Pre-enrollment for the April cohort has ended!

What does it mean to “pre-enroll?”
Because Basecamp is an intensive course, it may or may not be the right time for you to participate. If you wish to join the course, the first step in the process will be to “pre-enroll,” and the guides will select those that they believe are ready to benefit from the course.

Level I – Basecamp is the first step of the journey along the Ascension One advanced course pathway. In this four week online course, participants will receive personal healing and alignment work by the channeled guides, as they work to establish a stronger foundation to aid in each participant’s development as a pillar of light—a vessel of the divine. As a place to acclimate and train for the journey ahead, Basecamp is for those willing and ready to dedicate and devote time for the advancement of their own development, as well as to prepare for the level of intensity and accelerated changes that come with this work. For this reason, applicants will be reviewed for approval by our celestial guide, Emmanuel.


The work that you have done to be in this very place that you are has been beneficial to your growth and to your current level of presence. Gifts have developed through you, and will continue to develop. You have applied these gifts according to your level of consciousness and capability, yet an even more powerful and effective path must be taken so that your energy, your life, and the mission that you’re on can fully express itself in this incarnation of yours. This work is for you. It is to provide you with everything that you require to set and create the foundations necessary to become a pillar of light, to become a vessel of the divine.

My invitation to you is to consider wisely if you are ready. The changes that will arrive in your life will be significant — changes of your entire being, the way you observe the world, the way you receive the gifts, the way you deliver and apply your gifts, the way the world will perceive you — all of these aspects, deemed to change. We are ready to provide you with all that we can to serve you, so that through you, the gifts of the divine can serve humanity. Thank you for receiving this message.


In this course, we will explore the deeper levels of this important work. It will be for those that are ready to dedicate themselves to their personal evolution, in service to humanity.

With the channel and in conversation:

We will go to the places in spiritual, emotional and mental exploration that will open you further up to the gifts you have or will develop during or after the course.

We will observe and process aspects of the past individually and collective as a group.

We will experience deep meditative states, only possible in a small and focused group.

We will receive healing and alignment work by the channeled guides, to create a strong foundation for the being that you are becoming.

We will talk about topics that are often not talked about in public session or talks.

We will establish a stronger framework for your personal practice, to serve as a pillar of light, as a vessel of the divine.

We will establish a safe and private community space (on a digital platform as well as live group calls) to have discussions and explorations, as well as experience sharing.


Basecamp was designed for the development and expansion of each individual participant, as well as the group. Outside of each weekly livestream transmission, there are an array of opportunities provided to deepen your experience.

Each week we will join together for an online community video call where we will discuss and explore our experiences as well as receive guidance and support from Asil and the Ascension One team.

Within our digital course platform, we will host everything from the livestream events to the course materials, including extra guided channel meditations, suggested practices, journal prompts and more. The online platform was designed to create a safe and private community space for participants to continue conversations and connect with one another and facilitators outside community calls.

Together we will learn and deepen our capacities to serve as pillars of light during this critical moment in humanities’ collective awakening.

  • Start date will be April 6, 2021.
  • If for some reason you are not selected by the Channel for this first course, you will be considered for the next Advanced Course – “Basecamp.”
  • Length of this course will be 4 weeks.
  • The cost per person will be USD 555.


  1. Having visited several sessions in the past
  2. Having a solid and consistent personal practice
  3. Being willing and open to change in an accelerated way
  4. Being able to accept that emotional, mental and spiritual “challenges” may come up and are fuel for growth.
  5. Being able to receive feedback
  6. Being able to allocate time between the sessions/talks for “homework” to try on what was delivered, to train and to apply.
  7. Being able to allocate time each week for small group peer-to-peer conversations (this is autonomously organized amongst your assigned small group).


Individuals with dedication and devoted time for the advancement of their own development, to serve a greater good within humanity’s evolution is an important purpose of this vessel and host [Asil].

The work that we [as the Channel] provide will be accelerated and accentuated by individuals who are willing to receive [and] individuals who are ready to serve. First, it will show as the expansion of their own gifts. Second, they will have a stronger connection to what you call the “channel.” This stronger connection will allow us to make adjustments, if authorized, and when the participant is ready. These adjustments will allow the participant to receive even higher capacity Transmissions, a clear wisdom and delivery of energy that will increase the frequency of their messages, of their gifts, and of the work that they deliver to others, in whatever format it will come through them.

Understand that this may not be a linear undertaking, as every individual is at a different state of their being, a different state of their development. Everyone will receive the work in slightly different ways, yet they will continue to develop over time.

[We ask that those interested] make the proclamation that they’re willing and ready to receive, [and] for them to be ready for the level of intensity that will be delivered as well as the changes that will arrive in their lives. These individuals might not like some of the changes that will arrive in their lives — existing constructs that keep them where they are will be restructured and sometimes newly established.

That may mean that their gifts for a period of time might cease to operate, as they were built on foundations that could not grow further. Our work will not diminish the existing gifts, yet temporarily pause what they have achieved in order to build an entire new foundation upon which the gifts will resurface, often with new gifts alongside. The delivery will be similar to the way you have experienced it in sessions with a limited number of individuals. [The participants] that receive this work must be ready, willing, and open to change, accelerated change. Throughout this accelerated change, [the Ascension One Team] must be present and provide human as well as energetic support.

The timeframe of four weeks is sufficient to start the first establishment of a deeper foundation. Some of [the participants], even though they may consciously believe they are ready, other realizations must be had before they go through this process.


The individuals that will receive this work will become pillars of light themselves. Some of [the participants] will impact important individuals in smaller numbers. Some of [the participants] will impact thousands or millions of people. Understand that the work that [the Ascension One Team] will be delivering is of highest leverage. Therefore, carry it with that level of reverence. This work will make a difference in those individuals [the participants], and will make a difference in humanity.

We [as the Channel] will deliver meditations for various different levels of readiness, and various levels of presence. Additionally, we may deliver instructions on the most significant practice necessary at this point for the group of individuals in front of us. The work will continue, and orders of supervision will allow our interventions to be delivered over this period of time, continuously, without any direct input from you or this host. No other additional tools or meditations will be necessary.

Four deliveries over the period of four weeks, will be sufficient. In between, the recorded meditations and the work that we [as the Channel] will do without this host [Asil] will deliver the impact necessary for the transformation of [the participants]. A deeper level of presence will be the underlying and most significant way of change for [the participants], a deeper level of self reflection and inquiry, to process all that arises in the moment of the situation or the experience itself, understanding in which ways the past creates the immediate future. This will become a tool for manifesting many possibilities and many probabilities for occurrence of experiences in the future.

Practices to enhance the energetic capacity of [the participants], breathing, as well as meditations while sitting or while lying, practices before going to sleep, and practices when waking, additional recommendations, the dietary constraints as well as [physical] exercises can be made to optimize for this development. A daily routine is an important aspect, to provide the right structures for the process to complete in its best possible way.

Normally [the participants] would naturally go through these processes. Yet, in a guided environment, the probability of coming to the results necessary is much higher through guidance by another individual [e.g. the Ascension One Team].

Thank you for receiving this message, and for providing the work necessary for the evolution of mankind.


  • Opening Channeled Session – Tuesday, April 6, 9am-11am Pacific Time
  • Exercises, Practices & Discussion – Friday, April 9, 9am-11am Pacific Time
  • Channeled Session – Tuesday, April 13, 9am-11am Pacific Time
  • Exercises, Practices & Discussion – Friday, April 16, 9am-11am Pacific Time
  • Channeled Session – Tuesday, April 20, 9am-11am Pacific Time
  • Exercises, Practices & Discussion – Friday, April 23, 9am-11am Pacific Time
  • Channeled Session – Tuesday, April 27, 9am-11am Pacific Time
  • Exercises, Practices, Discussion – Friday, April 30, 9am-11am Pacific Time
  • Closing Channeled Session – Tuesday, May 4, 9am -11am Pacific Time


9am - 11am Pacific Time corresponds to:
= 12pm - 2pm Eastern Time
= 5pm - 7pm London, UK
= 6pm - 8pm Vienna, Austria
= 8pm - 10pm Dubai, UAE

In between these live sessions, you will be given recorded meditations from the guides that you are encouraged to listen to daily or multiple times a day, as well as journaling exercises for introspection. Additional exercises (as homework) in collaboration with other participants and suggestions for lifestyle adjustments during this period will be made as well.

The course facilitators will be accessible for support during the time in between the Live sessions via the Private Community group on our course platform.

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