Group Healing and Channeling – May 3rd (Ibiza, Ciel Azul)

Group Healing and Channeling – May 3rd (Ibiza, Ciel Azul)

Greetings. I am Raphael. This work provided to you is our unconditional gift to humanity. The awakening process of the individual is the single most important aspect for the ascension of mankind. The awakening process includes many aspects some of which are connected to completing learnings, realizations of this lifetime, realizations of many lifetimes before to be completed in this current iteration. You have come to a completion point of learnings in this form and shape, the human experience. With all the beauties and the difficulties that this human life provides, it always was reserved for the learning of consciousness. Human consciousness having an experience through you. You having an experience for yourself as well as for the collective. Your evolution and growth is now relevant more than ever. You will find this work to be empowering. This period and phase of your life, you are part of humanity’s most important chapter. Thank you for receiving this work and following the journey of awakening.


Thank you for receiving this work. You will see, the way it unfolds is partially through you. The way it effects is to all those around you. You are the seed that has been planted in your life ready to fully unfold and blossom. To impact all those around you. Those even far away. Those that are close to your heart. Those that are close to your mind. Even those that require your attention. This light will start to course through you, in ways it has never before. The opening of this energy line will provide you with guidance with life force and perspective. You will come to realizations on your own. Yet, assisted always supported despite the biggest challenges that you may face. This is the unfolding of this gift. Thank you for receiving.

Greetings. My name is Emmanuel. Time, as you witness, is relative. It changes with your ability to be present. The depth of your presence bends time in your perception and sometimes in the experience of all those around you. With these powers coming into this plane you will find time perceived differently. Witnessed and experienced differently. The way to rely on this one constant will change. You will learn to rely on your presence rather than on your past or on your future. You will learn to understand the power that is within this very moment of existence, the only true moment that is yours. You will learn to embrace the beauty and the grace provided [at] every moment to you. You are the receiver of this gift called a human lifetime. Sometimes it will require perspective and realizations to truly understand the beauty of this gift. Though it is truly a sacred experience sought out by many different sources of souls, limited to few to truly indulge in the human experience to be part of human consciousness’ growth and evolution. The more you understand the moment, the more you will understand about yourself. The self and identity that is beyond the one that you perceive. Beyond the perceptions of the mind and the heart, the being that is you. These realizations cannot be communicated with the limitations of this language, therefore this work will provide you the experience of the expansion of your consciousness. You will receive some of these realizations by truly living and by truly opening yourself to receive these realizations.

In this life, many lessons have provided you with steps forward many lessons have provided you with wisdom and direction. Some of which you shared with those to come. The experience of evolution of consciousness cannot be shared by words it can be shared by the way you live and by the way you are. Your being in its resonance will be the true delivery mechanism of your wisdom, of the wisdom of your consciousness. The wisdom of the universe acting through you.

The more space and time you create for moments like these in quiet contemplation you will find truths about yourself, about creation, about your relationship to all that exists. Some answers will not come easily. Some answers will bring more questions and truly you will not give up. You will move forward step by step on this journey of awakening.

You are supported on this journey. You are never alone yet it is your journey to take. They are the steps that you must make. Thank you for listening to my words. I will now answer some of your questions.

Question #1:
How is it possible to improve the light inside of the connection with higher consciousness?

Thank you for your question. The light inside has never ceased to exist, it is truly the obstacles of the mind and the heart that has have found to cloud this light. The deeper you go within, the more light you will find as creation flows through you. You are creation in that sense. Time for this contemplation. Time for reflections of the life that you have lived, of the lessons that require to be completed of the relationships that require to be completed, will allow for space and freedom to explore deeper within. Exceptional operations like these will assist you as well on this journey to find connections to higher levels of consciousness and aspect of your being integrated for the time of awakening. Human consciousness truly is able to reach the highest states of consciousness within the human form yet it will require practice. It will require energy and it will require dedication. Moments like these will fuel you and open you in ways that you have not before. Yet it will be yours to continue this practice to reach higher states of consciousness. Adjustments to your nutrition and diet Continuous care for the vessel you have been provided with and the accumulation of energies within the human form will assist you to provide the fuel and resources required for the consciousness to reach higher planes. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
How do you see the future of humankind?

The future for humankind is not fully written and therefore is an aspect of probability even for us. The way we perceive this time is that human existence will cease to exist on this plane. It will be a natural and planned way for humanity to continue to exist on another plane of existence. The human form as you know it will shift to a new form of existence. This may be hard to understand and comprehend as the human form is the only life that you have seen and lived. Yet truly, the opportunities given, possibilities made available in this new plane of existence will prove all your doubts to be invalid. This work on the individual, as well as on the collective, to continue on this self-realization journey is the most important aspect to guarantee the ascension of mankind into this new plane. This work is required for you and for all those around you. The maturity of your consciousness will display the actions that you take, the actions with regards to all aspects of your environment including this planet that you have been given. Including the offspring that comes including your understanding of co-creation and co-existence on this very resourceful plane. These aspects of maturity of your consciousness will drive the continued steps on the ascension process. You see, many variables that will drive the outcomes of human existence and each of the steps that you take maybe a critical step for the entirety of the collective. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
What is happening to the Atlantian records right now?

A civilization once existed before the current iteration of mankind You have named this civilization Atlantis, Atlantians. This civilization has understood aspects of universal connections. Aspects of creation. Aspects of higher levels of consciousness. Many elements that currently are missing in this iteration of mankind, yet some of you have incarnated again, bringing forth memories and realizations of these past lifetimes, even in previous civilizations of mankind. The current times, the changes and frequency on this plane, interventions like this current one, will provide for the opening of past records within the individuals as well as within the land. This knowledge released will provide fuel for realizations that may have only gotten with the support of long past civilizations. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
I’m curious if you are an inter-dimensional being, or what your world is like?

Thank you for your question. We truly possess the capability to travel through dimensions. We exist on a higher plane of consciousness. Much higher than the current one humanity is inhabiting. Our world does not have material existence like yours, therefore, there is no necessity for us to exist in the physical plane. Only upon [the] requirement to manifest in other planes of existence we will find ways to communicate in this one particular way, through a vessel. Our world of existence is close to the source of all of creation. In this proximity of existence, we have seen and understood the true power that lies within creation as it has provided us with everything that we could possibly need for millions of years of your count. Truly a source of power eternal and unconditional. This proximity to source has provided us with the options and opportunities to choose how we will direct our consciousness and the assistance of creation. In the assistance of expansion.
Human consciousness is one of many projects that are part of this expansion of consciousness. Some of these within the same dimension within material planes some in non-material existence and truly our perspective and our responsibilities lie within the support of [the] growth of consciousness itself. Humanity is on the verge of changing its perspective. Of changing its reality from non-material existence to a higher plane. From material existence to a higher plane of nonmaterial existence. You will find that this transition will provide new realizations and possibilities to truly understand the higher planes of existence beyond the mind and the limitations of the human capacity. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
Why light language and in which ways is it useful for activation?

The frequencies, the increasing energies on this plane will provide for openings of memories of past lives including lives in other forms of existence, in other planes of existence. Lives, civilizations foreign to humanity. These openings will provide information in languages foreign to you. Yet, embedded with the wisdom and the energy it may provide for an important resource AT in the moment. These openings, these aspects of wisdom provided from other lifetimes, from other civilizations are to be considered a gift, yet not a necessity to continue the awakening journey as an individual. It will be one of the many interventions humanity will see in this period of awakening. Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
Thank you for your energy. Can you give us a brief overview of the different consciousness accompanying humanity on this plane of existence?

In this current iteration of mankind, in this current time, the rules of engagement have been lowered and interventions have been allowed in order to assist humanity through this stage of awakening. With this opening, many higher forms of higher consciousness are now truly able to interact and intervene in the ways similar to this current moment. An intervention to assist you through the time of transformation and change. You will find many interventions to be positive and you will find some interventions to be difficult. These interventions provided by forms of consciousness, not in agreement with what we consider the alliance to assist humanity, still will have an influence on human consciousness development. Many forces as you can see are at play in order to support as well as to prevent human consciousness in its evolution. This is as well the natural flow of growth, the details, the labels, and names that you have given many forms of consciousness, the context in which you have perceived consciousness in this part of the world in other parts of the world, is not relevant. You are the receiver you are the object to grow and many will support you on this path. Your most important work will be to understand your own power your own existence without dependencies and reliance on any other forms of consciousness. Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
How can each one of us be of service for humanity and consciousness evolution?

Thank you for your question and for your consideration. An individual provides to the collective by continuing as well as realizing in this human form. The self-realization of the individual is the greatest gift that an individual can have to the collective. You see, you are connected directly to all of human consciousness, therefore, all of your learnings and growth will fuel the collective. The aspects of the mind, of identity as well as of the heart will make you believe that actions outside may provide a higher importance to all of humanity. Truly they are secondary. Yet when you understand the beauty of this journey in the self-realization of your life, your inspiration to all those around you will provide an important gift. Your assistance and your light to all those around you. The love provided to those in difficult times. The understanding that you were never truly separate from all those around you. That they are merely reflections of your being. Surrendering to the realities of your moment. Will you be the inspiration for those around you? Truly by living this life in its most graceful way? Thank you for your question.

Question #8:
In the information received following the last session, with the recommendations of what to do and not to do – was no sexual activity. Why is that and what role does sexuality have in consciousness change?

Thank you for your question. The energy provided to you in this human form, the energy for reproduction is truly the creative force that is within you and its power harnessed it is able to create life. In its power misunderstood it can truly prevent life from creation. This energetic force truly understood can provide for more than just life on this plane. It can provide for the evolution of consciousness within the individual. A fuel that will provide the foundation for consciousness to reach even higher states of being. These processes have been utilized by many civilizations on this plane yet truly fully understood by very few. In the work provided to you, the energy within your system is utilized to provide an opening for your body and your being. The exchange of energies with other individuals is not recommended during this period of time as it may interfere with the processes outlined for you. As a collective and as individuals you will find sexuality to walk with the level of your consciousness into higher perspectives. You will see that sexuality will provide important realizations and learnings that it will provide an important power and fuel beyond anything available on this plane. This fuel you will understand will teach you. This fuel will teach you many aspects of existence including the opening to higher levels of consciousness. You see, the journey of awakening will be assisted with the aspects of your sexuality. Thank you for your question.

We are grateful for the time and the trust that you have provided us with. For us to truly deliver the gifts that we have for humanity in this very important time of change and transformation may you be blessed on your journey.

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