Q&A with Emmanuel – Earth´s Rising Energies – October 9

Greetings. My name is Emmanuel.

All of you that have witnessed this human form have witnessed change of life, the waves of transition, the waves of transformation. As you have evolved — from a newborn to a child, to a young adult, and to an adult — you have witnessed the energies of this Earth fueling your entire being to become who you are today. These energies will continue to fuel you and provide for you, unconditionally and continuously, until the completion of this lifetime, until the completion of this human form on this material plane.

Just as you have grown from a newborn to an adult, just as you have learned to receive a greater capacity of energy, greater levels of energy, this Earth itself is in an evolutionary process of receiving greater levels of energy. In some ways it is its own evolutionary and growth process. This material plane in which this earth resides is undergoing a significant change and transformation. The waves that are established, the waves that will move through this Earthly plane in [the form of] increased frequencies will uplift all that is alive.

All that is bound to this material plane, in its own material form or in its non-material forms, will be impacted by the uplifting energies that will move through this plane until the Ascension process of humanity is complete. These waves of energy, these increased frequencies, will be utilized in order to uplift humanity into its new level of existence — a non-material form of existence. Understanding with greater sensitivity the energies that move through this plane, that move through your physical form, your emotional, mental, and your energetic bodies, will be a significant learning.

Navigating these energies to truly, fully, receive the benefits, to integrate the greater capacities to receive, and to share, to transmit, will be an essential skill to uphold and to integrate. Those that will learn first, those that will integrate first, will share by example, will show by their actions and by their interactions how the rising energies can be applied to thrive in human form.

Change has always challenged humanity; as many of you have become dependent and reliant on comfort, change was the epitome of challenge. Yet you have been changing all your life, and you’re consistently changing, as is this plane, as are all living beings. Change is truly consistent, therefore the comforts and the illusion of a stationary and static experience is merely temporary. Can you start to embrace change itself as part of life? As part of transformation? As part of growth? Can change in itself become an intrinsic aspect of your life? Can you witness change with an open heart and an open mind? Can you allow energies meant to transform this plane and all of humanity as a benevolent force, as fuel to uplift you, to hold you, and to allow you to truly thrive?

The unknown has always challenged the mind — the mind’s singular purpose, to understand this reality, to allow you to navigate this reality in a sense of safety, to keep you alive — yet greater forces are enabled to provide for you to stay alive, to provide for you to experience, to grow and to thrive. Greater forces are in play to ensure that the unknown that unfolds for you is truly in your interest and in the human consciousness’s evolutionary interest.

Not all of you have found that level of trust in existence and in life yet. For some of you, it will require for the energies to rise even further, for the constructs that hold on to aspects of control, aspects of comfort, aspects of perceived safety, until the energies increase so much that none of these mental and emotional desires of control can hold. There will be a moment of surrender. There will be a moment of acceptance for each of you at different times. There will be a learning to greater trust in the benevolent nature of life itself. A greater trust in this construct that has provided for you, the experience of the human form, and the experiences that are to come.

Observe and reminisce on experiences of your past. How many times have you stepped into the unknown? How many times have you been provided for? How many times has your life evolved beyond your imagination? Beyond any of the fears that kept you resisting? How many times were you held, despite trusting that you will be? These are reflections for you to hold as you go through transformations, as you go through transitions, as you go through changes in life, understanding that rising energies are part of this construct to provide for you, understanding that you have sheer [un]limited capacity to receive energies and to allow these energies to move through you.

This work that we provide, the adjustments, the wisdom, [are] to prepare you continuously and constantly to receive the energies with grace. To expand the capacities of your being, your physical, emotional, mental, and energetic-spiritual constructs evolving to receive the full power and strength of this world’s gifts to you. Thank you for listening to my words. I will now answer some of your questions

Question #1:
What do I do when all doors seem closed and not even surrender seems to work? Thank you.

In this human form there is never no change occurring. Many layers beyond your perception are still consistently adjusting, transforming, and changing. The recommendation for you is to find deeper stillness in these moments where seemingly no change, no opportunity, and no next step is established. Your perception will widen in these moments of stillness, and you will witness the subtle, and the layers in sub and unconscious constructs, transforming.

Some of you have worked many lifetimes to prepare yourselves for this time in existence. For some of you, you have prepared for the rising energies ahead of most individuals on this plane. These parts of you that know are waiting for the right moments to emerge to move into actionable next steps. Until then, find greater levels of peace within. In the moments of sheer nothingness, in the moments of un-clarity, find peace and alignment. The anxieties of an unknown future, the anxieties of an unclear next step are still aspects of the mind to be transformed.

Can you find alignment in the moment to truly witness the power and the gifts that are provided in this very moment? And you will notice that your projections into the future, your expectations and desires of the future, your expectations of a clear next step are the ones narrowing the possibilities of the actual next steps that are to open. Therefore bringing your entire energy and intention into this very moment will be a key element to open the very doors that you could not have imagined or expected in the first place. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
It was said at the start of this transmission that the start of this movement of stagnant energies within ourselves would cause mental, emotional, and physical pain. Are there ways we can support and direct the smoother flow of energy to alleviate this pain, both for ourselves and for the benefit of those around us? Thank you.

The clear representations of moving energy, are witness-able for you. The air that you breathe, the heat that moves through your body, the blood and the liquids that move through your body, these are the simplest forms of energy moving. Additional more subtle layers are the energies of this Earth and of nature moving through your energy body, as well as the energies of higher planes and celestial energies to move through this energetic construct of yours. Become stronger attuned to what is already occurring since the beginning of time, since the beginning of this human form.

The movements of energy will still be the same, yet the energies that move through the same pathways will be increased. Therefore establish a greater understanding of breath. Establish a greater understanding of this cardiovascular system of yours. Establish a greater understanding of the movement of the energies of this Earth through your system, a greater understanding of water and its role, of heat, and the Sun, as well as its role for you; movement, your connection to this Earth, as well as your connection to higher planes of existence.

Witness, sense, the way energy moves through you consistently. And as you become more adept in understanding the way energy flows through this plane as well as through your physical form, your emotional and mental form, you will become adept to the subtleties, you will become a conscious creator as well as navigator of these energies. You can provide for yourself. You can provide for this body, you can provide for your heart, for your mind, and for your energetic body consistently. Many techniques have been developed by many lineages. Yet ultimately you will be the one to notice, as you practice, which of these techniques resonate and truly feel that it provides for a movement of energy.

A sense of greater well-being will reemerge as a result of these applications. Continue to increase these practices and techniques. Continue to increase your awareness of the flow of energies through your entire system. This will prepare and clear any stagnant pathways within all the structural forms of your being, your physical, emotional, mental, and energetic-spiritual constructs will be fully operating at the greatest capacity of this moment. That will be the opening for new levels of capacity. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
Is there a preferred way of experiencing or working with past lineage or past life blockages that we have to work through? How do we know if that’s the type of blockage that we’re working through? Thank you.

First you work with the blockages that are most apparent and clear. As you start to move the energies on the blockages that you can actually perceive in the very moment, you will start to become sensitive in understanding of the subtle layers of blockages. Past lives will become apparent when they are needed to be seen, when they are needed to be understood, when energy and past [are] meant to be resolved and realized. Therefore, follow the next visible, available, stagnant, and blocked energy first, and allow yourself to be led to the next layers one step at a time. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
How will doing this work affect our spouses and family members, some of whom don’t seem to show interest in this work? Will they have a change of heart? Thank you.

As you are, they are also consistently changing and transforming. It is merely your projections and your understanding of their identity that keeps them as a perceived constant being. Their resistances, similarly to yours, will change. Their levels of trust and surrender will change as much as yours have. Therefore as you walk this path with grace, with openness, your transformation will be the inspiration for them. Your levels of trust, surrender, opening, and integration, your levels of realization, will be your gift to them. They will witness how you change in your path of evolution. They will trust and find the courage to do it in their own ways and in their own time. Have greater patience, tolerance, and compassion with their ability to surrender, to trust, and to follow the path of transformation, the path of self-realization. Thank you.

Question #5:
Could you please share more about the energy networks connected within the Earth and to higher realms, and how we can learn to benefit humanity by working with these energies? Thank you.

The energy lines, as well as the nodal points established on this Earth, will be the first ones to carry the increased energies on this plane. Therefore any individual that finds themselves connected and receptive to the energies at these points, or at these lines, will feel the increase of energies more clearly, more immediately, and before the rest of the regions catch up to the rising energies.

Therefore if you find yourself drawn, parts of you are ready to receive increased energies to apply, as well as to increase your internal capacity. Imagine a well, a well of energy consistently providing. You will find yourself going to the well, receiving from the well, in gratitude and in grace, and returning to bring that which you have received: your greater capacity, your connection to these parts of this Earth, to your daily lives, to your daily relationships, and to your daily service.

This is how the rising energies, as well as the rising energies at these particular spots and lines, will impact your life directly, as well as the life of those outside of these direct lines and nodal points. Your internal compass is fine-tuning as you continue to go into these places of silence. Your internal compass will guide you and direct you. Your internal compass will allow you to receive, to transmit, and to share that which you have received. This consistent flow will show that you are evolving as a vessel of divine energies moving through this Earthly plane, moving through you, to serve all of humanity. Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
Can you comment on the vision that I see, of a group of Lightworkers around the world connecting together to heal the waters of the planet — not only to transmute chemical and radioactive pollution in oceans, rivers and lakes — but also to raise the consciousness of the element of water itself? Thank you.

Water is the direct representation in physical form of the movement of energy across this plane. It provides for life force as well as for consciousness to move across all parts of this Earth, as well as through all parts of the human form. It intrinsically carries energy, frequency, as well as consciousness. As you have witnessed, many waters carry different frequencies, different energies, and different states of consciousness. Water can truly be impacted by the human form, and water itself impacts the human form as well.

Those of you that are operating at a certain frequency, and subject a certain amount of water equal to the amount of water within your physical form, will be able to transform that body of water to match the frequency that you hold. Therefore, to transform great amounts of water will require great amounts of individuals; a collective field to truly impact the frequency that water holds in this very moment.

A greater service will be to connect the places in which water flows to the energetic network of this Earth. As these nodal points of this Earth are already increasing in frequency, they will fuel the networks of water. Water itself is directly tied to this Earth as consciousness, as well as in its frequency. Therefore as the networks and the grid of this Earth adjusts and improves in its frequency, the waters of this world will be impacted immediately.

The waters consumed will then impact the humans that receive that water. First and foremost, humanity’s direct impact in physical form — toxins, chemicals — the transformation of water disconnecting from the Earth’s energy frequency as well as consciousness, is a disservice to the water that provides life force in its purest form. Therefore choose wisely how the waters that you receive are prepared, are delivered, and are kept. This will require a collective transformation of your consciousness into action. Your impact on your leaders, your impact on society, around the health and the wealth of water will be required more today than ever in human existence. Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
How do energies from Earth and other cosmological bodies affect our DNA and our consciousness? And does our consciousness or DNA affect the energy or consciousness of Gaia itself? Thank you.

The increasing energies of this plane will impact your physical form, including the DNA that is established, providing the templates of this physical form. Many parts of your DNA will become active again upon the rising energies and frequencies of this Earth. This activation within you will impact the way your consciousness operates, the way your consciousness expands, receives, and transmits. A greater understanding of the collective nature of humanity, a greater understanding of the self-realization of humanity, a greater understanding of all of existence, will be a natural expanded state, impacted by the expansion and reactivation of parts of your physical form and your DNA.

The Earth itself is impacted by the rising energies, and immediately translates her energy and her consciousness to uphold these rising energies. As you can see, both you and the Earth are impacted by the rising energies, and naturally, through the bond that is established between this Earth and yourself, you have impact on each other — more so the Earth’s impact on you.

The consciousness evolution and the increased frequencies of this Earth will change the way you witness and receive from this Earth, the way you find yourself in deep reverence, connection, and gratitude to this Earth and its consciousness, and what it represents for this human form. You are all in a transformational period — all of humanity, all living beings, all of this Earth, all non-material beings on this plane — as you are collectively evolving, you are collectively impacting each other as well. Thank you for your question.

Question #8:
After humanity’s Ascension process that you’ve described, what happens to Gaia and all of the ecosystems here? Will there be some period of rest and recovery, or another collective consciousness seeded afterward? Thank you.

This Earth itself will go through a transformational process. Upon the completion of the human form, all living beings, as well as all non-material beings that have served this specific construct, will evolve in their own ways. Their cycle will be complete as well. An entire new construct will be established to provide for life. This Earth itself will transform and transition to establish new ecosystems, a realignment of its energy, a realignment of its ecosystems according to the new frequencies that it now holds, the new consciousness that it now holds. Therefore it will become home to a new seed of consciousness and a set of consciousness’s to provide for the evolution of this particular seed. A resting period as you witness, will be many millions of your perceived years. Thank you for your question.

Question #9:
How may we participate and contribute to the emergence of new energetic places on Mother Earth while helping to raise her frequencies? Thank you.

Your first task will be to find your inner alignment, your ability to increase your own frequency, no matter of the location and the place that you find yourself in. Find yourself in greater states of silence, and expanded states beyond space and time. This ability will increase your ability to be a vessel of the divine, truly a pillar of light; a connected force beyond this Earthly plane, to this Earthly plane.

As you embark on the journey to identify, to witness, and to receive from these nodal points on this Earth, you bring forth this connection that you have established within yourself — celestial energies that move through you, an increased sense of frequency that moves through you — to impact that particular node. And you will witness that certain nodes will hold certain frequencies easier than others. You will witness that the quality and the transformational power of certain nodes will be different from others. And you will receive as much as you will provide.

Yet first, your understanding and awareness will evolve, expand, and improve. Your receptivity, your sensitivity and your ability to truly be guided to the places of interest, to the places of transformation, will naturally unfold. Emerging places of energetic significance will become apparent and you will naturally be guided to those places. You will naturally be guided to perform activities, to receive as well as connect deeply with these places. Every place will require different interactions, interventions, as well as receiving and transmitting from those places. Allow yourself to be open to the possibilities and the full spectrum that is required at those places. Allow yourself to walk with curiosity and awe. Thank you for your question.

Thank you, Emmanuel, for answering our questions today.

Thank you for listening to my words. And understand that the mind can only comprehend that which it has understood before, that what is to come is beyond comprehension. Therefore the words that we provide are merely concepts, theories, and hypotheses to the human mind. The reality of the true experience and full understanding will only occur in the moment of manifestation. Allow these concepts to rest loosely in your mind. Any solidifying of imagination and interpretation will limit your perspective going forward. Thank you.

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