Private Healing & Channeling Session – July 11th 2017

Private Healing & Channeling Session – July 11th 2017

Question #1:
Why is this world so beautiful?  

Thank you for your question. It can only arise from a wise one to ask that question. The world is beautiful, it was made for you, it is a gift, a gift of perfection of years and years and years of evolution, so that you can thrive and learn being in that space. It was given to you as a place of learning, growing and experiencing. Therefore, it is a form of incubation, if you may so understand it that way. and if you want to have incubation, you will create a perfect experience. That does not mean it will include always comfort, but it will be perfect in every aspect.  

Question #2:
Why is there so much life destruction?  

Your question can be answered in multiple ways, so we will dissect it a bit, to give you the most complete version of our answer. Destruction of life is sometimes an element of learning and growing. That may sound cruel to you but in the concept of non-dual existence it is part of the full life experience and the full experience of free will therefore it is ok. The other part of the question refers to why currently there is an increase of violence and polarity in this world, which is not directly correlated to the human experience. From our understanding, a rise of deaths is a result of the separation that is currently happening on the planet. The separation of those, that are waking up and those that are refusing and resisting. That is creating an energetic rift and therefore results in inner conflict and outer conflict, which may turn into war in certain places of the earth as you already witness. Is it part of your growing as human beings, maybe it is, may we need to let you play this one out completely. The only reason we are interfering is because you will take the entire life existence with you, if you don’t wake up to this reality that you are in. This is why we are here, and this is why we are having this moment, of allowing you to see our perspective. Thank you for listening.  

Question #3:
What is waking up?  

Waking up is a very general question. We understand what you are referring to. It is the awakening of a soul to see the full picture beyond human experience, the cycle of dharma. Once the point is achieved of awakening, then the choices are made for a greater good than for yourselves. But it requires the letting go of the karmic cycle.  

Question #4:
How can I love more? What is preventing me from loving more 

Thank you for that question. It is a very open and meaningful question to all humans. How can I love more?  

The truth is the answer is different for every single person. The underlying truth is that you will eventually come to an understanding that there is true love flowing in you in the first place. The love of creator, love of creation. You love through that by getting out of the way, just letting it come out of you in the first place. Do you understand? You are the obstacle, your mind, your judgments, your perceptions. The love of creation is pure and it is the true love. Now that is easier said than done for a human existence, we understand that. But you do the best you can, by opening your heart, by letting your judgments drop, by giving time to those that need time to open up themselves to the love of creation. It is a beautiful gift, allowing people to love themselves to understand this gift of creation in the first place. This is how you can love more, by showing them the way, to being loved in the first place through the love that is inside. 

Love is such an important aspect of human existence, yet so misunderstood. With so many layers and obstructions, relationships, judgments, projections, infused with conditions, wants, desires, all those that make the karmic life cycles worthwhile, it is all part of learning you see. True love is not about learning, true love is knowing. It resides within, the source if far away. It cannot be comprehended by the mind, nor by the heart. The existence of that source is in everything, without any conditions of being alive or not, that is the true love of creation.  

Question #5:
How can you be wiser?

How can I be wiser? The answer of wisdom within understanding and knowing, what has happened to you. What you have experienced and how you have gathered insight from that and learned to be more present, that is the gift of wisdom, which now you can relay to others. But do not mistake wisdom with the charge of an emotion of something that has happened to you that you want others to avoid from experiencing. Do you see the difference?  

You have a tendency to allow people not to experience specific human experiences, because you want them to avoid the pain or the potential harm to themselves or to others. Yet it is part of their human experience, so wisdom comes from a place of appreciation of the human existence. Of course, you should not throw all your loved ones into the fire, so they experience. But there is a certain level of lee-way that you have to grant to the people around you, to make mistakes and fall, maybe hurt themselves a bit in the process, that is wisdom.  

Question #6:
How can I unlock the potential in people’s hearts?  

To your question about assisting others in their journey to thrive, it all comes down to your presence, to your being. How are you being in their environment, and how are you impacting them through just presence. Once people feel that it is catchy, and they will feel the seed that has been planted. That is how you can really help others in their journey to thrive and wake up by just being continuously present to it. And it may not require as much action as you think. But action is what looks good in that human form, in this material existence. You would be surprised how much is done that is beyond this material existence by just being present to it. 

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