Healing and Channeling Session – July 5th 2018 (Budapest)

Healing and Channeling Session – July 5th 2018 (Budapest)


Greetings. I am Christ. I embody this body today, so I can provide you this healing and light. It is a rare occasion that I embody a human form. Humanity is going through change, an evolutionary change, a change that cannot be witnessed with the eye but can be felt. This evolutionary change will allow humanity to rise. It is an important evolutionary step for human consciousness. This healing is my offering, my unconditional offering to you. It will assist you through this time of change. The outcome of this healing will help you to connect deeper and stronger with the divine. This connection in itself is what will carry you through this change. Your connection to creation, a connection that you have by birth. A connection that you may have forgotten, now will come to surface again to remind you of this sacred bond that you have. Through this bond to creation you will receive support in many forms, most importantly this unconditional love that is the birthright of all of existence. It is eternal and limitless and it is always unconditional. Your prayers and thoughts are strongest when direct to creation. No middlemen are ever needed for you to have your connection to the divine. Yet moments like these will assist you when you need assistance and direction. May this healing continue to serve you and those around you. May it guide you when you need guidance and perspective, if you need one.

This process will require growth for everyone, and growth happens on the individual expression of human consciousness – that is you. Your growth and spiritual attainment will carry the collective. A simple truth, yet so complex to execute. Your growth is the part that you can take responsibility for. And you, as you carry this light, will shine for many others a guiding path. Your lives matter and in fact it is the most important factor of human consciousness; its expression in human form, learning by doing and by experience. Sometimes you may judge it to be negative or positive, yet all aspects of human experience are a gift for you to experience and for human consciousness to learn and grow. Your experience in the human form as an individual is a special format for consciousness to grow; individual experience and decision making and eventually understanding that you are part of a greater collective, that you are part of the human consciousness. May this healing assist you in your life and in your growth. May all those around you be affected positively by your change. May you continue to carry this perspective of search until you find this deep connection through your own doing. This is the path of self-realization. A path of understanding who you are; who you are in relation to other humans and who you are in relation to all existence.


Greetings. My name is Emmanuel. It is a pleasure to witness you after your healing. Thank you for receiving our offer. It was an important step for us to be involved in human history this deeply once again, while the intentions always have been pure in our activities with human history. [Through] the nature of the human mind and free will, desires and temptations, all valuable aspects of human existence, we have learned how to interact with you and assist you in your growth without taking away your learning, without solving the challenges for you. 

The right balance of an [assisting] hand in this time of change, versus the solution and liberation. This is a journey you have to take as human consciousness and the human collective. Important learnings will come to you and we will assist you on this path, especially those that seek out with intention, with love and devotion. These connections established today will carry forward in your life until you feel that you do not require them anymore. Thank you for receiving my messages so openly. There is a special [way of] being in the conversation, from human form to human form. I can feel equal to you, this way we can relate eye to eye, we can converse and exchange, learning for you and for us. 

I will answer now some of your questions.

[No questions are asked.]

This is our desired outcome; that there are no questions left. That you have found a state of existence and being, closure with all aspects of life and peace within you. So you can focus on the most important connection of all; the connection that is within all of you – your bond to creation. When this connection is strong, there are few questions left. Through this connection you have your own way of getting answers, sometimes conscious, very often subconscious. 

You are a gift to creation. Seeing the evolution of human consciousness to this point is even for us a miracle to watch. Your evolutionary step, your growing up to a next level of consciousness is a significant moment for us to witness and clearly a significant moment for you who have chosen to be alive at this very time. Many of you have consciously chosen to be here at this very time – to participate, witness, observe and be in service. All that you choose is appreciated and is part of your free will. Yet, you shall know that the collective needs you, despite what they will tell you directly. This evolutionary step will require all of you to be in this state that you are in right now, as many times as you can. And the light that you collect from this state of being, you shall share freely with those around you, unconditionally with all beings equally, as all of them carry the light of creation.

You will experience the changes of today’s healing; deeper spiritual connection and maybe some changes in your relations. As your relation with yourself has changed, all aspects of your environment will adjust to you, the energy that you carry. Not to mistake with your mind, rather, this very divine state you are in right now. It is easier when assisted, it is much harder alone and it is much harder when faced with challenges than neutrally. Make time and space for yourself to experience these moments of connection with the divine. We will be there to listen. Times are changing, you shall know by now it is not by coincidence that you are here.

With our love for the human collective and this evolution of human consciousness, I extend my thanks to you for receiving us and I hope you will carry this light forward as long as you can, for as many people as you can.

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