Elohim Transmission – The Present Moment – May 1

Greetings. We are Elohim.

This journey of awakening will require you to understand existence from the very present moment; all of existence, all of creation, all of life, all of consciousness, accessible through this very moment.

The space-time construct is a temporary illusionary construct to enable the physical experience, to allow this linear unfolding in physical form, to provide for experiences unique to the physical form, to allow for learnings to occur for the consciousness that humanity represents.

Yet the self-realization journey requires more than the realizations that occur in the human experience, realizations that are beyond the mental and emotional realizations that occur — it is states of being that are induced in deep present moments like these, a moment that allows the full expansion of your being, the expansion of your consciousness beyond the mental operations, and the emotional, as well as the physical operations of your being.

In this expansion of your consciousness, you recognize in more depth and detail the emotions that are present with you in the very moment, the thoughts and the thought patterns that are present with you in this very moment, the sensations of the physical form, and, beyond all aspects of the energetic-spiritual construct, a feeling greater than the senses of the body, a sensation deeply embedded deeply intrinsic to your being.

As you start to experience the depths of all these sensations that come along with the exploration of the present moment, you witness the embrace of all that you are — all thoughts, all emotions, all sensations, all parts of your consciousness; the totality of your being emerging into your conscious awareness. This is you on the journey to self-realization.

As these realizations — a deeper understanding of who you are — settle within your being, a deeper acceptance of who you are emerges. This embrace of the totality of your being allows for the foundation of greater expansion, and your consciousness reaches towards all of consciousness: realizing first its intrinsic bond with all of humanity, the collective consciousness of humanity; reaching further, understanding its intrinsic connection with all of non-material consciousness, beyond the experience in human form — many forms of consciousness in higher planes of existence, all intrinsically connected, tied to each other through this fabric of the love of creation — and all of consciousness, all planes of existence, all dimensions accessible to you through the present moment, the moment that ties all of existence into oneness.

These concepts can not be fully understood with the mind, as the mind is established to operate within the space-time construct. It is indeed a sensation, the integration of an understanding, a deep knowing of existence that emerges within you; in this expanded state, you feel all that you are, and you feel all that is you. You are all of existence, and all of existences you. In the present moment, through the shift of the perspective, you are all that there is.

As you have learned and experienced time as a linear construct of unfolding experiences, realizations and challenges, relationships, continued learning and understanding, you have done well to receive the gifts of the human form. And while being challenged, you have seen beyond the challenges and observed the opportunities that the challenges bring, and the realizations became a natural unfolding of changing the perspective from challenge to opportunity.

And in moments like these, of deep presence, of deep reflection and contemplation, your ability to unravel all that the present moment brings to you, the processing of the past, the establishment of the possibilities of the future, all potential that is established within you, all knowledge and wisdom [that has] ever existed and ever will exist, in this very moment, with you,

The mind, the heart, and the physical form, as well as your energetic-spiritual construct, [is] required to adjust its ability to receive the information, the energy, and the love that is accessible through the present moment. These adjustments occur naturally as continued expanded states of your consciousness become the foundation for you to receive fully. And as your consciousness expands, your capacity to receive the true potential, the true power of the very moment, expands.

You have established yourself as an individualized being, with your own identity, personality, perspectives, and your own learnings, for a brief human experience, an experience filled with sheer infinite number of moments, where every moment represents a unique constellation of reality, a unique constellation for every single individual human being, a unique constellation for all of humanity; and in these unique constellations, the gifts of learning, the gifts of realization, the gifts of perspective and love unfold. The uniqueness of every moment in itself is the spectrum that is provided to the human experience, for you to receive, for you to embrace, for you to love.

And while certain moments carry deep emotion, deep thoughts, contemplations of the future, concerns, worries, and fears, the moments also carry the potential of realization, for all of these emotions about the moment, about the past, about the future, to transmute into a state of being that we consider a deep qualitative presence. No emotion, no thought, no sensation will build barriers to your deep understanding of the moment. As the power of the moment unfolds within you, all thoughts and emotions, sensations, dismantle release from your immediate conscious awareness, and you become an ever-expanded observer of this reality, of this consciousness, and of all of consciousness itself.

This allowance, this surrender, is therefore the step forward for every individual to increase their level and depth of presence. And you will notice, as this level of your presence increases the quality of your life, the level of gratitude, the quality of your relations, the way this reality responds to you, will change as well. You returned to these states of deep presence as often as you can, consciously chosen — moments of silence, moments of contemplation, allowing this inner knowing within you to truly take the front of your awareness.

As the states of deep awareness and deep presence become natural unfoldings within you, every moment in human experience carries the potential for deep presence. The simplest tasks, the most complex activities, can carry the deepest level of presence of your being. And you will notice that with this great level of presence in the moment, your ability to feel, your ability to think, your ability to perform, your ability to relate, will expand, infinitely. The true unfolding of the power within you becomes reality.

All potential of your existence becomes available — beyond the limitations imposed onto uncertain future possibilities, beyond the limitations delivered from the experiences of the past, you become the master of your life through this very present moment. You become the one that creates, you become the one that receives, and you become the gift to all of existence — not seeking, not aspiring, not achieving, merely being. And you allow this great flow of the love of creation to move through you, to impact your present moment fully, to fill your mind, your heart, your physical form, your energetic body, with the grace of creation.

And as you allow in this present moment all of [the] love of creation to move through you, freely, the expression and the transmutation of this energy, of this love, becomes your unique representation of love. Your creation is your deepest level of presence, fully embodied, fully embraced, and in complete trust to be held by this love that all of existence is held by.

Your uniqueness, your individual experience is valid and important. And beyond your individual personal experience in human form, the experience of the collective, the experience of all of consciousness, is equally integrated in your being. Therefore, the illusion of separation is momentary and only a part of the self-realization journey.

A greater understanding and embodiment of non-duality, of unity, of integrated oneness, is therefore an important aspect of the self-realization journey as well. And you will understand, as both parts within you open and enable, you hold the truth of oneness and individuality at once, in the very present moment, [in] all moments that have passed, and [in] all moments to come in this physical experience.

Thank you for listening to our words. We will now commence with the adjustments. Thank you for receiving this transmission. May the present moment unfold for you in its full capacity, and may all of those embedded in your life [be] impacted by your level of presence.

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