Asil’s message for 2021

As this year has unfolded, we at Ascension One Collective have all been inspired by each of your personal transformations blossoming now into a true global community. It is time to awaken 2021 With a Spark! and make our collective contribution to humanity’s next chapter.

Three years ago, Emmanuel told us that the guides would begin doing “transmissions” around the world to help accelerate the awakening of human consciousness “with a spark,” beginning in 2020. We can only experience profound humility and gratitude toward these guides for how true this message has become!

In 2021, we will be creating more opportunities for others to join us in this journey, and more opportunities for all of us to support humanity to step into deeper levels of growth and transformation.

For those of you who are active participants in our offerings, you may have already begun to feel you are an integral part of the Ascension One Collective. The energy of the guides is accessible through you — this light is cultivated inside.

Many of you may not realize, but much of the work of the Ascension One team – from sacred sites work, to the scholarships we offer for our paid programs, to our free online offerings – is done without any direct financial compensation.

To make this all possible, we have relied on people like yourselves who want to support this work touching others the way it has touched you.

To support this critical growth of this work, and the expansion of our work as Ascension One Collective, we are beginning our first annual fundraising campaign, so that we can “Begin 2021 With a Spark!” Here are some of the specific ways your contribution will be applied:

Wisdom Share Program

In order to get this out to as many people as possible, our Wisdom Share Program offers access to energy transmission and channeled wisdom at no cost. The accessibility of this work is crucial. Once the Transmission Series (“Saturday sessions”) are produced, the content is amplified on our communication platforms. This upcoming year, we are building an accessible library of content and complementing this with an upgraded search tool so people can easily find and take in the information. We are translating the words into Spanish and German.

2021 will also mark the launch of a vibrant online community for those to share and support each other’s continuous growth process journey and celebrate their opening gifts.

Pillars of Light Program

What emerged in 2020 was the start of a path for those who sought a direction to the work. This included Transmission Deep Dive and Becoming A Pillar of Light courses and our the first two levels of our Advanced Practitioner courses.

In 2021, we will continue to support our community with these courses and, in February, we will be launching our first Advanced Course, Level 3 – Summit. Our directive from the guides is that these courses include as few barriers to entry as (humanly) possible. Therefore, we will continue to offer scholarships for those who cannot afford to be on this journey, otherwise.

Sacred Sites Program

As COVID travel restrictions allow, we will return to the road to do the critical sacred sites work: visiting dozens of sites outlined by the guides in Eastern Europe, Central America, and more. The guides still deem this “earth acupuncture” as critical despite real, human pandemic challenges.

Quotes from Emmanuel

Your considerations to bring this work forward so that it might have the biggest impact on individuals and humanity itself is acknowledged and appreciated. […] We have aligned on our end to be ready to multiply the efforts; to direct energy, resources and consciousness themes towards this opening. Your part is equally important.

Your perception often is the limitation. Funds carry different meaning and different value for every individual, and while you never can truly understand every individual’s perspective on the money and the energy that they own, what you can understand is their level of surrender.

Make a Gift Today


Your donation, imbued with your love and your vision of an awakened humanity, will have a profound impact in bringing this work into the world. Your donation will allow us to continue to make an impact in expanding our support of our community’s continuous growth process.

Thank you for contributing your energy, in all its forms, to the growth of this collective and the awakening of humanity.

We are grateful to be on this journey with you!