycle and new structures will be created that will adequately match the consciousness at which all humanity arrives. The most effective way for you to be an agent of change is to assist as many as you can in their evolution of consciousness. Only through evolved individuals can change and truly be initiated. This is my recommendation to you. Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
Ruby asks, during this time of global upheaval, are the spiritual masters doing anything to provide additional support around the clock every day? Are they doing something now on a universal scale, even if we humans have not reached out as a collective for their support and possible intervention?

Yes. All non-material existence is present to everything that unfolds on this plane. The ones that have dedicated themselves to assist humanity will continue to do so. The rules and the laws for those that have ascended from human form before are less strict than the ones from higher consciousness. Interventions and to prevent experiences like these are agreed upon and only acted upon if it is in the highest interest of humanity’s existence. In this case, the experience itself is in the highest interest of humanity’s growth. Yet through the experience interventions and support will continue to be given and as we are here right now for you through this experience, we will continue to support you. Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
Vishal asks, how much worse will things get before they get better?

We recommend that you readjust your perspective of normality on a daily basis. What is normal today? What is available to me? What is available to the world, and what are the actions necessary? You will understand that comparisons into the past and expectations into the future will only bring forth emotional disappointment.

If you continuously readjust your understanding of normality and your understanding of what can be, you will find a more present experience. And your presence is important. Your ability to act without fear, your ability to love despite the challenges, your ability to be open and receiving despite all around you contracting in the fear. This is where your challenge will lie and the opportunity for you to readjust your perspective. Thank you for your question.

Question #8:
Franziska asks, can you please share about the opportunities that we have to learn from our children already here on earth or soon to arrive during this current global situation? How can we best assist them during this period?

Children perceive reality in a different way. They’re open and they’re still very connected. This connection provides for the high frequency that they have in their presence. Yet their openness comes also with their ability to feel everything in the moment. Children will require continuous safe environments, yet more importantly, they will require emotional support, presence and stability – even if the circumstances are not. In return, they will continue to gift their presence of high frequency. Their opening to higher consciousness and maybe even the wisdom that they have to share with all those that are close to the young ones. Even a smile of a newborn can transform you. Thank you for your question.

Question #9:
It is my first time watching. I am 60 years old. I have many health issues. I’m in a complicated relationship. I have two jobs and I can’t find peace. Please help. Tell me where I can begin.

First things first, breathe, become present to your breath, become present to your heart and to your body and to your mind. All that you’re experiencing is the culmination of everything that has happened. In this present moment you can observe and maybe it has come to a place where you are required to process all those elements of your life that have not been processed before. To observe in which ways you have suppressed your needs, you have suppressed your emotions and your relations. Be gentle with yourself as you move layer by layer deeper into yourself. Understand that continued work may be difficult yet very rewarding. Eventually. Today’s work will also assist you on this path of growth. It will become easier for you to process the aspects of your being that require processing. You will see that the body will adjust slower than the mind and the heart, but it will adjust to the healing that you receive inside.

Question #10:
Louay asks, I would like to request guidance on what would be the most effective personal practice that would connect us even deeper with ourselves during this special period of isolation and tuning to the truth within?

Most practices that you have experienced did not require shutting down the present global threat that is present to you. In some ways, this continuous threat is felt and rightfully so, present in your mind in your heart and even in your body. Survival is an important aspect of your human experience. What needs to be addressed in terms of a practice is being able to observe the survival needs that arise and reassure that your mind, your heart and your body is safe. With every breath that you take and every breath that you release, you reconfirm your safety. The way you have kept yourself, your environment you reconfirm to all the aspects of your being that you are taken care of. This practice in addition to your regular practices will allow you to continue to go deeper. In times of intensity the fuel for spiritual growth is equally available. Remember to ride the waves and to receive the power that is unleashed through this experience without emotion and judgment. Truly tapping into the potential and the energy itself, transmuting it for your growth and for the growth of human consciousness. Thank you for your question.

Question #11:
Stefan asks, I thought I heard you say we should erase all understanding of the ego, the body space and time. Did I hear that correctly? What is the difference between understanding and awareness in this context?

There seems to be a misunderstanding. My recommendation included moments of practice. There will be times in which in spiritual experiences the ego, the personality and identity will fade away. Where space and time has no relevance, where consciousness is fully submerged with all higher forms of consciousness receiving from that connection returning to the human form. You might also recall that I mentioned that ego, identity and personality will be here until the end – part of your life. That Understanding the ability to continuously adjust these parts of yourself. Thank you for your question.

Questioner #12:
Brian asks, what does it mean to thrive as one humanity? What does fulfillment really look like for us? What does it mean to be fully present as one?

All perspectives that I can share with you with regards to what it means to be “one” – operating from a close collective connection will be meaningless until you experience it, until you strive to get to that place, until you understand there is no other option aside from operating from that place in your existence. And then you will find out. You will see what it means and you will see the benefits and the power that lies in that connection to the collective. The connection that has never been separate, only through the operations of the mind and the heart, yet always connected intrinsically, always affecting “you”, always learning from all experiences in human form. Thank you for your question.

Thank you for the time that you have chosen to be with us for your dedication and for your ability to receive for your continuous growth path. We shall always be here to provide an unconditional ways.

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