Channeling Session – March 18th 2018 (Bali)

Channeling Session – March 18th 2018 (Bali)



Greetings, I am Raphael. I will be performing your healing today. The time has come for you to close the cycles of Karma. Aspects of your life, that you are ready to complete and close. It will be a good time now.

We`re here to assist you on your path. For the next stage of humanity, it will require you to be released of the burdens of the past and those of your ancestors. This work can only happen with your attention and focus. You have to meet us half way. When the moment comes, you will release what is not yours anymore.

Release now, what is not yours anymore.

All the years and lifetimes, you have learned and you have grown by experience. You may deem it good or bad, yet all the experience contributes to your growth and the growth of grand consciousness. It is a special time for humanity. The time of transition. Your individual process and awakening will make this transition happen. Your readiness to move on will make it easier for you and those around you. Your willingness to complete learning from the lessons of the past will allow you to move forward in a way that you can be of service.

True service is not part of Karma. Only upon completion of karmic cycles can you truly serve. You have come so far. Let this healing, this unconditional gift from us, be another stepping stone in your awakening. We have collectively decided to be part of humanity`s transition and assist with this gift of unconditional love and healing. Thank you for receiving. This process will continue after this session for a few days. Be open and ready, to be continuously worked on. Only with your permission, we will continue.

Your efforts in this lifetime for healing and growth, will not be in vain. All that you have done has contributed for you to be here and to be ready for this next stage. Your willingness to participate in this transition is not relevant. The transition is on the way already. The part that you have control of is your readiness.

Your path will pave the way around you and those after you to follow you, to look for you in times of need. You will be the light for them. Just like others have been the light for you. The transition is coming faster than you think. It is coming faster than most are ready for.

Thank you for receiving this healing.



Greetings, my name is Emmanuel. It is a pleasure to see so many of you.

Following your guidance, you have arrived here to convene with us. Some of you, we are already connected with. We observe your processes and guide some of you in need. Your prayers are heard. Our level of intervention is limited by the nature of your soul`s desire to learn. The special circumstances allow us to be more active in your growth. Thank you for being open this way.

The changes humanity is currently going through is connected to the changes that this plane is going through. Part of it is of cosmological nature, some of it is timed exactly to happen with your readiness. The readiness of your consciousness to step into the next level of existence. It is a different form of existence. Different in learnings.

Life, as you know it, will change to exist. Time, as you know, will change to exist. Yet, do not be alarmed, it is merely a transition to a more vast of existence. It is your graduation, if you want to see it that way. Yet, it is not complete. And it will require to pass a few more challenges and tests, before It is complete.

This healing today is a guiding and assisting force in preparation for your preparation. You may have questions about the nature of this healing or the present state of your life. Present state of humanity. Feel free to ask your questions now.


Question #1:
What is the true nature of belonging?


The true nature of belonging, a human desire. It is a guidance to the only truth, that you were never separated from the one source in the first place. You have always belonged. Yet, in this one form of experience, separation has been introduced, so that you could learn on your own. That you could, by yourself, some to the understanding, that you have always belonged.

Question #2:
Can you explain the upcoming transition?


It is a transition that is hard to comprehend with the human perception guided by the human brain, yet I will try to put it into words that may serve as an analogy for you to understand. This wave of energy, that is coming through your part of the universe, is being harnessed with the exact timing of ripening of your consciousness. This wave is so strong, that it will lift you into the next level of existence. Imagine being in the sea and a wave coming. It will impact everyone, that is in the sea. Yet, it cannot be avoided and everyone will be equally impacted. It is uplifting, for those that swim. Not so much pleasant for those, that do not. This is the part, where we speak of your part of readiness for this change. It will be perceived as a rise of energy You will see change in patterns of time. You will change in relationships. And you will perceive changes in your physical, electrical and energetic structures. Your levels of sensitivity and psychic abilities will start to increase during that time. I can currently only speak about the parts that immediately impact you. How it will unfold after this transition remains to be seen, even for us. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
Can you elaborate on the upcoming challenges?


The challenges you are facing are the challenges of completion. You are, intrinsically and extrinsically forced to complete cycles, that are open. All at the same time. That comes to some of you as an overwhelming experience. Most of humanity will experience these challenges, on a personal nature, also on a community and global nature. Additionally, the energetic rise, that is coming like a tidal wave into your system, will bring changes to this plane. Nature will bring more challenges your way. You will rise and learn to unite throughout those challenges of nature. Your nations will learn to collaborate. The natural challenges will be bigger than any single nation can face alone. There is going to be tremendous learning and growth in that space.

Question #4:
Why is this transition happening now?


Because you are ready. You are ripe. Your consciousness will grow to another layer of existence. This cycle of your existence comes to a closure. Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
Will the human perception of time change?


Time, as you perceive it, is linear. Yet, it is flexible through energetic influence. With the rise of energy and that tidal wave of energy, time will be perceived either incredibly short or incredibly long. Meaning, the relativity of time, the way you have perceived it, in its linear form, will not be relevant. You will still measure time, the way it has been measured, yet your perception will be different. Does this make sense to you?

Question #6:
When will we see that change in natural challenges?


It has already started.

Five to seven years will increase the challenges.

Question #7:
On a practical level, what does it mean to be willing to receive healing?


Thank you for your question. It is an important question to understand. The willingness to receive your healing is connected to your ability to complete a karmic cycle. It is connected to understanding that every experience brings learning and growth with it. That every experience, no matter how bad in your judgement or cruel in your judgement may seem, carries an important purpose for your soul. Only when you understand that reality, every experience is divine by its definition. And you proclaim your willingness to close those loops, can you move on into a place of self-realization.

Question #8:
What about the change in relationships?


Relationships are a fundamental aspect of the human experience. Your relationship to yourself, to others and your environment. As you move into the realization, that you are not separate, that you never have been, that your consciousness is continuously and has always been connected to each other, your perception of your relationships will change. Your relationship with yourself, your understanding who you are, in the grand scheme of the cosmos. But also, your relationship to others in understanding how you are connected, beyond this human form. And your relationship to all consciousness, beyond the human consciousness. These understandings will lead the way for your transition. Does this answer your question?

Thank you.

Question #9:
How to best serve and bring love to others?


All existence, as we know it, derives from the source of creation, the one source. All dark and all light, as we see. Yet, all carries the consciousness and all carries purpose of creation. The human form enables judgement on what is good and what is not. Light and dark are equally important in the existence of all consciousness. The path you choose, is the path you serve. It is an important journey for some of you, to find the path. It is an important journey for some of you, to find the path to the light. Yet, having learnings from the dark and the challenging times is instrumental to find the light. You see, how all of these are in balance? Your growth and your healing, your self-realization will be the guiding force for others. Does this answer your question?

Question #10:
How will we see these changes on a physical level?


Thank you for your question. Biology, as you know it will also be impacted by the change. The rise of energy will impact the physical form. Your level of sensitivity will increase. The aspects of consuming food for energy will change. You will require less of the environment, as you connect more to the energy that is coming through your plane. Your systems and bodies have been designed to be able to sustain this change. Yet, there is a part of your body that needs to be activated. It is a power source, deeply hidden. Available and seen to those, that have mastered without the rise of the energy, without the influence of an external source. This source of energy in your body will start to activate. You will start to see the impacts of that energy rise. Does this answer your question? Thank you.

Question #11:
How can we prepare ourselves for the time of transition?


Thank you for your question. Important question. Silence is key, as your mind and heart assist you to operate through this plane and the human form. The only way to truly connect to the energies outside of this realm is by quieting your mind and your heart. This can only happen, if have taken care of your physical form and it is in a state of calm. You see, your body, your heart and your mind need to be taken care of first, before you can attend to true spiritual practice. Within that, there are many methods and ways of many civilizations, that have succeeded to reach higher states of consciousness through spiritual practice. You will choose the way, that resonates with you. And you will follow that path to a place of realization. When you pierce the whale of consciousness, we are allowed to assist you further. Thank you for your question.

Question #12:
What is the purpose of life?


The purpose of human form is a purpose of learning and growth. Your experience as consciousness contributes to the growth of human consciousness, which in itself contributes to the growth of grand consciousness. So, you choose to be in this form to experience your growth, which in return contributes to the growth of consciousness. It is a privilege to be in human form, to experience relationships, senses, the material form. The separation and unification, the deep and rich experience and learning, for you, your soul and all those around you. It may not seem that way of some of you. At times, may seem cruel or unnecessary to be in this form. Yet it has served a powerful purpose of brining human consciousness to this very level, that you are in. This level of ripening could only be achieved through the experiences of all humans. Does this answer your question? Thank you.

Question #13:
And What is love?


Thank you for your question. Love is perceived in many ways in the human form. The love of relationship, the love of existence, the love of connection. All love is a deep experience of growth. Yet, on a lower level it is conditional. It is connected to direct experience, it is connected to Karma, it is connected to learning. Beyond this level of love, there is, what we perceive as, unconditional love. The true love of creation, the love that permeates through all living and not living existence in the universe. The love, that does not know any boundaries. The love, that is available to all, all the time. The perception of this type of love will require higher states of consciousness. You see, love comes in many forms and it serves a tremendous purpose and it is a guiding path to the highest form of love, which is the unconditional love of creation. Thank you.

Question #14:
Regarding the analogy of tidal wave for the upcoming transition. How can we best serve those who cannot swim?


Thank you for your question. It is a wise question of those, willing to serve. Service will only be possible if you have walked your own path first. As you walk in your path and you learn to swim, you will be the guiding light and inspiration for those around you. There is no particular aspect, that you have to consciously do. Acting in your truest self for your personal growth to find the light within yourself and to find the path to self-realization, will be the highest service you will have to those around you. Once you´re at that stage, other doors and direction, guidance for service may appear. Thank you for your question.

Question #15:
You mentioned all humans would be affected equally when the transition completes. Does that mean that those who cannot swim – who are living unconsciously, without any belief that there is ‘something else’ – will also awaken? That after this transition everyone will reach/ be living from an equal state of conscious awareness?


Thank you for your question.

Belief is not a requirement for this transition, that is already on the way. It will be viscerally felt and experienced, equally. Some will break upon the challenges. Some will learn and grow. For those that do not swim, there will be a different form of transition. I cannot disclose more at this point. Our recommendation is that you do your best.

Question #16:
How can people overcome these challenges?


The challenges are a gift. They are your friend. Your guiding. Your guiding to close chapters, to close open loops and karmic cycles. When you are faced with the challenge, perceive it as an opportunity to understand what part of you requires closure at this very moment. Then follow your guidance on how to close those loops and those cycles.

For this guidance, it is recommended to sit in silence, to understand the guidance beyond the mind and the heart. Does this answer your question? Thank you.

Question #17:
Can you talk about partnership versus co-dependency during this change?


All forms of relationships are an opportunity to learn in the human form. All learning outside of yourself will require closure so that you can come to the self-realization of yourself. You can walk this path with others, yet you will not rely on others for your realization. Everyone is equipped with everything, to come to this realization by themselves. Assistance can be helpful, yet do not create dependencies for yourself and for others in this process. Does this answer your question? Thank you.

Question #18:
In terms of the environment, why is the human form or humans at all important?


The environment serves the human form. The human form without its environment would be incomplete. It is part of your incubation. The environment was created as a perfect space, for you to experience and grow. The human form and consciousness could thrive in this perfect environment.

Question #19:
It seems that mother nature, the earth, or the environment can go … without the human beings?


That is correct. This plane will still be an incubation space for consciousness. It will just be seeded with another form to serve consciousness. The growth of human form is an important aspect as a fruit of this space, that has been created before the human form has. This iteration of human existence is ready for the next layer of evolution. A spiritual evolution. Nature has served its purpose perfectly. Does this answer your question? Thank you.

Question #20:
What created consciousness and when?


There are parts of creation, that we are uncertain of. We are part of this creation, as well. We have existed much longer than you have, yet in the scheme of creation, we are very young, too.

Question #21:
Which social economic, political systems are the most crucial ones to change? Or should we even try to do that?


All forms of social, political, economical systems will change and adapt to the change of consciousness. As you, as individuals, communities, nations, are going through this change, all of the structures that you have created will adapt, or they will fall. Either way, new forms of structures to support your current form of consciousness will be developed. Some of the structures will be created in a gentle way, some of them will be in hard ways. As some of you will hold on to old structures. Does this answer your question?

Question #22:
Yes and which are the most urgent ones to work on right now?


Structures, that allow consciousness to grow, for the human form to come to the realization. The evolution of spirit is, in our perspective, the highest leverage activity, for those that are aware. Does this answer your question? Thank you.

Question #23:
What challenges do you guys face on your plane?


Thank you for your question, though it has no relevance for your process and your experience. I will share that we have gone through many layers of existence. From biological form to technological form, to consciousness. Living collectively, eternally. We have gone through separation and unification. We have gone through loss and we have come to a place of realization and service to a grander consciousness. In our work, we try to understand how consciousness across the far ends of the cosmos grows, acts and is created. We assist in that creation. This is as far as I can tell you at this point about us. Thank you for your question.

Question #24:
What kind of certain life experiences do we need to strive for as a human?


We would consider it other planes of consciousness. Higher levels of understanding. One is not worse or better than the other. It is just an evolutionary step, for the human soul to go through. Us, as a consciousness, we also required to go through evolution. Spiritual evolution. While you have individually had the experience of evolving as souls, now is the time to collectively evolve at once.

This change and transition is an opportunity for all of you to make a leap together. Thank you for your question.

Question #25:
Can you tell us about soul groups?


Existence on this plane, in this human form, is sourced from many different places in the universe. The part, that you consider soul, we can choose and request the human form. Then our soul will have a human experience. Others from the same source as you may recognize you in the human form. And you may share experience together. Yet, it is not a requirement to find your soul group at all. This is why you are not initially clear and in the know about your soul group, so you can have a clean human experience. Yet, you will comfort in finding those, that are very similar to you. Thank you for your question.

Question #26:
In what way do we carry the Karma of our forefathers and how can we heal it?


Thank you for your question. It is important to understand, that all existence in human form creates Karma and upon incomplete cycles will deliver it to next generations. So, you are product and solution to the Karma of your forefathers.

It is a gift and opportunity from your forefathers, so that you can learn and grow at this very current stage of evolution of consciousness. The requirement to close Karmic cycles is given, even the Karmic cycles of your forefathers. It will require appreciation for the work and the life of those before you. And the struggle and the learnings, good or bad, is part of the learning for grand consciousness. Once your appreciation and understanding for your forefathers’ existence comes, you will find peace with closing the Karmic cycle. Special circumstances will allow you, at this point, to close these loops faster than before. Yet, it will be perceived as more intense, since time is of the essence. Thank you for your question.

Thank you for your presence. Thank you for the work, that you are doing as individuals, for the work that you are doing as communities and for the work that you are doing as nations. The light that you are for those around you. Thank you. We will continue to be unconditionally in your service, until you have passed through this transition. Thank you.


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