Elohim Transmission – Silence and Presence – March 4

Summary of Transcript:

The desire for consciousness to expand and evolve is intrinsic to all human beings. Silence is a powerful tool to achieve this state of consciousness expansion, as it allows one to observe themselves and reality more fully. However, modern society has conditioned people to avoid silence, filling every moment with activity and emotion. Embracing silence requires regular practice and can be uncomfortable at first, but it leads to a deeper level of presence that allows all aspects of oneself to become activated and aligned. By observing one’s breath, heartbeat, and physical sensations in moments of silence, individuals can find a new alignment and emerge as a new version of themselves. The simplest solutions are often the most effective in achieving this moment of presence and alignment.


Greetings. We are Elohim.

The exploration of all spiritual directions in this human form were a desire of consciousness to expand, to evolve, to explore this reality that has been gifted to all of you. All lineages desire to understand itself and its environment in order to navigate and master this environment, in order to find greater alignment within, and in collaboration with this environment, a desire of consciousness itself to become a creator of its own.

Therefore, this intrinsic desire to evolve and to expand as a consciousness is naturally within all of you, and many spiritual directions have evolved in this consistent pursuit of evolution, of discovery, and of mastery.
In the most natural state of an individual being, an individual human expression, you will find that in moments of silence your ability to observe reality and yourself is accentuated. In a moment of silence, all senses become fully available to you — the senses of the physical body, as well as the senses of the intrinsic bodies, the mental and the emotional — an inner knowing becomes available.

Some of you experience this as an intuition, an intrinsic sense of understanding reality and self. Yet a silent experience can only be truly silent if all aspects of your being are silent as well. The mind and the emotional center will continue to operate if these bodies and aspects of your being are not used to silence on a regular basis. The mind will continue its operations to serve its purpose of delivering judgments, evaluations, opinions, and projections of the future. The heart will continue to deliver the consistent emotions attached to the evaluations of the mind, especially emotions of the past that have not been fully felt — suppressed — as well as the emotions unprocessed.

In a present moment of silence, the first aspects that will come to one’s attention are the aspects of your own being requiring to be seen, heard, and felt. You become more in touch with who you are, with all aspects of your being, all aspects that make the totality of your being. And in this moment of silence, you are open to feeling, seeing, observing all that you are.
And the more the thoughts and the emotions and the physical sensations have been suppressed, the more intense the moments of silence will be. Discomfort in a moment of silence is a natural state many of you will experience at the early stages of discovering silence.

And it has become a natural state of society to avoid silence — in relations with each other, in relations with self — filling every moment of silence with activity, filling every moment of silence with expression, every moment of silence with emotion, to avoid the moment of silence in its expanded state at all costs, to avoid the discomfort of the accumulated aspects, unfelt, unseen, unrecognized. Yet to truly come to your power of existence in the present moment, the silence is a required step for all of you.

Silence of the immediate environment that you find yourself in, will be beneficial to find the silence within. The silence that nature provides will be a supportive aspect of finding that silence within. The silence of collective intention — gatherings established with others seeking with the intention of finding silence — will be beneficial and supportive to you.
And you will notice that with time, the mind, the heart and the body will find this silence more quickly, more easily, without hesitation and without resistance, as you have started to build a sense of trust in silence, a sense of comfort associated with silence.

And as the mind quiets, as the heart quiets, as the body quiets, your spiritual-energetic construct becomes accessible to you; an aspect of you that is beyond this immediate incarnation and the direct interface to this reality becomes part of who you are and part of your conscious awareness. Your experience of the present moment is expanded. Your present moment is enriched. As your present moment expands, the power that you hold in this present moment with all aspects of your being expands naturally as well. The energy of creation moves through you with ease, infusing you with possibility and potential; the creative force of life available to you, fully, in this present moment.

Silence leads to a deeper level of presence. This level of presence allows all aspects of your being to become activated and aligned. All aspects misaligned become opportunities to observe, become opportunities to transform. And naturally, realizations will emerge in a moment of silence and presence. The possibilities of life itself, the possibilities of your existence expand from this moment of deep presence.

Whenever you have found yourself in a challenged circumstance, whenever you have found yourself in cycles of repetition, whenever you have found yourself in stagnancy and continued discomfort, retreat to this moment of silence to discover a deeper level of presence, to witness all aspects of your being in deep observation, and allow realizations to occur so these misalignments of your being find a new alignment. All that you are, all aspects of your being, [are] available and experienceable to you in this very moment. A new you can emerge from this very moment, from this moment of presence.
And you may find yourself seeking the most complex, the most modern, the most accredited pathways and solutions to find this alignment, to find peace within. Yet it is truly the simplest solutions that will provide everything you need to find this alignment. All searches of finding greater complexity to achieve this moment of presence and alignment will often be distractions themselves to avoid the silence and the presence achieved in the exploration.

Allow yourself in this moment of silence to observe your breath, to observe your heartbeat, to observe your physical sensations, to observe the temperature on your skin, to observe the expansion of your consciousness; and allow these natural functions of your being to be your anchor, a foundation of finding silence and resulting presence.

In the operations of modern society, humans have found themselves busy with the activities of life — commitments, obligations, consistent relating, consistent judgment, consistent operations and consistent expressions — to be valued, to be seen, to be understood and appreciated, to be a contributing and productive member of society. Yet the true empowerment of the individual has suffered through this consistent busyness.

The peace that was once held within, the alignment that an individual is capable of holding within, has suffered as well. The journey to face all challenges within and outside of one’s existence, is the journey to finding great alignment within, is the journey of finding your true power within your present moment.

Only in this present moment of deep silence, can you truly observe any challenge, can you truly observe the challenges and the judgments that come along — the emotions that come along, the discomforts of the physical form — along with the challenge, knowing that you are truly provided for in all aspects of life. And in the observation of all aspects of your being, realizations become naturally available to you, allowing an even deeper sense of presence and alignment. You are the one that can make this choice, as it is your life and always will be your choice, your will.

A greater sense of wellbeing will emerge from a sense of alignment. Alignment itself is fueled through realizations and observations. Observations and realizations are pure in deep states of presence, and presence itself requires moments of silence consciously chosen. This is the pathway to self-realization and empowerment.

With time and practice, you will find silence in any circumstance of life. Even in the most challenging moments of existence, relations, and societal constructs, you will and can find silence, and therefore become a conscious observer of your present moment, allowing you to truly observe with great awareness, without immediate response or reaction to the challenge, allowing you to turn every challenging moment into a realization, rather than a perpetuation of continued learning processes, of continued drama, of continued karma. This is your power, integrated within your being, and supported through your conscious choice and your conscious awareness.

The adjustments we will provide will assist you in finding this silence and this presence with greater ease, allowing thoughts and emotions to subside, gentler and quicker; allowing you to experience states of non-dual observation with greater ease. It is a gift, an unconditional gift of ours to you, for your journey of empowerment, for your journey of presence, for your journey of alignment.

And the evolution of consciousness starts with you and this choice that you have made to find silence and presence in the moment, to find greater alignment within yourself, to experience true peace within and outside of yourself in all your relations. Thank you for listening to our words. We will now commence with the adjustments.
The depth of your presence will increase over time as you continue to pave the pathway to accessing this level of presence, this expanded state of consciousness, this state of alignment.

We recommend, until this alignment is solidified and consistently available to you, to observe silence and presence at least three times during your day to have anchors to operate this human vessel and this reality with all its experiences with greater ease and greater presence, to truly live the empowered states that are possible and available to you in this human form.
Thank you for listening to our words, and receiving these adjustments.

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