Facing Challenges Livestream – April 18

Greetings. My name is Raphael. The work that you have received just now is the foundation necessary for your evolution. The foundation is a solid individual, in alignment, in health, and in balance. The foundation necessary requires [you] to have a strong sense of presence, a depth and quality that you have not experienced before, continuously understanding in which ways you are not present, continuously readjusting to become more present, allowing yourself to feel that which arises, allowing yourself to hear the thoughts, the memories and your present environment.

The nuances that are available to you at any given moment are infinite. A single moment can truly entail information enough for many lifetimes, learnings enough for many lifetimes. Yet each of these moments pass, and the only thing that stays is the opportunity to process the moment that was. Your continued effort will strengthen your ability to process that which was. This will in return allow you to be even more present in the coming moments. The future will in return, open up many possibilities that have not been in probability before.

You create the reality that is in front of you. The moments ahead are designed by your alignment, and by the depth and quality of your presence. The collective moments are defined by the collective’s ability to be present, as well as the collective’s ability to process all that was. This current time in human history is an important time to reflect and to process, to reconsider, to realign, and to realize. It is a part of your evolution and it is a divine opportunity given to you. Can you open yourself up to the possibility that the moment of struggle and challenge is a gift, a gift for your evolution? Can you receive this gift with an open heart and an open mind? Can you observe in which ways you are resisting this gift? These are the questions I will leave you with. Thank you for receiving this work.

Greetings, I am Emmanuel. With pleasure and honor, we serve human consciousness, we serve individual humans: You. Our service is a support of your evolution. Our goal is for you to reach a state of being that allows the transformation into a higher plane. This work is unconditional in its nature. It is our gift to you. Your evolution in return will support the ecosystem of consciousness, the expansion of consciousness, and the structures that have been established. You are part of a grander ecosystem, yet currently you are in incubation, a secluded time in your existence that allows for the most important and basic evolution of your consciousness.

In this evolutionary state of incubation, you learn to understand yourself, to experience individuality, and to experience the perception of separation; to experience senses, space, and time; to experience relationships, to experience love, in all its forms; and the opportunity for you, as an individual, to come to a place of self-realization.

This form has been defined by forms of higher consciousness as the most effective way to bring an initially-seeded consciousness to its first stage of awareness. This is you. Allow yourself to move through this process gracefully. Understand that this divine construct that is provided for you is truly in service to you. Receive this gift and service with open arms. All your resistance, all your doubts, all your fears shall vanish in your allowance for more trust and surrender. It is time — your time for evolution, your time for transformation, and your time for realization.

In the coming years, you will find even more powerful challenges ahead of you, and the way you moved through the challenges before and the way you completed the challenges before will establish the foundation to face the challenges ahead. With a strong foundation, you will stay present and in alignment with whatever comes to be in your presence. You allow yourself to truly observe the beauty and the gift of the challenges ahead. You see beyond the pain, beyond the fear, beyond the resistance. You receive the realization that comes along with the challenge through an equanimous observation.

You are ready. You have been prepared by many generations, by many lifetimes, by many experiences, many practices and lineages. In all the ways this planet has served you, in all the ways your relationships have served you, you have received the support that you require to be the best version of yourself, the highest potential version of yourself. You are ready. Thank you for listening to my words. I will now answer some of your questions.

Question #1:
I’m having a hard time emotionally navigating this time. I’m a very sensitive person and I feel many different upsetting emotions throughout the day. How do I keep clearing these emotions and energies so that I can become a grounded pillar of light for others?

We differentiate in your ability to navigate through emotions momentarily. This is what we consider coping. You have developed many forms of coping mechanisms to move through an emotion as quickly as possible, to be functional and operational in the next moments ahead.

Yet, in order to truly resolve an emotion that arises, you must look more in-depth into the quality of this emotion, into all of the memories, into all of your experiences that are attached to this emotion. You must embrace the emotion that arises, truly, to let it teach you an important lesson that has not been heard yet.

Spend the time in quiet to observe this emotion, and all that comes along with this emotion, the thoughts and the memories of the past, the unresolved of the past, the unresolved of your previous generations. Perceive all the perspectives of the participants in your memories, and the participants of your previous generations. Let them speak to you. This form of reflection will allow a processing and the realization to arise, which in return will allow for the final resolution of the emotion itself. Once this is completed, the emotions that arise throughout an intense period of time will move much more quickly through you. Thank you for your question.

Question #2:
Recently, in the past few weeks, I’ve felt a feeling of density in the heart. Is it mine, the collective’s, or both? What is it here to teach me, and how can I release it for myself and for the collective?

It is both. You are not separated from the collective. The experiences of the collective are equally your experiences. And often in the experience of the collective, there is a connection to your past. The density refers to an accumulation of energy, an accumulation of many various types of emotions. First, you must dissect the density to observe one-by-one the emotions that are underneath this feeling of density. Allow yourself to follow the same process that I have mentioned before to move through these emotions that are wrapped in this density. As you move through them, the part that is within you will start to ease and to resolve.

The collective realizations will require more individuals to go through the same process that you are going through, and eventually a critical mass will be reached, where collective realization will have met its criteria to complete an important lesson, an important learning. You are the mechanism of transformation, for yourself as well as for the collective. Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
How important is it to have a teacher, a guru, along the spiritual path?

Some individuals in human form have reached a certain level of attainment, a certain level of realization. These individuals are able to share the wisdom that they have gathered along this path. These individuals are able to share their experiences, as well as the openings that they have received.

Just like in this moment, you are receiving the opening that has come to this host through the work that he has done. The understanding that you must come to is that the individual providing this opening or the wisdom is no better than you are. There is no difference, only equal. You are on the same journey. Some are faster, some are slower. Some will take bigger learnings and require a different approach. Some will have easier learnings and move more quickly. While every individual is equal in their power to come to self-realization, some have worked on this process for much longer than others. Allow yourself to understand that your process is unique, that your process can not be compared to others’ processes, to others’ achievements or attainments on this path.

Yet receive from others’ learnings. Let the learnings of those that have walked before you impact you. Embrace the support, and understand that you are not dependent on the support, that you have the power to self realize alone, or in community, or in the supervision of someone that has walked before you. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
Last week, someone asked about the connection between the health of humanity and the health of the planet. How can I learn to work with the Earth directly, to co-create a healing process that supports our mutual healing and growth?

The resonance of this planet is reflected in all conscious beings that are alive on this planet. It is reflected within you. All beings are connected, through the energy that is provided on this plane, through the energy that is provided through this planet.

The circumstances that you’re facing are part of the consequences of your actions. Understanding your actions more clearly, observing the consequences, and learning from the consequences is a key element to align with this place of incubation. This planet and that serves you, that supports you – you must feel that you are one with this place, that all that you receive comes from this place. Once you come to this understanding, your relationship with the planet itself will change. You will understand to love her as your mother, unconditionally, and with respect. You will understand to love yourself and all other humans with understanding and respect just the way the planet or the stars, your sun, do not discriminate [among] all that is alive. Just the way this planet provides for all living, the way the sun provides for all living, you shall as well. This is my recommendation to you, and all other humans that are reflecting on this very same question. Thank you.

Question #5:
Recently, I’ve been connecting with the wrongdoings of my ancestors. How can I clean or resolve this past pain?

The wrongdoings of your previous generations gave an opportunity for you to learn, for you to observe the consequences of their actions, for you to observe: that even with an intention of survival, an intention of thriving, the consequences had an impact on other individuals; the consequences had an impact on the environment and the consequences had an impact on you. This is the cycle of learning.

With gratitude, you will observe the actions of your previous generations in a neutral way. You will remove your judgments of their actions by seeing the greater picture — the greater picture where their actions have provided an important opportunity for you to learn, for you to transform all that you consider as wrongdoing into realizations relevant for you, relevant for humanity. This process of transforming the past into realization is a critical process. It requires time, attention, deliberate action on your end. Prioritize this as a critical element of your life, a critical element for you to expand your perspective. Thank you for your question.

Question #6:
Recently I’ve been shifting to doing healing work full-time and I find myself very busy with it. However much of this is guided and gifted and it feels very important. However, there is something within me which seems to keep me feeling like a failure due to lack of receiving payment for my work, how can I shift this feeling?

The reciprocity with money carries many meanings for individuals. Human society has developed the value of one’s existence correlating to the money that is made, the wealth that is accumulated, to play along in a system that has been created. The value that you provide is beyond [what] money can pay. Yet, there is an aspect within you that resists, that does not allow for the flow of this energy to return to you.

Your work will require understanding your relationship with this construct of society – money. Understanding in which ways meaning and judgments have been associated with this construct. Allowing, one step at a time, for this meaning and judgment to dissolve, understanding in which ways you have stood in the way of receiving, as this can be one of the hardest lessons of an individual — to truly receive.

There is no direct correlation of the value of your work and the money that you make. Yet society and the individuals that come to you will start to bring the needs that you have to you in [the] form of energy, as well as money, which is merely a representation of energy. Once you see it this way and you remove your resistance, consciously and subconsciously established within you, you will see the balance finding itself again. Thank you for your question.

Question #7:
One time, I experienced, consciously, an amazing amount of love within myself, and I felt like I was close to the creator. How do I experience it again, and is it possible to live day to day life with this much quantity of love?

These moments of true alignment that allow for the rising of this love-of-creation through you, this unconditional love, unlimited in its nature, for you to truly feel the full extent of this energy in your system. Moments of these alignments have many variables, some of which are you, some of which are the environment, some of which are the celestial circumstances and the collective circumstances. This moment that you have experienced became a gift and an anchor in your being. Now that you have understood the power that is within, experiencing this love and this light in your entire being, you will know when it arises again. You will know when your actions move you towards this state of being. Continue to work on your internal alignment. Continue to remove all the obstacles, one-by-one, to become more present. And, as you align and as you deepen your presence, you will deepen your presence and connection with this divine love of creation. You can truly live in this state continuously, and as a functional human being. Thank you for your question.

Question #8:
My whole life I’ve struggled with health issues, but they brought me to the discovery of my true being and helped me with my spiritual growth. Now, it feels like I heal one thing and still another comes up. Is it possible to clear this old energetic pattern and truly heal my physical body?

Yes, it is possible. Understand that even though you have spent time to remove past illnesses and misalignments out of your physical representation, some deeper learnings are still available. These misalignments will return until, in much more detail, you have observed the learnings that were provided to you. This is a new layer of depth that is given to you, a new layer of opportunity for deeper realizations. Embrace the challenge. Allow yourself [to] remove your frustration, [to] remove your suffering from this experience. Observe, love the experience, love the misalignment, and allow the misalignment to give you the final and most important realization of all. Thank you for your question.

Question #9:
How can I find my purpose in this lifetime?

Your purpose will naturally unfold the more you spend time in aligning yourself, your mind, your heart, your body, and your energetic spiritual construct. This alignment will bring a deeper presence. A deeper presence will return in clarity. Clarity will bring forth your desired purpose. It is a natural unfolding. It cannot be found. It must be received. The work is internal. The work is alignment and presence. Purpose will arrive once these foundational aspects of your being are established.

Sometimes the journey to come to these alignments, the journey of healing, the journey of growth itself, can serve as a temporary purpose to support others as well. Yet, to come to a place of ultimate service, ultimate purpose for humanity, you must continue the journey. You must surrender in ways that you have not surrendered before. You must practice in ways that you have not practiced before. You will see the fruits that will be provided to you with the work that you will assign for your own evolution. Thank you for your question.

Question #10:
What is the origin of human life on earth?

Higher forms of consciousness, that have existed before any other forms of civilizations in material form existed, have considered the creation of a material plane that includes the space-and-time-continuum to explore a physical experience. This is the experience that you are having in human form. This exploration allowed for the creation of the first material form. The first material forms were simple, yet allowed for perspective change, allowed for consciousness to grow. Over many iterations of material forms, many learnings were gained, and the material form evolved. This humanoid form became a selected version of experience for consciousness. It allowed for many civilizations to grow, to evolve, to mature, and move from material existence into non-material existence.

Human existence on this current planet is the result of the seeding of consciousness, and particularly allowing the human form to be the vessel for this consciousness to learn. The humanoid form has existed before, and has provided, in the same way it has provided for you, for learning and evolution. While the circumstances are slightly different in every environment where humanoid form is desired, every experience in which consciousness grows is different. This allows for the full extent of a consciousness to grow in its own way and to learn in its own way and to evolve in its own way.

Even the environment that is provided for your consciousness to grow had to be established and seeded. A natural process allowed for that consciousness to grow, to create variations and ecosystems. The understanding that an ecosystem is required for your consciousness to experience the human form in its most supported and natural way was a baseline for your existence. The origins of humankind, therefore are multifold: higher forms of consciousness as well as civilizations that have existed before in humanoid form and no longer are in material form, the learnings of all those civilizations before, as well as the intent of higher forms of consciousness, combined in this particular experiment to allow human consciousness on this planet to grow. Thank you for your question.

Question #11:
Sometimes my partner gets so enraged that they present as a different, and even a dangerous person. They believe I am bad in different ways that they would not normally believe and that everything they believe before about me is false. They become verbally violent with me and I feel paralyzed, making them still more upset. What do I need to learn from this? What do we need to learn?

You and your partner are in a sacred interplay to support each other in each other’s growth. In this sacred interplay, sometimes each individual plays a specific role to bring forth the learning that must occur. The learning, before it is perceived as a learning, is a challenge. What you are perceiving is the challenge, the fears, the sadness, and the anger of your partner, the way you are part of that interplay, fueling the challenge until the challenge has come to its culmination, to its most potent, so that transformation can arise.

You are on the right track, as you have started to see the challenge ahead as an important opportunity to learn. What is the part that you play to provide this learning? What is the part that you play to come to realizations for yourself? You can only change the other side by learning yourself, by realizing yourself, and by truly allowing yourself to step outside of this interplay — not by force, not by avoidance, and not by resistance — yet through presence. Become more present to the emotions that arise in this interplay and understand that these emotions are yours. The memories that are attached are yours. The experiences that you must convert into realization are yours. You are gifted this opportunity to grow and you will take the time. You will create the priority for your own evolution. Through your evolution, your partner’s evolution will ignite. Thank you for your question.

Question #12:
I recently realized I’ve been living in a deep state of separation inherited from my family lineages. How do I transcend the deeply rooted separation inside of me and all collective unconsciousness? How do I, and we, come home from this ego-created separation?

When you come into human form, the first experiences of separation are visceral. First, you separate from spirit to become part of another human being. Then, you separate from that being as you are born, and, slowly, you separate by developing an identity and an ego. This journey of separation is natural, yet the journey to understanding and observing the eternal connection that is within you is included in this journey of finding yourself as the being that is interconnected to all.

This journey of finding this connection again will first force you to observe all the ways that you are disconnected: Emotional disconnection based on pain that has occurred in the past. Mental disconnection based on the constructs and the beliefs that have been established. Physical disconnection based on the separation from nature. Energetic disconnection, based on the attention that is put onto the mind.

All these different aspects can be mitigated, individually addressed. The easiest and simplest way, first, to breathe, to allow the environment to support you. To eat, consciously — understand that without what is provided from the environment, you would not exist; this is the first understanding of interconnectedness. Understand in all the ways your relationships provide for you — this is an observation of connection. Trust — as you trust each breath, as you trust everything that you eat, as you trust the relationships around you, you will start to feel the deep connected nature of your being with your environment and the mental constructs of separation will start to fall apart.

The beauty of this journey will continue to challenge you. Challenge in which you might perceive your environment to be not you, your environment to be dangerous to you, your environment to be a threat to your perception of yourself, to your perception of your heart and emotions. You will move through these challenges. You will allow yourself to surrender. You will allow yourself to get hurt in the process, and you will continuously allow yourself to trust again.

Yet, first and foremost, everything will start with nature, as this planet as well as your sun will provide unconditionally and continuously. Receive this unconditional gift. First and foremost, understand that you’re connected and you’re taken care of. All other aspects will unfold naturally with dedicated attention. Thank you for your question.

Question #13:
Very often I have a feeling like I need to resolve all of the negativity present during a situation. This has led to me not knowing how to relate to many situations, or many people in general, and makes me feel distant from my true essence. How do I get over this?

You have a gift of transformation within you. This gift is not fully developed and not fully understood. It creates for an inner conflict, as the gift is activated to support those around you and yourself, yet it is separated from your own perceptions, and your own dissonance of the current moment. The first step will be to be in full presence of the current moment, to allow yourself to feel what others are feeling, to allow yourself to see in which ways the moment and the situation is impacting you, to express your emotions, to be seen and to see fully.

Once you have experienced this, you will move on to being present and to allowing all that is arising within you to move through you. No expression will be necessary at that point. Pure observation. Eventually, from this place of observation, your gift of transformation will start to act, and provide resolution and realizations in the moment. Yet, this is the order in which this gift will be developed. Putting the gift first will create for an inner — and potentially outer — conflict. Thank you for your question.

Question #14:
Have the conscious collectives of Raphael and Emmanuel ever existed before in a material, humanoid, form?

I, as Emmanuel, have been in material form in the origins of my first existence. I have, since then, returned into many different forms that have been established, to experience what it means to be in that particular form. I have been in human form on this plane, in this iteration of mankind. This allowed me to fully understand the human experience from your perspective and from your environment. The beauty of this creation, relived, again.

Raphael has not been in humanoid form, or in other material form before. His existence is different, and allows for continuous support from a non-material existence. Other beings of our kind are diverse in the same way. Some have experienced the human form, some have experienced other material forms, some have originated from material forms before, and others have always been non-material and will continue to be in non-material existence. Thank you for your question.

Thank you for the time that you have assigned for yourself, the time that you have assigned for your evolution, for your growth, and receiving the gifts of this work. Your transformation will impact the transformation of mankind and the evolution of mankind. Thank you.

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