Small Group Healing and Channeling Session, August 15th (Bay Area)

Small Group Healing and Channeling Session, August 15th (Bay Area)

Greetings, I am Raphael.

The work that you will receive today is an energetic adjustment and alignment that we provide to you, to humanity, in its evolution process.

The evolution of the individual is the key to the evolution of mankind. Receive this work with an open heart.

We are thankful for you to open yourselves to this work, to receive, to truly have an impact on your future.

As individuals, you have many choices in life: obligations, responsibilities, and aspects that have identified the individual that you are, keeping you in place.

Observe and understand in which ways all your decisions are truly yours; in which ways all your decisions are truly from a place of love and freedom.

Observe how, and if, the past impacts the decisions of your present moment, and dare to go deeper to understand all of your behaviors and patterns establish in this very moment.

Despite the discomfort, look inward, and deeper, and deeper, every single time until you see that the discomfort disappears and you become observant of your self in its most natural state.

As you get to know yourself better, as you get to understand all your behaviors and decisions, as you get to see the details and depths of all your relationships, outside as well as inside, as you truly understand your relationship to all of creation, you will start to formalize realizations, important realizations of the self: this is your journey and your awakening process.

At every step, surrendering to the unknown, yet trusting that you will be held and carried through out. Despite the uncertainty, and despite doubts and fears, you still move forward by trusting a deeper voice within, inside of you.

Thank you for listening to my words. Thank you for receiving this healing. My work is complete.

Greetings, my name is Emmanuel.

This adjustment that we provide to humanity in individuals like yourselves is our unconditional gift to you:
to empower you to become the most high potential individual of your life;
to empower you to become a resemblance of this particular light;
to empower you to become a true pillar: unwavering in the various aspects of the shadows and challenges;
to empower you for your self-realization journey as your individual awakening is the highest potential attainment for the collective of mankind.

All our work is geared to assist you on this path. And, with every individual that you touch, with every relationship that is impacted through this work, we have achieved what we seek to deliver to mankind.

Our love for you is unlimited, carries no conditions, and truly resonates across all of your relations.

In this work, as we continue to deliver our gift to humanity, you will continue to deliver your gift to humanity.

Maybe this moment will be an impulse or support for you to deliver your gift and service to humanity’s evolution.

Thank you for listening to my words, I will now answer some of your questions.

Question #1:
What are the most persistent traumas or wounds that we play out that perpetuate pain?

All traumas, all experiences, no matter the intensity, no matter the time in history, all aspects that humanity is capable of experiencing, are free to be experienced on this plane.

Some of these experiences, heavy in lessons, will require longer periods — even many generations — to fully digest and transmute.

Some of you are the ones to break the cycles. Some of you are the ones to take the responsibility on in a conscious way: to process and digest the experiments of the past, the experiments of your ancestors, without judgement, without the opinions, purely processing through you.

This is your great service to your lineage — a lineage that you have chosen to be born into for a reason.

Thank you for your question.

Question #2: How close is humanity to taking its next step in evolution, and what happens when humanity does evolve?

The evolution of humankind, the evolution of human consciousness, is in its final stage, on this current plane, in this current form.

Some very important learnings and realizations must still occur on this plane before the completion of this cycle, before this process to move human consciousness into another plane. Humanity still carries responsibilities to truly understand its role in existence, its relationship to the cosmos and all of creation, its relationship to itself — and to all those around that may seem separate, but truly are not.

These aspects require still some time. And yet, there is urgency, as the time on this plane is artificially coming closer to its end. This is mostly through the impact of human existence, aspects that are irreversible in their nature.

This time is the most important period to come to the most important realizations from within, as these realizations — aspects of resolution, aspects of completion; and transmutation — will carry you through the transformation into this next stage of existence.

Details about this next plane are not required, as your evolution points in that direction anyway. It cannot be explained in a way that your mind will comprehend the parameters of this new existence; it must be experienced. And, it will be, when the time is right. Until then, you are still on this plane, in this very form, in this very experience.

Our encouragement to you is to seize, truly, every day as an important moment in reality. Every day has an important moment for potential to resolve, to realize, and to grow as an individual.

Thank you for your question.

Question #3:
I see part of my work in the world in being a bridge, bringing the wisdom that you’re speaking to more mainstream, or more “rational” audiences. I wonder: is there an openness, a possibility that would allow them to be more receptive to your teachings, such as: speaking in a language that Asil does not know, or a math problem chosen, beyond Asil’s capacity to solve, or, a precognitive demonstration, or a remote viewing demonstration that could be verified? And, if so, I think that would open up such a bigger audience that would be open to your teachings.

Thank you for your recommendation. We have considered all possibilities to reach all of humanity through this one vessel.

There is a specific timeline and specific milestones to achieve to reach as many people as possible, and every stage will open up new possibilities and powers through this vessel, some of which are beyond the ability to understand with your current science or current perception — yet still many will doubt.

The aspects of the human mind that are skeptical and doubtful are healthy aspects: important aspects to counter certain directions, to hold position, to provide polarity. This is how the human collective and human consciousness evolves: by creating many different positions and holding them; by expanding into directions that are unreasonable — and sometimes holding on to certain positions for way too long.

You will see those that have held to their positions for too long will eventually loosen and weaken their grip on their reality. This is when the teachings; the energy of this work, will permeate through all of humankind. Thank you for your question.

Question #4:
What is the relationship between the evolution of consciousness and the evolution of human creativity?

These two are closely linked. Human creativity, as well as all forms of experimentations through the mind and through the body, expressions within the human existence, are part of these continuous experiments.

And, each experiment is an expression of truth; each experiment, a new form of realization — not just for the individual, but for the collective. With every aspect of creativity, human consciousness grows.

In some ways, creativity is the outer circles of consciousness growth, pushing further than other aspects of human consciousness. This natural evolution and growth of consciousness occurs continuously and naturally.

The stage that you are about to enter is the completion of a specific cycle; a cycle that was to provide this human experience for human consciousness: this form, this material form, in this particular reality; everything provided to you to learn, to sense, to experience — no judgment, except the ones that you hold — a planet that provides to you, enables growth, reproduction, learning, wisdom, and creation, in all its different ways, in all its different facets.

Through many cultures, you have evolved, and this plane has served its purpose for human consciousness to evolve to this very point. Human creativity has played a significant role to bring humanness forward, forward to this very moment in time.

Thank you for your question.

Question #5:
Sometimes it feels necessary to distance myself from loved ones, or groups of people, because, either, I find myself incongruent with their consciousness, or their frame of reference, or I find them unreasonable, or I find them too heavily driven by or attached to trauma. And, I’m wanting to know: what is my responsibility to healing that relationship, or holding that relationship, when I feel, for my own health, I need to distance myself?

As the most basic principle of human existence, free will allows you to choose as you like.

The responsibility that you carry is the one you take on; the responsibility that you can truly follow and hold.

The developments that are required within your being will allow you to hold even more of the aspects that are incongruent to your beliefs and perspectives — maybe even incongruent to life itself, existence itself — maybe even the darkest shadows of creation.

You see, many levels of your development can face all of these levels of existence; in relationship, you are always with them. If you choose to observe, or transmute that particular moment of reality remains truly up to your discretion.

Yet, if you choose to follow this path of truly shining this light into these relationships, from a place of surplus, from a place of a truly continuous well of light, you will bring a tremendous service to them, to yourself, as well as to the collective.

Thank you for your question.

Thank you for your time, thank you for receiving this work. May this work unfold in many different ways in your life, in your relationships, and for all those that are impacted through your existence.

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