In the prior courses, Sacred Earth Practitioners: Activation Level, and Foundation Level, you were introduced to the deep connection to this Earth, to the energy and consciousness of Earth, as well as the energetic connection and the levels of presence that are accessible at specific sites all over the world.

We learned about an invisible energetic grid that has been established over millions of years to support all beings on Earth, and how the energies of Earth will play a major role in helping awaken humanity.

But Activation and Foundation Level were just the beginning:

Individuals that will require training will require a greater understanding of the vision and the work itself; the perspective and understanding of the impact that this sacred sites work holds in the Ascension process of humanity is the most important and relevant one.

Once individuals understand that this Earth is intrinsically tied in its support for humanity and for humanity’s Ascension process, they will understand that this Earth carries a significant importance in this process. Every country, every sacred point, the energy lines that move through the entire planet, are therefore a key element to humanity’s evolution.

In this next course, Sacred Earth Practitioners: Evolution Level, we will go even deeper into the process of building greater experiential understanding of the power and the beauty that is available through the sacred sites and energy lines revered by generations and lineages prior.

We have been told that it is time to train thousands of people to do this Sacred Earth work:

The current timeline of humanity’s evolution requires the full capacity of this energetic network of this planet and of this plane to be fully operational, to be operational at its highest capacity to allow the flow of energy, information, of love, and the correlating life-force to move equally and powerfully.

The work that is to be completed within this stage of humanity’s existence will include the connection of these various networks, as well as the establishment of an entirely new network on top of the foundations that are established.

A new network, delivered through us, implemented by you. A new network established by human consciousness itself for its own Ascension process. A network of energy lines that utilize the existing energy lines to increase the frequencies that are available and accessible by this Earth.

The next level of your training will include:

A deeper understanding of the work ahead, including with assigned missions for individuals, as well as smaller groups to visit specific sites on their own, to retrieve information, to request wisdom, to connect with the energy that exists, as well as to attune to the energies present, witness the interaction and the dance that can be delivered in this connection with a sacred site itself.

The guides are ready to support you in this journey:

“Our part in this endeavor will be to bring forth the attunements necessary, the adjustments necessary, for the individual to receive and align with the frequencies that are transmitted at these sites, their presence, remotely or in person. Attending these sacred sites will impact the capacity of the site itself to be attuned perfectly, and for this attunement to hold over time. This training will also serve their ability to receive the benefits of every site that is attuned and stays attuned.”


  • Tuesday, February 8 – Week One Transmission 10am – 11:30am
  • Friday, February 11 – Week One Insights and Practices 10am – 12pm
  • Tuesday, February 15 – Week Two Transmission 10am – 11:30am
  • Friday, February 18 – Week Two Insights and Practices 10am – 12pm
  • Tuesday, February 22 – Week Three Transmission 10am – 11:30am
  • Friday, February 25 – Week Three Insights and Practices 10am – 12pm
  • Tuesday, March 1 – Week Four Transmission 10am – 11:30am
  • Friday, March 4 – Week Four Insights and Practices 10am – 12pm
    • All times are in Pacific Time Zone.

Also includes: guided meditations and breakout group practices, 1:1 weekly facilitator contact and individual adjustments.


To make this work as accessible as possible, generous donors who were impacted by these courses have partnered with us to make this course available to all participants, regardless of their ability to contribute financially.

Ascension One Collective, our non-profit organization, expands its ability to support humanity’s evolution through the generosity of its training course participants. Providing contributions toward this mission are greatly appreciated. Donations that feel aligned and are within your ability to give can be contributed either one time or over the course of multiple months.

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Course prerequisites:

  • Having completed our Foundation Level training course.

What you will receive:

  • 4 live transmissions by the guides
  • 4 facilitated group calls with Asil & the Ascension One Collective Facilitation Team
  • 3 recorded meditations to enjoy daily
  • 4 opportunities to meditate in “The Field” daily
  • Opportunity to be in small groups (called “Practice Groups”) and practice together
  • Daily Meditations and additional exercises to deepen practice
  • Access to an online platform to share, exchange and connect with others in the course and facilitators
  • Deep transformational experiences through the container established over the 4 weeks
  • Continued energetic support by the guides while being within the course
  • A safe and loving environment to explore the depths of your energy, emotional and mental body