Elohim Transmission – Personal and Planetary Evolution – Feb 10

Greetings, we are Elohim.

The discovery of your greatest self, of your greatest potential, will be the greatest gift that you can give to yourself. This gift of evolution, this gift of growth, this gift of transcendence, will be your gift to all of humanity.

As you have continued this journey consistently finding the edges of your consciousness, consistently finding the discomforts of your being, the limitations of your mind, the limitations of your heart, and the limitations of your body. You have found and discovered that all of these limitations are potential for consistent growth and opportunities to evolve.

You have faced these limitations and challenges with the tools that you have been given, the tools that you have intuited, the tools that previous generations have handed to you, yet all along the greatest tool of transformation has been within you.

Your own innate power to see your yourself in all aspects of your being; your innate ability to observe all that you are. This being that you are today is the result and the culmination of many experiments that you, your ancestors, and all of humanity have undergone; many trials and errors, many challenges faced, many transformational processes passed, and here you are standing as the representative of all these learnings. And while all of these learnings weren’t always perfect or completed, you have been given the gifts of the learnings of those before you.

The opportunities before you are yours to take to pave the road forward for the coming generations to reap the benefits of your learnings. Therefore, as the generation that is holding this current living incarnation you hold a responsibility, a conscious choice to evolve, to transform, and to live your greatest potential.

The discovery of your innate ability to become the greatest version of your own being may take time. Yet with the rising energies on this Earth and the support that you receive from non-material planes of existence, including our support, the access to your transformational ability will be increased, will be potentiated, and despite the intensities of this reality and of this time, the great support for you is provided in this journey.

In this very moment witness yourself as a representative, as an individual, as an individualized extension of the human collective. You are unique in all ways, just as everyone else is. Yet within this uniqueness, you are all human. You are the human collective as a consciousness, represented in human form, a uniquely designed form for your learning and evolution. And this form is beyond the perceived limitations that you have learned and understood of the human form. You will start to feel and experience the greater potential of this human form. You will start to feel and experience the dormant and inactive aspects of this human form, only to be ready when the energies have come to the levels to reactivate these dormant aspects of your being.

All of you have found yourselves consistently, through the challenges, through the moments of life, as every moment has provided the opportunity to discover yourself anew, to re-identify who you are today. And just as you have evolved and consistently transformed, you will transform in ways no human mind can imagine. And this transformational process will require a certain level of surrender, a certain level of presence, and a great level of trust in life itself.

Allow the transformational potential that is rising to impact you, to transform you, and reshape who you are. Allow yourself to become the greatest version potential of your being beyond the plans that you have made for yourself or others have made for you.

Discover this moment as your greatest source of power, as your greatest source of alignment. The present moment itself will become the key to unfolding infinite possibilities to come.

And the future that you have envisioned with the linear mind that has been gifted to you will be unfolding in ways the mind cannot comprehend. And only an individual that has found true presence in the moment, trust in existence, will walk this path with grace and an open heart.

Your journey and your transformation will impact many others. All of those that you are connected to, all of those that feel who you are and who you are becoming — loved ones, friends, and individuals that you may not even know — yet the presence and the frequency you hold in your being consistently, in itself will become a transformational force of this reality.

The evolution of humanity starts with you, and expands from the collectives that have united, to all of humanity, and humanity’s evolution as a consciousness impacts all of consciousness. It is a significant time in the evolution of consciousness, and humanity will play a significant role, and you as an individual will play a significant role.

This current time in human existence was expected, was awaited, yet uncertain, as you have been gifted the free will to choose your destiny, to choose your actions. And while many interventions have supported humanity throughout history, the support that was given required specific authorization and the interventions could never supersede the autonomy of humanity’s choice to experience specific challenges.

While you might wonder how divine beings can observe and witness as humans suffer, while you might wonder how an innocent individual can be observed in its suffering or death, it is part of the grand cycle of creation and destruction, and it is for human consciousness to evolve and learn from all experiences provided and given. Therefore, challenge is part of the evolutionary process.

A uniquely established ecosystem of this reality has provided for you to become who you are. The rising energies of this time will allow you to shape this reality the way you decide to shape.

You will become conscious creators of your own, masters of your own existence, seeders of consciousness, creators of worlds yourself, and you yourself will create ecosystems to provide for consciousness to evolve, to expand, to self-realize, just as we have.

Thank you for listening to our words. We will now commence with the adjustments.

[Adjustment work completed]


Thank you for receiving these adjustments, our gift to you on your journey of evolution. Allow these adjustments to integrate as you rest, as you witness yourself in silence. These adjustments may bring forth thoughts and emotions and physical sensations in the process of transformation. And observe yourself with kindness, with compassion, a state of neutral observation, an acceptance of all that you are, and all that you can be.

This evolutionary process is yours and all of humanity’s, yet the one that you consciously can impact and truly transform is your own life.

Thank you for listening to our words. Our work is complete.

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