Sacred Earth Expeditions

Join from anywhere as Asil and the team journey through remote forests, secret lands, and mysterious environments to discover hidden truths of the Earth and hear the whispers of the past. Attune to the frequencies of the spirit guides as we work together with local wisdom keepers to reconnect and help return balance to the lands of our ancestors.

This summer Asil and the Ascension One team will be leading two expeditions to the far and remote places of myth, legends and the deeply established wisdom of Guatemala and Costa Rica. And you can be part of it.

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The Key to Humanity’s Evolution: The Earth’s Energy Grid

Humanity, and, as a consequence, our Earth, are in a time of crisis.

Much of humanity has come to believe that we are separate from the Earth, and from each other.

We have forgotten our intrinsic connection to the energies of the lands that hold us and support us.

Understanding our connection to the Earth, to the lands of our ancestors, and the energies that move through this existence, is the key to our evolution.

Journey with us to discover this intrinsic connection we have with the sacred places of this Earth, our ancestors and the Earth itself.

Restoring our Connection to The Energetic Centers of the Earth

Similar to the human body, our Earth is full of energetic points, much like chakras.

These high-energy locations together establish a network — a kind of grid that feeds all of existence and supports the evolution of human consciousness.

In ancient times, humanity understood the importance of these energy centers. For thousands of years humans have developed, and maintained powerful sacred sites all around the globe, full of life, energy.

Rituals, traditions, myths, lineages and legends were born from these sacred spots of the Earth.

Humanity understood this in the past and developed sacred sites, both to benefit from the increased energy available at these sites, and to support and maintain this energetic network.
The Elohim

Join us on our upcoming Sacred Earth expedition in Guatemala

Realigning, Reactivating, and Maintaining Sacred Sites

There are sacred sites throughout every nation all over the world. And each site carries unique beauty, magic, and power.

Visiting sacred sites can render profound, transcendental, and even healing effects on those who visit in-person — and even virtually.

Many sacred sites, and their energetic structures, however, due to humanity’s loss of the ancient wisdom of how to care for these sites, are in disrepair, leading to disharmonious and imbalanced flows of energy.

As an effect, the energetic flows to entire regions can be obstructed — or even blocked completely.

This has far-reaching social and environmental impacts on all of humanity, as well as our evolution.

When the energy flow is balanced, all beings are nourished and fed by it, and evolution occurs smoothly. When the energetic infrastructure is in disrepair, the energy doesn’t flow equally, and life is not fed at all places equally.
The Elohim

Humanity is at a turning point
Now, more than ever, we must turn our attention to our Sacred Earth. We must remember how the Earth feeds and nourishes us: the very fabric of our beings is interwoven with the energy of this Sacred Earth.

Your involvement matters
You were born during this time for a reason.
You, and your unique energetic signature is a critical element to the entire system. But the only way to restore balance is if many of us choose to remember.

Together we can focus our energies together to realign these sacred sites around the world. Your participation makes a difference.

Let this be your invitation.

Here’s where to start

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Walking in the mystical lands and the footsteps of the Maya: vast cities and temples, lush jungles, and more.JOIN US FOR FREE
Volcanoes, waterfalls, beaches, sacred sites of the indigenous Hawaiians, and more.

An ecological treasure: lush tropical jungles, volcanoes, waterfalls, temples and more.


Sacred Earth Guardianship

In this first-of-its-kind Guardianship program YOU will train to be part of the alignment and support of Earth’s energetic grid. Learn to support Earth’s sacred sites, to commune with the land, its inhabitants and stewards and make offerings of your presence to help support the energy flow of the Earth.

The first of a four-part training. Level 1 is planned to begin in October, 2021