Asil’s message for 2022

We are so moved by the commitment to deep personal and planetary awakening that you – our community – have endeavored upon over the last year. Thank you for the role you play in supporting deeper levels of growth and transformation for all.

Already more than 1,000 of you have gone through the Pillars of Light Advanced Practitioners courses, and over 600 of you have joined our first Sacred Earth Activations Course. This growth has been in large part thanks to the vision of a few donors that share our commitment to ensuring no financial barriers for access exist for those committed to going down the path.

In turning the programs from a fee-based course, to a donation-based course we continue to ensure access and equity for all those called to this work.

In 2021, we launched the Sacred Earth Practitioners path, which compliments Pillars of Light path, by assisting to illuminate, activate, and cultivate a nodal network of energetic points of light across the globe. The shared vision is to bring greater harmony and alignment to the planet and humanity’s relationship to this Sacred Earth.

We have been shown that the Sacred Earth program, focusing on practitioners and sacred sites, has the capacity to reach an exponential number of people and will accelerate and complement the impact of our work with the Pillars of Light.

Our work that began in the Middle East has now moved to Europe to support the sacred sites and the awakening of the people in this region. We also began translating Ascension One’s work into Spanish to further support the communities in Latin America and deepen our connections to the people and the sacred sites of Mesoamerica. 2022 will be an expansion of these efforts.

Join us in helping further awaken the energy of the collective within – within each of us and within our community. That act of paying-it-forward is an act of love, as the collective ensures each of us has the opportunity to step deeply into our own growth process for the sake of all humanity.

Thank you for being an awakened presence in the world, and for contributing your energy, in all its forms, to the growth of this collective and the awakening of humanity.

We are grateful to be on this journey with you,
The Ascension One Collective Team

Quotes from Emmanuel

Your considerations to bring this work forward so that it might have the biggest impact on individuals and humanity itself is acknowledged and appreciated. […] We have aligned on our end to be ready to multiply the efforts; to direct energy, resources and consciousness themes towards this opening. Your part is equally important.

Your perception often is the limitation. Funds carry different meaning and different value for every individual, and while you never can truly understand every individual’s perspective on the money and the energy that they own, what you can understand is their level of surrender.

Make a Gift Today

Thanks to a new donor who has pledged to match up to $100k , your contribution will be 2x as impactful! Help us bring this work to more people and places around the globe in the new year!

Your donation, imbued with your love and your vision of an awakened humanity, will have a profound impact in bringing this work into the world. Your donation will allow us to continue to make an impact in expanding our support of our community’s continuous growth process.

Thank you for contributing your energy, in all its forms, to the growth of this collective and the awakening of humanity.

We are grateful to be on this journey with you!