Private Group Healing and Channeling – April 23rd (Middle East)

Private Group Healing and Channeling – April 23rd (Middle East)

Greetings. I am Raphael. All lifetimes, all experiences of this lifetime, have brought you to who you are today. This very moment, the full expression of realizations, of identity, of human consciousness having an experience through you. All experiences, emotions, relations, those that you perceive to be difficult and negative, those positive and uplifting, all have played their important role in who you are today and who you will become.

Some choices were indeed directed, certain outcomes must occur in some lifetimes. Agreements have been made by yourself for yourself. These learnings that you choose to have may not always be pleasant, yet critical for the growth of consciousness, for your individual growth and the growth of the collective.

All aspects and elements of existence are within you and your environment. Truly you are operate from creation as it resides within you. The source of all existence, the love of creation. The seed that brings non-material and material existence to life. You have received and are always receiving this love of creation. It passes through you just like a river. This energy can never be collected, reserved or possessed. You can merely allow for more to flow through you, truly learning to become an open vessel.

Creating space within yourself, within your heart, within your mind and within your body. Space to be filled with the purest of unconditional love of creation. This is within all of you, it is available to all of you and it will never require anyone else than yourself to truly receive. As you learn to dance with this power that is within you, you learn to understand that you are a beacon of this light of this energy that flows continuously into this plane. You are a vessel of this love of creation.

Will you learn, will you learn to hold this light as it passes through you? With your presence. Will you learn to share what is available to you with all those around you? Will you learn to love once again in ways that you have never loved before. This is the next stage of your evolution.

Thank you for receiving this work today and thank you for listening to my words.

Greetings. I am Emmanuel. Challenges and obstacles have been part of this plane, part of your learning and growth process. Challenges were the obstacles to be mastered, to be perceived, observed and to realize certain truths about yourself, certain truths about your environment and certain truths about existence. These realizations to be found required circumstances that will [provide] the fertile ground for them to arise. Only truly through the experience would you learn, would you see and understand. A different form of learning than learning through the mind. The direct experience always carries the strongest weight in the gathering of realizations.

The time has come for an important change on this plane. Evolution of human consciousness. A growth process that has happened since the beginning of human consciousness on this plane. Yet, this is the final and most important element in this current phase of human existence. This phase will allow for exceptions. For changes to be made so that all of humanity can rise together. The nature of realizations in an individualized way will be accelerated. You will perceive time differently. You will perceive relationships differently. You will perceive yourself differently. Within all of these changes you will find yourself receiving support from higher realms of consciousness, so that those that have chosen to serve in this important phase of human evolution will truly walk that path.

We will support those that have understood how to support themselves. We will assist those that have understood how to assist others. Carrying yourself as an important aspect before receiving divine support and assistance. This process today will be an important step in that direction and many more steps will follow. You will find courage and strength at every step of the way. You will find allies and family, companions that have chosen this path as well. You will learn in relationship with them, in relationship with yourself and with all of non-material existence. This path will continue to unfold in its most magnificent ways. The limitations of your mind and the limitations of your beliefs will no longer be representative for what is to come and so you shall see and receive.

Thank you for listening to my words, I will now answer some of your questions.

Question #1:
How do we deal with darkness?

Thank you for your question. Darkness is an important aspect to understand light in the first place. Both exist in equal balance continuously supporting this plane. Truly all aspects of the dark serve important purposes to drive learning and growth. Being part of a learning process either yours or those learning processes of others, the learning processes of the collective, you will face dark darkness in its operation. This will continue until the end of existence on this human plane. In each of the learnings in each of the steps that you take you will find a stronger core and sense of stability in the way you receive this energy and love of creation.

As your vessel finds a strong foundation, balance and alignment within you will find darkness to be no enemy to you or your path. But rather a temporary companion. You shall receive the messages necessary and with gratitude and grace, you shall move on. This may be easier conveyed than lived in the human experience. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
How do we balance feminine and masculine energies in our daily life?

Thank you for this important question. In human form, the principles of the feminine and the masculine are within each individual. This requests for continuous balance within and a continuous understanding that this balance will serve for balance outside. Truly this balance will never be achieved, yet it will continuously move towards achieving the continued balance in this dance between the masculine and the feminine energies within and outside, many learnings, many understandings of separation and of union, of collaboration and connection will be found. Some of these struggles outside are aspects of collective learning and collective growth. You will weather these learnings together in union. Yet remember to continuously hold the balance within even if the balance without is not given. Your harmony will support those around you to find harmony, to strive for harmony and eventually the principles of the feminine and the principles of the masculine will have served each other equally. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
Why do some people experience greater human suffering than others? Such as war or famine.

Suffering from the perspective of non-material existence does not carry the same weight as it does in human experience. Therefore many of these experiences are truly chosen. They are truly a part of the growth of the individual soul that has chosen to be part of this experience, individually or as a collective. During this experience learnings will arise and opportunities for the collective to learn in unison with other souls. War and famine are perfect examples for important action within human existence, within the human collective. Learnings of collaboration, union, learnings of alignment and maturity beyond the own identity have not arrived. These learnings will eventually provide the fertile ground to find peace within and to find peace in the human collective. To understand that this plane is truly reserved and provided for all. The pleasures, the beauties, the sufferings and the emotions, the pain and the difficulties are equally [important] elements of this human experience. The sacrifice of choice, to provide an important mirror for all those around, is and always will be a true selection of brave decisions by individual souls. You are not much different than those that are suffering, those that are suffering are not much different than you are. The equal opportunity to learn. The equal opportunity to serve as a vessel of learning and growth is part of your lives and you may indeed choose grave pain and suffering for a future life to be in service for yourself and for those around you, for the human consciousness to grow and collect the necessary knowledge and experiences. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
Where does the soul go after the physical body dies?

What we consider a soul container is an aspect of your being that will return into the human form if agreed to continue and finalize learnings in the human experience. Between lifetimes, a soul container will go through a reset, a cleansing process that will provide a new ground for a new lifetime. Some souls have finalized their experience in the human form and may choose to stay within the human consciousness field, to assist other souls to come to important learnings. Some souls will choose to return to their place of origin and this may provide an opportunity for them to carry learnings with them to the part of consciousness that they originate from. As you can see, many options are available and open yet they are determined by higher processes and by the choices that are made in service to human consciousness. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
I have a specific question about Lord Ashtar. Was he ever incarnated in human form? What is so special about his light and what is the role of the keepers of the light?

The being that you consider to be Lord Ashtar has served through many of his incarnations through the lineage that he derives from. Aspects of human, as well as other consciousness growth, have been supported by his presence through the work that he has chosen to do. The purpose that he has driven in his existence. He has received much support. This support you will perceive as a specific form of frequency and light. With his authorizations, he will be allowed to offer services and support in this plane in this time of change.

Question #6:
Would you tell us about the unity with the universe?

Consciousness within the universe continuously experiences union and separation. In this continued experience of union and separation consciousness grows, finds the nuances of identity and specialization and upon completion of these nuances, it will submerge with grand consciousness again. And from this submersion, new pockets of separation and specialization will occur and new forms of consciousness will grow. As you can see, truly all aspects of the universe are connected yet always seeking growth through separation, learning through separation and reunion upon the completion of these learnings and realizations. Continuously allowing consciousness to grow. Continuously allowing the universe to expand. Therefore unity can be perceived as a consistent, as well as a temporary state of the universe. This paradox may be complex to comprehend yet it will make more sense in different states of perception. Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
Is there such a thing as a written destiny or we create our own fate?

Certain aspects of your lifetime are important elements of learning and growth. These are elements that you have chosen as a soul to experience. These experiences are milestones within your lifetime to reach. Each of these milestones will provide learning for you and for the collective. You may perceive this as a pre-destined path, yet all the elements to reach these milestones, all the decisions, choices, the relations, all aspects of experience are truly completely within your choice and free will. Yet these aspects that you have agreed to learn and to grow with will continue to persist in your life, until the learning and the realization is completed. This may even take more than one lifetime to complete and some learnings may proceed in parallel. Certain [relationships] may continue to return into the same lifetime to provide assistance and support. Choices made outside of the human experiences are still choices. Is it not us that delivers the direction which learnings must be had. It is truly human consciousness in its continuous desire to expand and grow and the soul containers that are serving human consciousness to have this learning and growth experience. Thank you for your question.

Question #8:
How can we use your energy?

This energy provided to you is and has never been ours. We are truly like yourselves, vessels of this divine light providing, directing it to you removing the obstacles so that you may receive even more of this light. Once you can understand that you can truly receive without the assistance of any outside parties, you will be the master of your own destiny. You will understand the aspects of this power and light as it flows into you, into your life and the more you provide this light to those around you the more you will receive. The more you create space within your life, the more it can be filled with this light. Yet it will require practice. It will require attention and presence to be a strong vessel of this light. Today’s work will be in support of this path for you and for those that have participated to receive this work. Thank you for your question.

Question #9:
Can you tell us about the different dimensions and how we are going towards a 5th-dimensional existence?

Planes of existence there are many. Higher planes of existence operate in higher frequencies. Certain planes above yours will carry no more material existence as the learnings have surpassed the need for material environments. The plane that you will reach after this particular plane will be of non material existence. This plane has served as an important incubation and learning ground for you. The higher planes will serve with different learnings. The higher planes will serve with different connections and assistance. The higher you reach, the easier it will be to receive support from even higher planes like ours. And as consciousness grows in the lower planes, the higher planes will as well grow and expand. The higher the frequency of your existence, the closer you will be to the source of all creation. Eventually submerging with the source of all creation in its highest frequency. Losing all form of existence to return to the source that has once served to create all of us. For now, human consciousness has still a long way to go to reach the highest planes known to us. Thank you for your question.

Thank you for your time, your openness and your willingness to receive. To be supported on this journey that you are on. To be assisted through a process that may be complex to comprehend and that is beyond the understanding of the human mind and an important service that will provide you and all of humanity. Blessings on your journey.

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