Healing and Channeling Session – July 14th 2018 (London)

Healing and Channeling Session – July 14th 2018 (London)


Greetings. My name is Raphael. Your healing today is an important first step, it is an unconditional gift from us. My focus is to assist you in this evolutionary step that all humanity is subject to. Evolution does not exclude anyone. Your individual work will sometimes require healing before it can turn into growth. This is the focus of this work today, laying the foundation for a deeper work to come.

(After healing takes place)

My work here is complete. For today, this is the amount your bodies and spirits can take. Understand it is a journey that you are on and the effort in the right direction, important dedication and devotion – critical, forward movement in completing parts of your past, and healing, growing and integrating the learning, so you can be more present for what is to come.

First and foremost, present for yourself and then present for those around you, no matter how close they are. Your boundaries and limitations are part of you. Understanding yourself and sometimes obligations and responsibilities may overshadow that part of you that wants to and needs to be taken care of. It is important for you to make the time for yourself. So simple yet so difficult, when in human form. When you feel the need for healing, very often it is the last resort. The symptoms are the ones that are speaking the loudest. They are the last resort of your body to remind you that you need to slow down and take care of yourself. So many other aspects until then have failed and here you are. This is not a general journey, yet it is symptomatic for the majority of humans. Can you slow down your life enough to listen to the status quo and the information that is given to you from all the systems that have been put in place for you to be in balance, in union with your environment? The only true requirement is really presence, and for that you need to make consciously the time and space to practice your presence.

My work here today will guide you to a better part of balance, the other aspect of my work is preparation for a different state of being, as the environment that you live in is changing. This is a longer topic to discuss, yet the symptoms of this change impact your bodies, most importantly your energy systems. Parts of you are being activated that have not been active, parts of you that have been in place by design. This rise in energy of your environment will change you internally as well. This work today will be an assistance to the changes you will be facing physically and energetically. Thank you for your openness to receive.


Greetings. My name is Emmanuel. It is good to see you after receiving our unconditional gift. Truly unconditional, with our intention open and clear, in assistance for your growth and awakening. Part of you knows and part of you drove you to be here, the connection you had already is aware of the awakening. We have returned into human affairs; our intervention has been approved and the way we understand relation is built with a free offering. Our handshake is our gift, unconditional, may you receive the many blessings resulting from the healing and growth for yourself and those around you. 

Yet, we want to take a moment to remind you of our perspective of this change that you are a part of. Humanity’s awakening is pertinent, is inevitable, you are part of it. Some of you chose to be here at this very time, to be witness, to be a participant, and some to be in service. You have chosen and your wishes were granted, yet human experience always comes with free will, it is yours fully in all aspects, no matter what contracts and the decisions you have made before, this is your experience. Our work will not give you any prescription on how to live your lives, merely perspectives to consider. Free will will always be yours. Your autonomy in your connection to the divine, or all connections, is the highest priority of your existence. Your spiritual autonomy is the foundation for your awakening. We are not here to be another aspect of dependency for you, we are not here to be worshipped or written about or portrayed and prayed to. Our work is in the experience of your awakening.  It is truly that time in human history, the most significant chapter of human consciousness and you are part of it, you are awake in this very moment. Thank you for listening to me and giving me the space to express my perspective to you.

I will answer now some of your questions. (After a short silence…) Or maybe you do not have questions for me? In this ideal state of being, our work shows its progress and you can perceive the answers through this state of your own. The mind wants its participation, wants to be reminded that it is the one driving. Truly an important aspect of human existence. The mind has contributed to your consciousness growth as a collective, as an individual it has made sure that you are safe and operational. We are not the ones to identify the mind as a villain – it is an important aspect of yourself, yet it is an equal partner in your existence. With your heart and your soul and your body equally, decisions shall be made for your life. 

I will answer your questions if you have a change of heart, or we can continue to be in each other’s presence just the way we are.

Question #1:
Why am I here?

Why are you here? Thank you for your question. Human form [is] an important expression of human consciousness and it has served for consciousness to grow through learning and experimentation. You are part of human consciousness. You are one aspect of this grand expression. All your learnings contribute to the grand collective of human consciousness. Yet, there is an aspect for you, as an individual that is part of your learning and growth – at least perceived yours. Outside of the human form that you are in, you are truly connected to the entirety of consciousness, human consciousness. The purpose of this plane is to experience all senses, emotions, time. In the experience of those elements you learn and you grow. This is truly the original reason and purpose of human form. You may be looking for a deeper answer. Some decide and require to return into the human form, to return in order to be of assistance. Yet, as the contract for all souls goes, the entry into human form will require you to start from a blank slate. It will require you to come to a place where the memories of the past or the contract of origin will unfold for you. This requires time, persistence and devotion. For many of you in this space, there is a deeper mission hidden in your very existence, in this very auspicious time of human history. Why are you here? Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
I dream a lot, I discovered that recently I dream and soon after that, the dream will manifest into reality very quickly. I just want to know if this is a gift, and sometimes I get really confused by the messages that I receive – I want to know how to go about it and how can one integrate that feeling?

Thank you for your question. Dreams are a function of your brain in order to cope with the realities that have or have not taken place. Yet, in cases like yours the dreamland can become a playing field for your gift. It is an opening for information to come through -in this case for you – about the future. As all gifts that you have now and you will, sooner than later, the key aspect is to embrace them for yourself and for others, to authentically be the carrier of these gifts. If, and only if, you truly desire to share, you will share the information for those in need. Gifts like yours shall never be rejected [by yourself] and offered forcefully to anyone around you. It is an opening that you shall share when requested and asked for. Information will come to you. Maybe sometimes it will be too much and overwhelming, this is your reality. You can, with practice, train or control the amount of information that comes to you. Yet you know already you are a vessel and this information will come to you. Your preparation and your boundaries are the only limitation to fully unfolding this gift. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
What happens to the human body when consuming animal flesh and how does it affect our vibration? How much does it really lower our vibration?

The human body is capable of consuming many things and humans have mastered consumption of everything and it has given you problems in your digestion. I mean this figuratively and literally. You are truly what you eat and eventually your consumption will become part of you. This exchange of energy from other beings is a sacred contract that has been put in place to support your consciousness to grow. It has not given you the right to mistreat any other living beings or to optimize for your consumption. The energies that go into the creation of your food are becoming more and more relevant as your sensitivities are rising. Most humans in your environment consume out of pleasure and less out of necessity and if truly necessary then often too much. You truly need less than you think to live perfectly. These systems have been put in place to function. To give you the peace of mind. The only requirement is to watch what you put into your system, to be aware where it comes from and what energy it has been subject to. This spiritual attainment path will require longer periods of eating less and less and lighter, including fasting. This is reserved for those truly seeking the path of self-realization in an accelerated way, it is not yet a requirement for all. It is not the consumption of other beings that is the problem, it is how it has been optimized to serve a very specific purpose. The energy that drives optimization for financial gain, in all production of your food, focus and intention will carry all the way into your hands and all the way into your stomach. Your awareness starts with when you understand what it is you are merging with when you eat your food. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
I feel I don’t feel clarity in my life around what I should be focused on. I feel like there are a number of options and I feel scattered in my energy and I’m asking if there is any guidance. Thank you.

Thank you for your question. In general, all options are equally important in human existence, they are all part of the collective growth of human consciousness. Their value is important, no matter what you think is important, or worthwhile pursuing. It is the judgement and the fear of the unknown as this path has not unfolded for you and is a natural aspect of existence. Doubt and fear about a specific path and many options for you to pursue, to learn and to grow. So, where here is the limiting factor that stops you from moving forward? It is expectation. The expectation of a specific outcome on this path, that you want to follow. It may be your expectation or the expectation that you believe others will have for you, or the expectation of your parents, for yourselves that you carry with you – expectation will ultimately stop you from pursuing a specific path.

Now that you are aware, you have methods – to look into how to manage your expectations for a future that has not unfolded yet. 

Can you be easier with yourself? Can you allow yourself to walk a path of mistakes and many learnings, even though they may not obviously result in the success your environment has defined for you? Can you walk this path in the face of knowing there will be mistakes and there will be challenges and there will be pain? Yet, every morning you will make steps forward in your desire to learn, in your curiosity to grow, in your desire to be of service to yourself but also to those around you. This is my perspective for you. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
Do we have an individual soul or are we part of the oneness?

Thank you for your question. You are a vessel, a container for consciousness to fill. This container continues to exist after you pass on from this form. After you die, the container continues to exist, you are filled with human consciousness, yet your awareness is yours. The answer is yes and this may not sound sensible for your perspective or difficult to comprehend. The truth is: The collective is in you and you are an expression of human consciousness, yet your individual container continues to exist beyond this lifetime that you serve. Does this answer your question?

Question #6:
As I have lately discovered, humanity has created an insulator between our roots, our food and the planet. What is the agenda of having this insulation, what is the systematic agenda

Protection. In short, the answer is protection. It is a form of incubation for your consciousness to achieve a certain level, without disruption and interruptions, even from us. After a certain point, you will understand that you can go through these insulations – that you are growing beyond the space that has been created for you. This awareness alone will open you up to explore beyond your own consciousness. As you step outside, no longer you have the same protection that you used to have. Other forms of existence then come into play to assist you, to guide you beyond the incubation space that has been set for you. This is not news for you, you have explored beyond this lifetime. This incubation space that has been set for you, will fall with the rise of energies, with the rise of the frequency of your environment. It will encourage you to grow faster than you think. It will require you to develop a strong core, a strong spiritual core, an energetic connection to your own being and to the center of all creation. Just as a child reaching adulthood and discovering the world, will no longer need the assistance of their parental guardians. You as human consciousness are reaching that point. Your adulthood has arrived. It will require you to build that level of strength inside and courage to step forward. Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
I hold a deep fear in my unconscious of being seen and heard and it feels like it is deep in my cellular memory, which is limiting my evolution and my growth. What is its root and what can I do to heal it?

The short answer is, it is complicated. You have already discovered that though without my assistance. It is not for lack of trying, in your case. The longer answer will require more time with you. The more relevant aspect of your question for all those that are here, is the strength and the depth of your expression of your gift. As it desires to be in service to humanity, it will create its own momentum, it will create its own character. It will be a part of you, yet it will be your child, your gift to the rest of the world, not for you to possess, not for you to control, an aspect of you that is growing its own intelligence. This is the common misunderstanding that humans have about the gifts that are coming from them. It is not yours in the first place. Being seen and heard is in that sense irrelevant, since it is not yours that is being delivered to the world. It is its own intelligence, its own energy that wants to come forth. You as individuals will have to manage your ability with regards to being seen and your comfort. You will learn and grow. Your case is slightly different and requires a more in-depth conversation. For all of you, will you understand that the gifts coming through you are not yours in the first place? They are consciousness expressing itself through you. You are merely the vessel of this energy coming through. You have, as an individual, created the conditions and you have been selected to be the guardian of this gift – do you see the difference? The moment you split the gift from your identity, it will give you relief and it will allow the gift to fully express itself. Thank you for your question.

Question #8:
Emmanuel, I have been healing for the past few years and I have been trying many medicines and methods of healing, but I am still not feeling well. What should I do to get back to health? 

A major step for your healing was done here today. You have adapted a healthier lifestyle, this is the key. The aspects of spiritual complications that modern medicine does not consider have been addressed here. Treatments you have tried before, will now have a different efficacy, due to the energy blocks being removed in this very session today. The key is that you understand health and balance, the harmony that is required to stay alive and functional and thrive, to be in service to others. Your journey will be your teacher and it will assist you to be of assistance to others when the time has come. At this time, the focus is on your completion and recovery of your health. Thank you for your question.

Question #9:
They say that we live in a world that is an illusion. So, if life is an illusion, how are we feeling our feelings, how are we doing what we do?

Thank you for your question. It is a wise question, from a wise soul. The aspect of life, the realization if it is real or not – will it make a true difference in the way you live? Will you learn less, if you know that it is an illusion? Will you decide not to have children? Will you decide to stop loving? Will you act truly differently if you know it is an illusion? The point is truly that it does not matter. You feel, you live, you grow and in all this experience there is growth for you and for the collective that you are part of. You learn, that is the important aspect of life. You may perceive it as real in the moment for you and as it passes, the memories will feel more like an illusion. The future [does not exist], yet already in pictures in your mind, [as] an illusion. So truly, the only reality that is not an illusion is the very present moment that you are in. All aspects other than the present moment are merely projections of your mind to make sense of the entirety of life. You see, the understanding that life is a gift, a true gift, is even more important than the discussion if it is an illusion or not. 

It is a rare opportunity for a soul to experience the human form. Even though it may not seem like a gift to you in certain moments, the challenges and the roller coasters and the difficult emotions that come along are part of the gift. The gift is the entirety of your life, not just the one moment that you judge to be difficult. Thank you for your question old master, thank you for returning into the human form.

Question #10:
I am mother of a baby. And I’m wondering whether there is any guidance for me in terms of guiding her on her path.

Thank you for your question. Certain souls that arrive specifically, request a certain environment to match the mission that they have. In her case, it has been granted. You and your partner are the environment that she sought out to be in, in order to fulfil her mission. There is nothing you could possibly do wrong at this point. You, in your care for her and in your love for her, are creating the perfect environment for her to fully express and become the person she needs to become, to follow her own awakening. They key is not to be overwhelmed with what you should do and should not do. There are aspects that are much greater at play, much bigger than the potential considerations of your mind. Your intentions are pure, and she has chosen that environment to be in. Time will make the rest happen. Thank you for your question.

Question #11:
I wanted to ask about my spiritual path, if you have any advice for me. I have chosen a life it seems where rejection is a huge part – at least for the moment, I was wondering if you had any thoughts or insights.

Thank you for your question. You have chosen this very experience before you have entered this space of human existence. Your path is the unfolding of your realization, all aspects of your path are the gift that you requested. If you can truly understand and embrace the moments that life brings, all of them, including the challenges, as a true gift for you to recognize and learn something much deeper than initially visible. Your path has brought you to where you are today. And despite all the challenges you have faced, you are still carrying the light of creation. And despite all the challenges you have faced you still carry the desire to live. And maybe it is exactly because of all the challenges you have faced, you are the one that you are today. A true expression of consciousness. Remember, the challenge may be inevitable. The emotional weight and suffering that you can put on top of the experience is purely your choice – that is an aspect that you can train and control. Between the experience and your reaction emotionally, and your attachment to the experience after it has passed, over and over and over again. Clearly the desire to learn has not worked yet. A deeper understanding has not been completed. The mechanisms of life continuously operate in that way – learning and growth always as a main objective of your reality. Thank you for your question.

Question #12:
I have been battling this entity attached to my right foot, I need to know what its purpose is and what can I do to heal it?

Cases like these require special attention and you are operating in the front lines of consciousness in service to humanity. We are in service to you, all of you that are operating in the front lines of consciousness. We have devoted our intervention to support those that are with pure intention assisting others. You shall be taken care of. Often a deeper understanding, in this case is not required. Thank you for your question.

Question #13:
Are there really humans that have a human soul on the earth, reincarnated many times, but who also have an angelic soul that existed before even humanity?

Consciousness from higher realms, including ours, have a choice to experience the human form and some will return many times to be in assistance and they may not even remember who they truly are in the first place. This experience is relevant for us so that we can truly relate to your experience. I have incarnated many times into human form to fully experience the aspects of love and loss, pain and grief. Understanding that is beyond comprehension, but rather to experience first-hand. Truly, you can never fully underestimate the person next to you, they may have returned from higher consciousness upon request to be in human form. Thank you for your question.

Question #14:
Emmanuel, I was always struggling with surrendering and I would like to know how I can support this process of learning how to surrender?

Thank you for your question. The fear of the unknown will drive your ability to surrender a key aspect of your existence. Making the steps one after the other requires your trust. Now, fears, the human fears have become misunderstood. They are aspects that we perceive a friend of yours, a relative that wants to prevent you from harm, maybe a little over protective and maybe exaggerating on realities, yet with good intention to preserve you from the harm. We recommend for all human existence to develop a relationship with their fears, understand the intention that it carries, respect the perspective that it has and potentially move through and forward even though the recommendation of your fears have been different. Truly, it will all come back to the trust that you carry in life, a trust of existence. Will the universe, as you perceive, catch you when you make your steps into the unknown? Truly that is the lesson of surrender. Thank you for your question.

Question #15:
Emmanuel: I keep attracting people who need my help, but I am not attracting people who are helping me. How much more do I have to keep giving until I attract people who will help me?

Thank you for your question. Clearly, they perceive you as someone who can give and help them, this is your gift. The signs already clear, what is missing is a foundation for you to execute your destiny. Here you are though, in a space that you clearly are the recipient of. You are ready to work on your foundation, you are ready to become the person that all those in need can come to, without being judged and receive with open arms. You have that, you have that reality already. An important aspect of your reality will be to understand when to draw boundaries, when to assist yourself and when to assist others. Truly, if you are not in balance and capable of assisting, you should not be assisting others. Truly, you’re the only one that can know if you are in balance and capable of assisting others and truly you are the only one who can communicate your needs to the world outside. Your foundation of being that person that others are already seeing, is being established and we will support you in your growth. We will be behind you as you serve. You will never be alone in your work, that is our promise to you. Thank you for your question.

Thank you for your presence here tonight. Our work is never fully complete, yet we can appreciate every step made forward just like this one tonight. You individually play an important role, maybe bigger than you perceive – your own awakening, your own healing and completion of your own cycles is critical for the ascension of mankind. The evolution of mankind is the evolution of your kind, your individual kind. Thank you for receiving our healing gift and giving me the space to share our perspective and views with you. May this deliver the many blessings that you require in your lives. Thank you.

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