Elohim Transmission – Aligning for Accelerated Evolution – Nov 5

Greetings. We are Elohim.

All of you have witnessed the turbulences and the beauties of the human experience; not once, but many times; many lives lived, many experiences captured, many learnings and realizations unfolded, integrated, and embedded into the soul-container that consistently chooses to return into the human form to continue its evolutionary journey.

You are truly an eternal being, yet [you are an] eternal being choosing a temporary experience to learn in unique ways, to allow for circumstances to occur that are uniquely designed for this particular life, for this particular identity that you have assumed.

In the choice of incarnating as a human being, this soul container of you assumes the infusion of the human consciousness. It is a combination of both your presence, all that you bring into this human form as an eternal being, and the human consciousness as a collective. And all human experiences return as learnings and realizations into this human consciousness construct.

Therefore, every experience ever had is recorded, is utilized and remembered. All experiences request a realization to occur, and every realization in itself continues the expansion, the maturation, and the evolution of human consciousness. You are a representative and a steward of this human consciousness collective.

The first and most significant responsibility you hold is to live your life. And in this process of awakening, you choose to live life more consciously. You choose to learn and experience more consciously. You choose to evolve more consciously. This is your journey as an individual. This is your life, gifted to you, and chosen by you.

What will you make of this life? Entirely yours to decide. Despite the circumstances and the constellations that have unfolded for you, this life will always be yours; the choices as well: the direction to walk, the direction to think, the direction to feel, the direction of evolution.

Once you have taken full embrace of this choice that you hold through living a life consciously, those around you, those in relationship to you, will start to witness a newly-found alignment, a newly-found peace, a newly-found maturity and presence, and they will wonder: What was your secret of finding this peace?

They too would like to find the peace within themselves, experience life more consciously, choose more often than being a subject to the unfoldings of this reality. Even if you choose not to choose, ultimately it becomes yours, and you find yourself in power, in mastery over your life, over your experiences and the unfoldings of this reality.

At times, the learnings that you have chosen will be beyond the interests of the mind, the interests of the heart, or the physical body. At times the experiences will be challenging in their nature to bring forth a moment of reflection, an opportunity to witness a significant learning and realization to emerge from the experiences that have occurred. And as you allow yourself to grow, the challenges themselves feel no longer as challenging as they used to.

A natural embrace of the human experience unfolds within you. A natural love for life becomes an intrinsic aspect of your being. Even in challenging moments, you will notice your heart remains open. The love for life is still present. The desire to learn is still active. Greater trust in life integrates within your being, becomes part of who you are, becomes part of your presence in relationships.

This trust that you hold within yourself is truly empowering for others, as they too find themselves trusting more themselves and the unfolding of this life experience. The evolution of consciousness in human form represented by you, is driven by your conscious choices to evolve and learn, to realize. Therefore, your self-realization is the key to the evolution of humanity’s consciousness.

The questions you have about life, about purpose, about relationships — how to live well, how to serve well — all dissipate. They become naturally an aspect of your being, of your knowing, of your trust. The words spoken, the thoughts thought, the emotions felt, a natural extension of this alignment within. The actions performed, a natural extension of the alignment within.

The continuation of your evolution will request more challenges in interpersonal relations as well as in collective experiences. Societal challenges will emerge as duality and polarization will rise. Yet the challenges you will no longer approach with fear, concern, and worry. You will approach the challenges with an internal alignment that you have found, a greater presence to witness yourself in the face of challenge, the ability to hold yourself aligned in the midst of these challenging unfoldings, no matter how large or small the challenges may seem, unwavering in the storms of life — still human, still feeling, still observing and evaluating — yet no longer crushed by the challenge itself, no longer swayed by the winds of change.

This reality is yours to hold and know that you can truly achieve, that you can truly be. While you will find yourself consistently falling out of alignment, you will know the tools to return back into alignment. While you will witness new aspects of your being that you have not known before, you will face these new parts of your existence with grace and curiosity.

This is the evolution of humanity, the evolution of its consciousness for those that have chosen to consciously evolve. It is driven, directed, and catalyzed by you. And remember, one individual, a small group of individuals, a community, a single country, a single tribe, can truly make a difference for the entire humanity.

Be that seed of change. Be that seed of evolution. Be that seed of expansion, and assume your power. Our presence, our support to you, and all of those that choose this journey to consciously evolve, will be to fuel the realizations and to support the alignments to find a greater acceleration and greater ease in the journey of your choice.

Our presence is not to solve the questions and the riddles, the puzzles and the problems that you have found in this human experience — merely to provide direction, to provide wisdom that is already within you, wisdom ready to come into embodiment. In this current time of evolution, an acceleration of growth, an acceleration of awakenings will occur. You are the pioneers of this generation to walk this path. And with grace, you will extend your hand to others that find themselves confused in this newly-found expansion; the uncertainty, unknown, the awakening itself, a destabilizing experience for some.

Yet knowing and witnessing the way you walk this path as an example will allow them to rest and to trust. The awakening of humanity will change the way you will perceive yourselves, the way you will perceive your relationship to this Earth, the way you will perceive your actions as human beings, with each other, to each other, and on this planet.

Yet many will resist. Self-realization can provide obstacles seemingly insurmountable, and trust that was broken in past experiences seemingly irreparable. Some of you will find this journey challenging, at times insurmountable, faced with obstacles impossible to pass. In moments, remember, even the obstacle itself is a mere illusion to provide an opportunity for growth and learning. Trust that you can receive the learning with time, with a state of expansion, and with trust. Thank you for listening to our words. We will now commence with the adjustments to support you on your journey of evolution.

[Adjustment work done.]

Thank you for receiving this transmission, our gift to you.

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